Hello Representatives,
We are pulling back our kids, juvenile, baby safety product line after a successful two years of licensing.

Our new product allows the retailer to brand their logo, slogan and URL to create a life saving safety product that can be sold or given away as a promo item.

Huge value with the FREE year of MedicAlert Smart Kid services that cost $19.99 on their own at MedicAlert. Our product is approved by MedicAlert as an effective means to convey membership information.

We welcome all interest for this product and our other market versions for USA, Canada and Mexico. Exclusive territories, markets and great commissions. Made in the USA. Lead time 7-15 days custom

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If you have a play for this item in licensing then I would advise you to continue. First, this item has been done over and over again in the As Seen On TV industry for decades. I personally placed tens of thousands of "MD Bracelets" years ago. They have tested and retested other versions without success - the world apparently has moved on from this - at least at major retail chains.

I assume from doing Google searches that your licensing deal was with KidCo as I see the product was placed at Bed Bath and Beyond, Buy Buy Baby and a couple of others. Those searches didn't show much online success with the item.

Then I checked Amazon - back in October last year it was selling it for $1.71 but sales didn't increase much. Then in December '18 it was tried around $3 and again, no increase in sales. Any rep who sees this will run because you've not maintained your price protection in the market. Retail chain buyers will see this easily as well. I'm using an $80/mo piece of software and many of them have Amazon-analysis apps that cost $10k.

For retail placement, from a readiness standpoint - your offer is too complicated. Your value proposition needs to get a lot shorter, your logo needs a series makeover to look less "1980's" and the packaging needs to look much more professional. There is a rule for retail shelves - the 3 second rule. As a vendor in a retail chain your package needs to convince me to engage in < 3 seconds. If it doesn't than the item is likely to fail.

The prices on your website are marked down from $4.99 to $1.20 for retail packaged goods. Any retail chain buyer who would check this would assume that if you can't get $4.99 for your item then they won't be able to either.

I can see the product being licensed to motorcycle/equestrian clubs or child safety organizations but as for major retail placement with no media backup (TV support) I don't see it happening.

My #1 best suggestion would be to contact a seriously successful toy rep and pay them for their advice on if/how this item could be placed at smaller childrens/toy stores. You could create a small PDQ display. Seems like an obvious place to pickup a lot of business. But first you need to rework your overall positioning on the web including deleting that Amazon listing if at all possible.

Good luck,

John T Clark

Thanks John,

Seems like you are the only consistent contributor on this page. Tip of the hat to you for your commitment.

I appreciate the advice and will look to do some house keeping.

The price drop is to sell out of the house branded product which we still sell online with average transaction of 4-18 units to individuals. We adjusted to a brandable item vs just our house brand version. Smaller retailers are starving for a brandable item that they can sell in their local markets to get their logo on car seats, strollers, bike helmets and more. The old has to make way for the new so you may be confusing the value between the two offerings.

Do you have a name of a really good rep who would be be capable and able to provide input into and take our new solution to the entire US children's market?
[email protected]

Steve Reed

Medical Data Carrier

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