How much time and money should I spend on packaging for my product?

I'm in the final stages of developing a new snack product (will post it soon!), but I have not finalized the packaging yet. Does anyone have any tips on how expensive this can be, and frankly, whether I can do it cheaply if the underlying product and marketing should be good enough to drive demand?

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Packaging and presentation are everything. Before your customer even uses your product or takes it out of the box it should make them happy and they should know exactly who it's from. Think custom tape, custom swag to put inside your boxes(pins, button, stickers), and the product packaging itself should make people feel good. It's all about positivity and making people feel good. Keep your customers happy and they'll always come back.

The money you spend should fight into your budget, You need to add the cost of packing as part of the product cost. Remember the most important thing. All costs to get your product to market should be past on to the consumer. For example if the cost of the product is $10.00 the packaging is $1.00 , shipping is $3.00 and marketing is $4.00. The cost of the product should be $18.00 From there you figure out your margin. So if you want to make 35% ($6.30) The wholesale cost to B to B should would be $24.30. If your selling direct it could be anywhere from keystone $48.50 to $24.30

Remember when you are first starting off that the money you spend to get it to marker, should be money you get paid back and your margin is your profit. You can come up with clever low costing ideas for packaging but it has to have curb appeal and appeal to your demographic
Ao know your demographic

As per your previous responses, you should spend some time and money on design of your package. It is what 90% of your consumers will see first and make a decision about. But don't go crazy. In the Consumer Packaged Goods world, which you are in, almost 80% of the design elements of your packaging are dictated by law and regulation. You need space for: UPC Code, Nutritional Statement, Ingredient Statement, allergy warnings, size/weight, company legal address, Logo and product description - and maybe directions, or usage suggestions-- you get where I'm going.... Also, do you want them to see the contents (window) or have pretty pictures of the 'suggested usage' or something else??? Good Luck!!

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