How is Ahold Delhaize US operating

"Ahold" is the parent of all bellow brads,
my question is regarding the General merchandise category is it going true 1 buyer or each brand has a separate buyer (or even more, like for each region)

thanks in advance


Bfresh[10] -- founded 2015; 2 stores as of 2019 (MA)
Food Lion -- founded 1957; 1,029 stores as of 2019 (DE, GA, KY, MD, NC, PA, SC, TN, VA and WV)
Hannaford -- founded 1883; 181 stores as of 2019 (ME, MA, NH, NY and VT)
Giant Food Stores -- founded 1923; 175 stores as of 2019, including 145 Giant stores (PA) and 30 Martin's stores (MD, PA, VA and WV)
Giant Food -- founded 1936; 164 stores as of 2019 (DE, DC, MD and VA)
Peapod -- founded 1989 delivery service
Stop & Shop -- founded 1914; 421 stores as of 2019 (CT, MA, NJ, NY and RI)

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