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At Solterra Brands, in the next couple months or so we will be going to market with a new line of On the Go, Zero Waste, Single Serve coffees delivered in edible soluble pouches. Our target audience will be those involved in outdoor activities that include Camping, Hiking, Mountain Climbing, Fishing, Hunting, Landscape Photography and more.

Having said that, part of our plan will be to penetrate the Outdoor Equipment retailers such as REI, Bass Pro Shops, SAIL, Cabela's and naturally as many retailers in this space as possible.

With this in mind, maybe there are reps actively involved in this space that can help us prepare and work with us to enter this space.


Do you think we have a product that would be suitable for outdoor equipment retailers? One thing I can say at this time is that we will be selling our products in 12 packs that weigh slightly less than 1 pound, and take very little space as our packaging in not only 2 12" D x 4" W x 3" H, our packaging is stackable and can go on shelves, or display stands.

All comments appreciated.

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I have a great deal of experience in the sporting goods category and for sure, there are reps here that can place your product quickly.

However in order for a rep to make a determination on whether your product is viable in those markets or not they'll need to see that you are prepared - packaging, website, sell sheets, demo videos, testimonials, media spots etc.

You said in the other chain that you were considering a packaging patent. This might keep a competitor away from your door for an extra 12-24 months. My advice to you would be to prepare all your collateral material and make a determination about that package patent BEFORE you even reach out to a rep unless it's for consulting.

If you go to a rep now and ask them to start a sales effort without a solid collateral foundation underneath you they will ignore you. I've not seen your product but from what you've said you may actually have a good shot at placement. DO THE LEGWORK - then start looking for a rep.

All the best,

John T Clark

Hello again,

We soft launch early May with everything from our landing pages, samples, influencers etc etc.

I am not at the stage to present to reps & retailers, I just wanted to start sorting out what may be required once we hit projected metrics during our product validation process versus waiting until that time. I have always been the type to be prepared and ready

Again feedback greatly appreciated.

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