New to this platform

Wonder what is the most efficient and less time consuming way to reach potential reps here?

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Welcome, Leonard. Great looking knives! If you have any questions on the platform, let me know and I will reach out directly.

Thanks Bill. Ill take a rain check. I see you're in NYC?! So am I



Hi Leanord, Most of the brands that reach out to me here find me through a search of the categories (housewares possibly in your case) or the accounts they want to sell to (maybe Bed Bath & Beyond?). I’d do a search for reps based on one of those two criteria and reach out to them. I work a bit with some of those accounts but you should probably reach out to Chris Foster who’s on here and a great Bed Bath & Beyond rep. Best of luck in your search and if you’d like more assistance I’m available for consultations just click the button next to my reply here. Drew

Thanks Drew



Yep, we are in NYC!

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