I am trying to get our products reviewed for sale in national pharmacies and grocery chains and was directed to a site called RangeMe for retail category managers to view products. Has anyone had success using that site?

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Yes - been on Range me for a few years and no response. Unless you upgrade to the highest paid status they have you get no priority or attention. Just lip service


L.A. Christine

Thanks Douglas!

Rick Smith



Business is going to continue to be done ALWAYS the way it has been done in the past and that's through relationships. If you want to get noticed in this market then you need to find a "reality changer" - that is, someone with the phone number to the DMM, VP or President at these stores on speed dial who with just one phone call can change your reality.

Think for a moment of the number of people trying to get their items into major retail and then imagine the severe lack of space. In order for something to go in something else has to come out. This creates a log jam of people trying to get to retail chain store buyers and they aren't communicating with any of them - how could they? The buyers and the execs are communicating with the same people they always have - the reps. Why? Because someone like me knows not to waste their time bringing them items that won't sell or items that aren't ready for retail. I won't waste their time. A good rep won't waste their time. They don't the people on RangeMe from Adam.

I've sold thousands of products into retail in my 30 years of experience. I know when a product has the right boxes checked and is ready to be presented to retail buyers. The hard truth is that when I review MANY of the brands here on Replogic they simply aren't ready for prime time. They've not done the work they need to do in order to have a shot at placement. (I did not review your offerings)

In conclusion, RangeMe is one of those things that just sounds good but really isn't effective. Do what you need to do in order to be attractive to reps - they are the folks who can change your reality. Then they can take you down the path of least resistance to retail placement.

All the best,

John T Clark

Hi John, do you have relationships in national pharmacy chains? our products are sold as OTC medical products in pharmacies, but we do not have current relationships with the national pharmacy chains.


Rick Smith


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