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Good morning!
My name is Eric Balough and I am one of the proud owners of Ricks Roasters Coffee Company.
We are a veteran-owned, family-run craft coffee roaster. We pride ourselves on our obsessive focus with what I like to call the "4 Cs": Coffee, Customers, Charitable Causes, and Community.
We have a wide selection of coffee available on our website at ricksroasters.com, and we are working to improve our wholesaling process. Most of our 70+ wholesale accounts are within 25 miles of our roastery in Fredericksburg, VA, and our processes are mostly manual orders through email.
As we start adding UPCs to our products, we'll add them to our Abound product listing.
Feel free to contact me or my general manager, Jennifer Cox, with questions. My email is [email protected] and Jen's is [email protected]
Thank you!

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