I'd love to hear anyone's experience with Stockabl, Hubba and/or Tundra. We've had great success on Faire. These others, not so much yet.

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I have done well with Faire and my Tundra started to pick up (slowly). Stockabl, although I wanted to see it succeed, only provided me with one sale.

I just signed up with Hubba and need to start adding products this weekend. MANUALLY! UGH!

Thanks for the feedback. We too are slowly getting Tundra orders. And it was excruciating adding all of our products to Hubba too. Ugh. We haven't had any orders from Stockabl or Hubba yet. And with Stockabl there is a monthly charge to use their platform. Not sure if we will continue on with them. Faire has been awesome though!

Samantha Hoffman

RS Empowerment from Within

I just signed up for Tundra, will update on sales once I get approved. What do you define as great success on Faire? How many orders per month is considered good?


HNY Skincare

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