How should I think about QuickInsights consulting versus RepMail

Seems like they both connect you with a rep, but requires hourly fees and the other requires a subscription.

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If you're retail-ready (already in retail or have a booming DTC business with a great value proposition), then RepMail is the quickest way to connect with a rep. If you're not retail-ready or not sure if you are retail-ready, you should leverage QuickInsights consulting to receive coaching from top reps on the platform. QuickInsights plus the community board are great tools for getting a brand ramped up for retail. If you send RepMail and your product is nowhere near retail ready, your response rate will likely be low and you won't gather much rep interest.

Not sure how long we have been on the platform but just got our first contact and we have taken them on as reps for the midwest,

Rick Ziesing

Red Oak Press

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