Once I connect with a rep, how much do they usually charge for commission?

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This depends on your industry category, product type, target accounts, brand recognition, and the seniority of the manufacturers’ rep. A startup brand launching its first product (a.k.a. a “pioneer brand”) may not be able to produce any real commissions for a rep for 12-18 months, so an initial consulting fee and a higher-than-average commission rate is to be expected. With that said, for most physical products, commissions typically range from 3 to 15% of sales; meanwhile, for some software and services offerings, commissions can be north of 40%. ---from our Knowledge Base: https://help.replogic.com/working-with-reps/hiring-reps/whats-the-typical-commission-rate-i-have-to-pay-a-manufacturers-rep

Thanks, Bill. That Knowledge Base on your site has a ton of useful information. Thanks for sharing!

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