I’m trying to get my slides into stores because all of my sales are by word of mouth or by social media. Does anybody have any ideas?

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In order to get your product into stores you have to be prepared to do so. Footwear (especially athletic) is an extremely competitive market as everyone knows. The manufacturer's representatives (reps) that deal with this industry know that in order for a new product to emerge in the market it has to have something seriously special about it that a major brand name hasn't already covered - this is the product's value proposition.

Reps who can sell into major chain stores don't work for free. In fact they expect to be paid handsomely for their efforts. In order for them to take on a new line of product it has to have AT LEAST a serious promise of doing better than something they are selling already.

I did a google search for your slippers and found your Facebook page with 44 likes. I saw a photo of a big pile of your slippers some of which are wrapped in what I call Chinese rice bags - the cheapest packaging possible. You apparently have no website and no ongoing sales anywhere (i.e. Amazon).

As a rep of 30 years who has placed thousands of products my conclusion would be that you've sold a few of these to your friends and nothing more. ANY rep who could get you into Footlocker or Champs would see the same thing and walk away without responding.

Frankly, I don't know anything about athletic velcro slippers. But what I do know is that folks who are successful at selling a product don't use Facebook for their website. If you really have a value proposition for the market, that is something unique that is really in demand, then you need to spend some serious time and energy getting some sales and making yourself at least SEEM prosperous and organized before you even consider retail placement.

Wishing you success,

John T Clark

Although the packaging is plastic, my customers do not receive the slides in plastic. And I started in October and out of 1,000 pairs I’ve sold 300. And social media has sold my 300 pairs of slides. Thank you for your input though!

Sameen Williams


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