How do you keep track of your inventory while having multiple sales channels?

I'm having trouble finding an Inventory Management System that links my inventory all in one place that doesn't cost a fortune. TIA!

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We use Stitchlabs. It integrates to many things like Ship Station, Paypal, Shopify, Big Commerce, Quick Books etc etc

Ryan Larson

Tin Parade

Thanks! I’ll have to check them out.

You might also want to checkout w3bstore.com, especially if you're a multi-location retailer looking to offer "Buy Online, Pickup in Store" to your customers.

Mark Chin


Following. This is one of our biggest challenges, as well.

Eric Balough

Ricks Roasters

I use cloud based software CraftyBase. It can track not only your finished inventory (projects) and orders/sales from multiple different sources but also raw materials and expenses.

Projects (This by far is my favourite feature)
- This section lets you build your project using the specific materials from your Inventory, taking into account your time and then gives you suggested prices for your products including various sale venues like Shopify, Etsy, Amazon Handmade or Wholesale.
- You can then make ‘batches’ of this product which then adjusts your inventory to reflect the product you just used
- You can copy ‘recipes’ or what you use in a product to make things quicker and then just change your variations. This is very useful for all the eye pillows I make. I copy the recipe and then just change the outer fabric case.
- This section also links to previous sales, how many you have in stock, previous sales, other fees associated with the item (listing fees for example) and current Shopify or Amazon listings that you have for the item.

- Lists all your orders for items (including shipping, tax, discounts)
- Links to Etsy/Shopify/Amazon Handmade/Square/PayPal/WooCommerce orders
- You can quickly see what orders haven’t been paid for or haven’t been shipped

- Shows me exactly what I have in stock with little thumb nail pictures which is fun for project planning
- With the Pro version it will also tell me about low stock levels
- It reminds me how much my inventory is worth (oh wait this feature reminds me I need to stop buying fabric so maybe I don’t like this feature)
- Fully searchable with tons of options to help find the material I’m looking for

Tracking Expenses
- When I put an invoice in for any raw materials it takes into account all shipping and taxes and applies a portion of those fees to each of my items to the price reflects the true cost of the item
- I can quickly go back and find any invoice without sifting through a pile of paper or digging through my email
- Keeps track of all my Etsy/Square listing fees
- When I’m adding a new expense if I have purchased an item before I can link to it easily so I don’t have to add all the info again

https://craftybase.com/features and 14 days free trial. 3 plans available.

Kasia Rothe

Rustic MAKA Natural Deodorants + Body Care

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