Shipping - Anyone know how to get the best ground shipping rates for a startup?

Product is paper and cardboard and ships flat, but prices for shipping seem very high. Help!

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Good morning David,

Since your product ships flat it seems like priority (or first class) mail is your best option rather than ground through UPS or Fed-Ex.

Discounts through UPS and Fed-Ex are based upon volume. In order to get a discount you need only to speak with your local rep but you must qualify. Even if you have small volume now, you might just contact the UPS and Fed-Ex reps and ask for a discount. Worst thing that can happen is they say no!

The post office however does require serious outbound volume to even discuss discounts and their reps are few and far between. I did some consulting for a huge volume shipper in 2016 and it took months to get the postal reps to a meeting.

I hope this helps.

Warm regards,

John T Clark

We use PayPal to buy our labels..it gives you the volume discount on shipping and you can calculate which is the best way to go. There are other companies like Shippo who we used for a while that has great rates.

Wayne T

Smax Wax

Check out these guys. No volume needed. We do alot of volume and they could still beat our already 70% discount with Fedex. https://www.freightclub.com/

Tina Hofer

Modern Bean Bag Manufacturing Inc.

Thank you. I hope they are what the doctor ordered.

David Bezar


We use PirateShip (USPS only) and it saves us quite a bit. If you're shipping smaller quantities or smaller products, USPS I've found to generally be the best option

Matt Sloan

The Wild Susan Company

These guys look pretty good for USPS shipping. I hope I can find even better, but this is an improvement and they appear to be really easy to use. Thanks!

David Bezar


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