How will the weather influence my sales from reps?

I am now working with a rep group of 14 sales reps based in New York that will promote my line in five different states. It's really cold where they are right now with bad conditions compared to the south! How will this influence my sales from them? I'm so excited that reps are so interested in my line! Replogic has been really helpful! I'm still looking to connect with reps from the west coast. I'm looking forward to your feedback about the weather. Thank you in advance:)!

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Great question, Megan, and a rep should provide the definitive answer. While you wait for a response, here's an interesting article on the topic from the NRF: https://www.retaildive.com/news/weather-the-storm-how-the-elements-impact-retail-sales/357941/

Weather can definitely have an impact on retail sales both positive and negative. If your product isn’t something that’s specifically dependent on weather though (umbrellas, patio furniture etc.) it may not have as big of an impact.


I would assume that the firm you've hired has a bunch of brands in their portfolio and not just you. Therefore they are motivated to get themselves back out selling. I assure you they are monitoring the weather closely because they work on commission.

Please consider, when working with a new firm be cautious about bugging them for sales. Be patient and give them time to work your line. Normally it will take weeks or months before you start getting feedback about your line let alone orders.

Think about it from the rep perspective - if i'm visiting a customer I have to get orders for my best (proven) lines first. Then after I've gotten those orders I will present new merchandise and get feedback.

At this point if you are looking for a quicker response from reps then you might offer some sort of spiff or additional incentive to get your line presented more rapidly.

Otherwise I would suggest patience and supporting them in every way possible including your own media/marketing efforts.

As a side note, as a packaging expert, the artwork on your header cards is very good. Your PDQ displays need to be better.

All the best,

John T Clark

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