How to get discovered

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When you walk into a major retail store think to yourself "How many people are trying to get their product sold here right now?" It's multiplied thousands. You don't get discovered - you prepare yourself in every way possible and then find a manufacturer's rep to help get you into major retail. No one is coming knocking at your door to beg you for your product. Either you push your way to the front of the line or forget retail placement.

I took a look at your product and it seems most appropriate for Christian/Family book stores of which there are several large chains. If I were you I would a) find a manufacturer's rep who specializes in these kids of stores (i.e. Mardel, Lifeway, Family) and pay them to assess you value proposition - whether you have something these bookstores are going to want. Don't go looking for a rep to fill you in for free - one thing about people with experience, they expect to be paid.

I can tell you from being involved with items like this in the past you will likely have to put the merchandise in the stores for testing on guaranteed sale. It will be unlikely that these stores will buy goods like these outright without some sales history. Remember that anytime a chain puts in new merchandise something else has to go out. You will need a PDQ display for these goods as well. But again, the ultimate authority on this will be someone who has sold POP goods to these chains before.

All the best,

John T Clark

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