How does the retailer return policy work on Faire and Hubba? Is it maker-friendly?

Is there a limit to how much a retailer can return?

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If I remember correctly, Faire limits the number of times a retailer can return products. I'd double-check, but I think I'm correct. The good thing about Faire returns is you can see who returned and that company can say why. One of my stickiest went out of business right after ordering, not great planning on her part but I feel bad for her, and another said my products just didn't fit the clientele. I've reached out to her with my new products and will continue to update her as I release more.

I can't speak to Hubba yet. I just signed up. But I got the impression (I HOPE) that we control the return policy. I'm uploading product this weekend so I'll be digging in deeper. I'll try to remember to come back if I learn anything.

Hi Craig! I've been selling on Faire for almost 2 years now. It's definitely maker-friendly. They take in all returns, so you don't have to deal with refunds etc. I've had a few stores return items but it was mainly seasonal items which they no longer allow returns of. I highly recommend working with Faire!

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