How far in advance do retailers generally make decisions about holiday products?

We have recently launched a gift exchange card game that is fun all year, but is especially relevant during the holidays! Also, does anyone have experience with social media and blog article timing for holiday products?

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January is the biggest buying season for holiday. Most retailers who have been in business for awhile know to buy early to be assured deliver of goods, as many vendors place their orders overseas within the first few months of the year. Delivery to the stores is as early as June. Many vendors will offer dating as incentive for receiving the product and getting it out of their warehouses.

Thank you for the insight Laurie!

Happy Monday Amanda & Brooke,

In answer to your question, it really depends upon the retailer. The larger chains will need more advance notice but smaller chains and specialty retail can act much faster. Our group previously sold to 200 different chains - some needed to order in January and some we sold at the very last minute of third quarter.

I just spent a few moments looking at your product and your website. It seems like you have a sellable product that should be at retail this Christmas - especially before a competitive product enters the market!

First account I thought of was Starbucks which I see is on your list. Have you reached out to a rep that handles Starbucks to see what the potential is for getting this onto store shelves? I just did a search here on Abound and found a couple reps right away. If I were you I would be reaching out to them immediately and talking with others about additional channels.

You have a cool product and I wish you success!

Warm regards,

John T Clark

Hi John,
Thank you so much for this info! I really appreciate you taking the time to look at it! Is there a particular rep you would recommend getting in touch with? Abound is new to us, so we would appreciate any insight! Thanks so much!


There are number of reps on Abound that can help you but you'll need a membership first in order to access them. Before reaching out to reps however I would behoove you to first have a QuickInsights call with a rep who has experience in placing similar products in order to make sure you are ready to speak with major chain store buyers. In any case, the Abound membership will likely help you advance your brand quickly.

Good fortune - JTC

You've had a couple of 'right-on' responses... just to note that as retailers get 'bigger' , that the time frame gets longer. In general, a 'Category Review' period will start for a seasonal item (like Holiday) right after the height of the season - so that all decisions can be made and pricing models can be completed six months prior to the next 'season'. Don't be discouraged if you see the timetable for any of your target accounts 'slip' - as big retailers are also notorious for NOT keeping to their posted schedules -- As to your Social Media, etc. - most companies start the Holidays at Halloween - so you probably need to as well ---

Good luck!

Thank you so much for your reply! We are excited to get our game into stores and are hoping to make it happen in time for the holidays!

Hi Amanda & Brooke- Hopefully you are looking at local and smaller stores as most of the BIG guys have long closed out Holiday 2019. Also hope you have an e-commerce presence on Amazon -which you have tons of time for!! If you have any questions, I worked with Hasbro for several years and have a good background in toys & games. Please visit my website: www.nexxtlevelmarketing.com Thanks!

For Christmas most orders are placed by the end of September.

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