I have been trading now for over 5 years along the western states but I feel like I hit a brick wall. My product is doing very well. How do I get my product into a large retail store like Target or CVS?

We outsell big name brands at our current locations. Products like Budweiser Chelada and Modelo Chelada to name a couple. These products are sold at Target and CVS.

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Good afternoon. I just took a few minutes and checked out your website, Instagram etc.

You might see Chelada-type products being sold at SOME Target's and CVS' but it won't be placed nationwide as it's a product with a lot of regional demand. Seems like a hard hill to climb for regional placement in those chains that is unlikely to be permanent. You have one SKU and that isn't going to be attractive to a rep unless you plan to pay them a bunch of up-front money to pitch your goods.

I like your packaging, especially in regard to your target market. But your website needs work. No serious rep who can get you placement on national retail shelves is going to pay attention to you until you get a marketing facelift.

Whenever a client asks me for expansion advice I always point them at the lowest hanging fruit. To me it seems like your best avenue would be liquor stores and Latino grocery chains (i.e. Fiesta Mart out of Houston). Just Spec's Liquor based out of Houston has 165 stores. Total Wine out of MD has 193 stores. Binny's based out of IL has 40+ stores in the Chicago metro area. If your product is really superior to the other brands out there you could get a meeting and get placement with them in < 60 days.

If you get in these regional liquor chains you are likely to stay there for a long while (if your product is really the best). Target, CVS etc are at best fair-weather friends. My best suggestion is to stick to the liquor market for now and chase national retail later.

All the best,

John T Clark

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