I am about to prototype a revolutionary grill cleaning device. Does anyone have any tips on manufacturers?

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Hey Bill - sounds interesting. Depending on what materials and type of device this is, I might be able to help. Lots of choices, first and foremost would it be made overseas or in the US? Do you have full engineering drawings ready so a factory can provide a more accurate quote. Does it have any moving parts or electronics involved? Also do you have any IP or patents on this item?

Thanks Drew. I have a full CAD drawing of the product and I have submitted a preliminary patent application. There are no moving parts, but there is a magnet that is powered by three AA batteries. Can we talk directly?

Bill Masterson

Taravella Brands

Got it, sounds like you're in the early stages. I should be able to help with general direction and possibly get into details on helping you find a manufacturer once I learn more about the product. Why don't we schedule a QuickInsights call to discuss further. You'll see a 'Book Consulting' button next to my name, just click there and it'll set up the call.

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