I coach new and up-and-coming makers on a weekly basis. I'm always hammering home the importance of a product package that will catch the consumer's eye among the snow-blindness we all experience when shopping in big boxes.

In this example the maker Offblak has created a marketing face for their tea that is second to none and incomparable in their market segment. This is as good as it gets - product packaging that moves the consumer's emotional state. It is very appealing across generational lines.

How did Offblak they do this? Not by using their brother-in-law to create their packaging/branding. They went to experts (like those available here on Abound) and paid them to create a next-level marketing face. The team that designed this branding are exceptionally talented individuals who are in touch not only with current market trends but they know what's coming up next as well. This is what made Steve Jobs revolutionary - he knew what consumers wanted before they knew it.

If you move forward with your product without the help of experts you'll be crushed. On the other hand if you do engage with expert help (as Offblak has done in this example) you can expect your product to a) be well received by people who can change your reality like manufacturer's reps and b) sell more volume because it communicates properly to the consumer.

The smartest entrepreneur (leader) is one who is continually enhancing their strengths, adding fuel to the fires of their passion and most importantly delegating in EVERY area where they are weak.

If you've not engaged an expert in your journey to retail placement, especially in regard to your packaging, then you are stalled. Do it today and get out ahead of the pack.

Warm regards and good fortune,

John T Clark

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