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Hello all. My name is Daniel Bryant. We started Map the Xperience in 2015. We are a professional GIS Cartography Company specializing in outdoor recreation maps and associated products. Our maps are all digital GPS accurate and focused on outdoor pursuits like fishing, hunting, biking, hiking, rafting, skiing and so forth. We print our maps on our proprietary micro fiber cloth bandana, tubular bandana and paper. All maps are downloadable to the free Avenza PDF Map App for use on mobile devices.

Daniel Bryant

Handy Map

I start my brand back in 2016, I have build up my inventory and have my own website for my brand I have man, woman, and kids clothing from shirts to hats and Jackets. Right now I have so much more stuff going on as far as my brand. I'm starting a Cigar brand, a make-up line, and even working on a video game studio. I always looking for the next move.

Eric Cominski Jr

Battle King Inc

Hi! I'm Joy the owner of Sweet Surrender a luxury brand bath and body business. I specialize in handcrafted, artisan soaps, whipped body butters, bath bombs and more.

All products are handcrafted in small batches with luxurious, natural oils and butters that gently cleanse, softens, and nourishes your body from head to toe. All products handcrafted at Sweet Surrender are gentle and great for all skin types!

Joy Edwards

Sweet Surrender

Hi Joy! I am so sorry I am just seeing this...I would love to speak with you about selling your product to my clientele. I can be reached at 713-870-5949 and email:
[email protected] I have your perfect customer base!
Best , Jan

Hi there! My name is Megan Robbins, and I'm the owner of Wishlets. At Wishlets we make handmade wish bracelets that are used as small gifts and favors. We have made over 20,000 wish bracelets and counting since opening in 2014. Wish bracelets are motivational, promote goal setting and cultivate friendship. When you tie on the wish bracelet you make a wish and when the bracelet falls away your wish will come true. The wish bracelet cards have motivational sayings on them such as "she believed she could so she did" and "best friends forever". Our main focus is on promoting women and girls! We are based in Denham Springs, LA. Thank you for the opportunity to connect!

Hi Megan... I'm an independent gift rep in Southern Indiana. Are you in the market for representation to wholesale customers? I also have a counterpart in Northern Indiana, so we can cover the whole state. Let's talk!

Hi, I'm Steve Stamatis, owner of the Grecian Soap Company. We offer handmade goats milk & olive oil soaps, lotion, body scrubs and other fine bath & body products using the finest natural ingredients. Our specialty is our soaps with a natural sea sponge built into the soap. We currently sell to over 400 stores and growing every week. I am always looking for great reps to grow even faster.

Steven Stamatis

The Grecian Soap Company

Hello!, My name is Matt and I am thrilled to introduce to you our company, Loddie Doddie. We are a new product design and development company bringing fresh and cohesive lines of Office Products, Home Decor and Educational supplies to market. Our Chalkboards and Markers are a few of Amazon's best sellers in their categories and we are excited to share this success with new partners. Thank you for this opportunity to connect with new opportunities!

We actually use your markers at Replogic HQ!

I am in the process of sourcing acrylic paint markers here in China, which seem a great step up from the harsher paint markers I've used in the past. It's cool to see the developments in different inks and such in recent years. I worked with my manufacturer in Shenzhen to try and create a biodegradable marker body for a time without success.

John Knauss

Schooled by Paper

Hi! My name is Jentri Quinn, and I'm the founder of Jentri Quinn Makeup + Skin, a cruelty free beauty line based out of Austin, Texas! Our results-oriented brand was born out of a desire to help women who were experiencing harsh skin conditions and diseases. We believe in being transparent and offering women options so they can make mindful decisions when it comes to makeup and skin care. Thank you all for the opportunity to connect in such a cohesive, meaningful way!

Jentri Quinn Chancey

Jentri Quinn Makeup + Skin

Hi Jentri,
I don’t know how I missed this but I sent you a email just a short time ago...would love to speak to you! Please call my cell at 713-870-5949 or email me at [email protected] Best, Jan

Hi Jentri - I'm curious how helpful you've found Abound so far?

Ed Park

Dermafirm USA

Hi all, my name is John. Our company is relatively young, but we have a background of about a half century. Our Sloppy Joe Sauce got its start in my father-in-law's Dairy Queen in the early '50's. He quickly gained a reputation for it, and eventually people from miles around would come to his little store in Mandan, ND. We sold his Dairy Queen in the summer of 2000, and for a little over a dozen years, my wife (his daughter) continued to make large batches for friends and family's events ranging from baby showers to funerals and everything in between.

One day, while making a batch for a friend, we asked each other why we weren't bottling the sauce if people thought it was so good. In doing this part-time for the last four years, we have managed to grow distribution to over 200 stores in four states. At this point, we want to finally start taking this serious and turn it from a hobby into a business.

What seemed to come so easy to start with has presented us with several small hurdles and large questions, like:
*How do we find additional distributors?
*What are the next store chains we should go after?
*Why is our product in only a percentage of the stores our current distributors go into?
*How do we get into major retailers?

That's why this platform and community seemed like such a good fit for us. Anyway, looking forward to sharing the journey with each of you.

To your success!

John Lindquist

Jumbo’s Sloppy Joe Sauce

Hi, my name is Fran. After a couple of family health disasters I quit my corporate job and became a caregiver for a newly disabled family member and two slobbery dogs. That's when I realized a product is missing from the market.

I needed to wash the dog dishes and the family dishes with two different sponges, but it was hard to keep track of which is which regardless of the color difference. With my background in graphic design, I came up with the idea of pack of two matching sponges but different shapes, human and dog or cat shapes. So not only myself, but other family members can immediately tell which sponge to use to wash their coffee cup and which belongs to Murphy the bulldog.

A beautifully packaged Yogi Sponge product made from natural vegetable fiber sponges was born from that idea. Brand new product, nothing like this sponge system is available on the market. Pet owners, pet sitters, vets and pet stores who've purchased it on my website ( have so far loved the idea.

Thank you for your time reading my story,

Fran Maghsoud

Fran Maghsoud

Yogi Sponge

What a great product and idea.I wish you all the luck. P.S. shipping rates have really gone up free shipping on that small of an item is going to hurt. I am struggling with that issue myself. I offer free freight.on my products with no minimum. Hopefully customers will order larger quantities to offset shipping costs. Sincerely fred k streicher @priolife

Fred k streicher

Priority life nutrition

@Fred k streicher, Thank you so much for your kind message. Yes, shipping is killing me and many other small businesses. That's why I can only sell two packs bundles to help with the shipping cost a little bit, but offering free shipping is a must these days. Thanks again and good luck with your business!

Fran Maghsoud

Yogi Sponge

Hi. My name is Bill.
I am fanatic about the damage being caused by climate change. It is increasing exponentially.
If you can afford a wind turbine or a solar farm, go for it. Otherwise, you can cook food, pasteurize dirty water and charge your batteries with sunshine.
You can help us reduce disease and the damage caused by climate change by using Renewable Energy products.
Use Nature’s Gift of free sunshine to produce your gift of clean air and clean water.
Bill Butler - Founder of Solar Solutions Central

Bill Butler

Solar Solutions Central

Hi, my name is Igor and our company invented Chair Nest ( a wall mounted, patented, folding, thinnest baby chair on earth. It can be mounted into any public restroom or fitting room, because what do you do with your child when you need to use the facilities? Our chair prevents the child from crawling on the filthy floors and keeps them safely by the parents. For use anywhere, in restaurants, coffee shops, malls, clothing retailers, amusement parks, airports, hotels, grocery stores, gas stations, basically anywhere a parent goes with their child. Our product offers tremendous customer satisfaction and shows that the business truly cares about the client. You can reach me at [email protected] or call me at (612) 636-2233, we are located in Miami FL and the chair is made in Miami as well.

Thank you all!


Igor Zeljic

Chair Nest

My name is Charles Anye a manufacture’s Agent and I help supply home builders and plumbers supply store with “Roco” eco-friendly toilets and ceramic titles. “Roco” eco-friendly toilets brand were created with the intent to save water and money. So Roco dual flush toilets offer an easy and immediate way to save water and water bill. We have received great reviews from Home Builders, Plumbing Supply Stores and Plumbers on quality and efficiency of Roco products. Our 0.8 gallon per flush (liquid) /1.6 GPF are the top selling toilets
Our Main Distribution is located in Baltimore Maryland and we are opening a Utah Distribution center soon . We are currently lining territorial Sales Rep to push our retail-ready products into the market
Thank you,

Charles A.
Roco Western USA
[email protected]

Charles Anye

Roco Western USA

My name is Steven T with Family Tags. We have been in business since 2000 and have set the standards for personalized gifts for the ones you love.

Steven Taylor

Family Tags

My name is Priyank Patel, we have been in business since 2004 and have been doing business as Vendor supplier, B2B Liquidator and Manufacturer. We have our own brand called "Naturez Ayurveda - Inspired by Nature". Our In House products are made from 100% Organic materials, and made by ancient formulation.

Priyank Patel

Shree Chesta Inc

hello, my name is Enzo Cordeiro and I started this company in August of 2017. I have laid down all the groundwork and am now looking for someone to help me get into major retailers

Enzo Cordeiro

Athos Labs

Hi, my name is Jessica and I design and make a unique line of jewelry featuring alternative materials (leather, wood and stainless steel) and elegant, clean design. I love to find inspiration in the world of architecture and design as well as in the beauty found in our natural environment.

My line is mainly targeted for women, but I also make leather bracelets and cufflinks for men. Our price point is $25 - $70 retail.

My jewelry is sold in the Smithsonian Renwick Gallery Museum Store, the Chicago Architecture Center gift shop, and other locations. I am focused on growing my business across the U.S. and Canada.

My company is called GioGio Design. You can see my work at or contact me at [email protected] for my linesheets.

Thanks very much!

HEY, I'm David Mulford and I invented the one-of-a-kind BrellaSavr. It is an umbrella Anti-Inversion device attached to a 30", double canopy-double frame fiberglass umbrella with an amazing led flashlight in the handle. It is awesome. StY dry, wind protected, and light your way through those dark hours.

David Mulford


College Bronze manufactures unique officially licensed Collegiate desktop statuary, giftware and relief wall hangings. We bring a very unique product to the market offering a range of price points from high end cast bronze sculptures to polyresin wall reliefs of your favorite logos. There is simply nothing like it on the market.

Craig Farquharson

College Bronze

Hello Replogic! I'm Giselle from Livolt. We are a Swedish brand of backpacks designed with the beauty of simplicity in mind. I'm exited in finding reps that can help us with our internationalization plan. Please drop a line to know about our products and discuss possibilities of collaboration.

Hi I am Kaden Stinger owner of a newly created manufacturers representative agency servicing the Northwest states, Montana, Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. Our current product line is geared towards interiors, decorative glazing, reclaimed wood, and rustic/designer sliding door hardware. We are also currently representing a global solar lighting product for a company that is based in Sweden.

Please take a look at our website.
Email [email protected] for a line card or more information about our products.

Kaden Stinger

Montana Architectural Specialties

Howdy Everyone, I'm Jon and my wife and I own Household 5 Soap Company ( We are a small Veteran owned and operated natural soap and bath product company.

We create a great assortment of vegan soaps, we maintain a strong balance between men and women oriented scents and designs. We also carry a soap for each branch of the military.

We crate soaps both with and without CBD oils and hope to make a soap for every occasion, like our shampoo bar for dogs and our "hunters" soap.

We have had solid traction here in Fort Wayne and we are ready to grow into other parts of the country.

Jonathan Bradshaw

Household 5 Soap Company

Hi Everyone, my name is Rick Smith and I am the Director of Business Development for the Paramed brand of medical products. Paramed is the lead brand of the American company Silex Global LLC, an e-commerce business with several brands of high quality, low cost products being sold in markets such as household goods, baby care products and medical supplies. Since its inception in 2014, the Paramed products have grown to be one of the top sellers in their respective category on Amazon. Paramed sales are almost $30,000 a day on Amazon, and today more than 50,000 customers trust Paramed for their healthcare needs every day. Paramed has recently established an office in Baltimore, MD to sell directly to retail pharmacies and healthcare facilities on a wholesale basis. We are capable of distributing nationally from our warehouse in Baltimore, and are seeking sales partners to assist in our efforts to become suppliers to national and regional retail pharmacies and grocery chains. The website is below and my contact information is:

Rick Smith
VP Sales Medical Products
Active Body Nutritions
Sales Agent for Paramed
[email protected]

Rick Smith


Hello! I am J.P. Morgan, CEO of Morgan Manufacturing. We help inventors bring ideas to life. Currently we have 4 products available, and are in the process of getting more products available very soon. From the Extractor Tool, a Life Saving Automotive Rescue tool to the OrthOGrip, a hand grip for those with arthritis or other hand issues - our products are unique and aimed at helping people with important life tasks.

I cannot remember if I came here and answered or not. but I'm the Founder of Norma's Bath & Body. EST. 2004. It is the handmade body bakery!

Norma McElroy

Norma's Bath & Body

Hi Everybody , my name is Jameisha Easterling & I am the business owner of the company LiquidKisses which is a lipgloss company. I am 16 years old & this has always been my dream to become an Entrepreneur. I want to try to expand my business all around the world & I really want my lipgloss to make it into stores with me still gaining some of the profit !

Hey. My name is Sameen but I go by Jersey. In October I created my brand ForTheReal & I can out with my first athletic slide. I came up with ForTheReal because I want the people who don’t get the credit for being real to be recognized.

Sameen Williams


Hello there! I'm really excited to join this community! I invented a fashion accessory, called Brazzle, that officially launched late last year. I'd been developing, working and reworking it over the past few years and finally ready to share it with the world. What's more exciting is that I have no competition! Can't wait to see what happens.

[email protected]

Hello there! My name is Sarah, and I am the founder of Seychelles Beauty. We specialize in high end haircare products that are vegan, cruelty-free, and contain natural and clean ingredients and high performing!
Since we have launched we have received rave reviews by clients and beauty bloggers. We are looking forward to building relationships, and partnerships !

Sarah Piaget

Seychelles Beauty Inc.

I am the owner of I have been in the beauty business for over 40 yrs as a model/fashion photographer. I am a former 2104-2103 Model Agent of The Year providing models to Loreal,Aquage,Wella,Redken,Clairol,Matrix,Aveda,Paul Mitchell,Scruples,Nioxin. I also am a former Executive Editor for 3 nationally distributed hair and beauty magazines. I have shot the hairstyles created by the top hair designers in the world for over 28 yrs and my work has been seen in magazines in the USA and in Europe. I am a partner with a media company and photographer for BIKINI magazine which is distributed in N.America. I started Babygirlfashions so I can create opportunities for models to be published wearing Babygirl outfits. The publisher has guaranteed anyone I photograph to be published. We sell swimwear,lingerie,womans fitness wear,leggings and tops and offer Free shipping. We are always looking for boutiques,apparel stores and distributors for our products. We can make a special package to provide FREE apparel for your store. For [email protected] attn: Michael Kostopoulos



Hi Michael,
I love your product! Do you have representation in Missouri and Kansas? I am a multi line rep and would like to sell in my area.
Thank you
Laurie Bellistri

Hi everyone, my name is Merry Hart and I am the Business Development Manager for Instacoat Premium Products. Instacoat Premium Products launched in 2005 following years of perfecting the liquid rubber technology. With the determination to produce a superior liquid rubber product line we assembled a very knowledgeable professional team to perfect the existing technology. Based upon our research, development, and testing period our team succeeded by creating a full line of liquid rubber products with outstanding performance properties. With the continued development of new products and improvements of our current product line Instacoat Premium Products continues to grow and lead the competition.

Instacoat Premium Products continues to expand our product line. Our products provide solutions for waterproofing, roofing, containment, below grade waterproofing and now offers a full line of waterproofing below grade accessories such as drainage boards. Most recently we added a floor coatings system to our line of products. In conjunction with our liquid rubber, we design and manufacture spray equipment to complete the successful application process.

Please feel free to visit our website or contact me for more information.

Merry Hart
Business Development Manager
Instacoat Premium Products
[email protected]

Merry Hart

Instacoat Premium Products

Hello Everyone!

I am 57 year old mother of two and soon to be first time upgrandmother from Atlanta, GA.

I am very politically involved hence my first product offering.

As a human, I am more disheartened everyday by what's happening to our Spirits, our country and our world. Divisiveness has become the norm. Contemptuous is a way of life. Empathy is a fast fading word in our vocabulary with little or no meaning.

I wanted to make a statement. I want to add some positivity. Let's aim for something to strengthens us as a people. I'm thinking a movement back to who we are meant to be for future generations.

Make America Fair For All.

I welcome your feedback on my first product!

Peace and Light...

Eve Robinson

Eve's Eye Candy Events

Hi everyone,

My name is Adam Clark & the owner of Custom Sports & Leisure.

CSL is an Australian owned and managed CUSTOM Team wear manufacturer located in Clark Free Port Zone, Philippines. We have around 180 Employees and a production output of 1,500 items a day which can easily be increased.

We do sublimation of the highest quality, Cut & Sew with our own Knitting machines to do applique & Striped Collars, Cuffs, Waistbands & socks.

We also do embroidery with 60 heads available. Heat Transfer, Applique, Silkscreen in Plastisol plus High Density & Silicone.
Patterns, Templates and a very large range of products in most sports that you can think of.
ALL is done in house with NO sub-contractors used. We are a genuine one stop shop for custom garments & a Reliable supplier.

All of my staff speak fluent English as English is the 2nd language in the Philippines.

Please feel free to check our website or contact me directly by E-mail. [email protected]

Kind Regards,
Adam Clark

adam carnegie P. clark

Custom Sports and Leisure

Hello from AngleWare Inc, home of the Tilted Pet Bowls and NeverTilt Safety Coolers.
All our products use gravity to work,and use a sloped or angled bottom surface features to allow all bowl contents to slide to one side naturally with gravity, while the pet is feeding.
The Tilted Pet Bowls were designed for cats , puppies, and older limited mobility pets.
Decreases pet aggravation and pet pet mess.
Decreases bowl pushing and walking around the bowl .
Saves money over time from less wasted food and clean up .

Currently made in stainless steel
Coming soon in Plastic, Ceramic, Bamboo Fiber

Robert Stovall


My partners and I distribute Glare Professional Products. 30 plus years of manufacturing, warehousing, supply chain management, and inventory control between us. Professional Detailer for the past several years after falling in love with the Glare Product lineup. Looking to move into retail locations as well as developing applicators.

Laurence Gil

Waterless Sparkle

My partners and I distribute Glare Professional Products. 30 plus years of manufacturing, warehousing, supply chain management, and inventory control between us. Professional Detailer for the past several years after falling in love with the Glare Product lineup. Looking to move into retail locations as well as developing applicators.

Laurence Gil

Waterless Sparkle

Men, Women, Pets: I'm the founder and CEO of Walton Wood Farm, a bath and beauty company targeting the gift market for men, women and in May, pets. We don't sell scents, we sell emotional connections. High-quality body care products that make useful gifts triggering emotional responses like our hand creams, Dear Mom - for the hands that raised me, and Week from Hell - soft hands can handle anything. We make over 80 consumable products perfect for gifting, environmentally responsible and have strong re-orders. We ship out of Buffalo, NY and St. Catherine's, Ontario. Looking for indy reps throughout the USA and distributors for domestic and foreign sales. [email protected]
Link to our catalog:

Leslie Bradford-Scott

Walton Wood Farm

Greetings! It’s a pleasure to introduce myself; my name is Stephanie Whitmoyer, I’m the owner of Belvedere Delectable’s, a gourmet company specializing in sides dishes and desserts. The first product to debut is my most famous; a family inspired baked bean recipe.

One might ask what could possibly be so different about serving up some baked beans? There is an old saying that goes "You don't know beans about beans", that is until you've tried these beans!

Hard to put into words, they are not a pork and beans recipe, and although they are brown sugar based, they stand out on their own merit because of the candied carameliztion process.

I’m looking forward to connecting!

Stephanie Whitmoyer

Belvedere Delectable’s

What's going on Replogic folks!

My name is Dave Ince and I am the Founder and CEO of the one and only Man Beard Co. We are a beard oil company that is based just outside of San Antonio, Texas. We are a small batch company that is growing at a rate we never anticipated.

With a passion for beard care, and educating the masses about beards we developed our company of non-conformists. We took ingredients that we were told couldn't be added into beard oils, and added them in anyway, because we liked how they helped promote not only a strong beard but the skin underneath. We blended scents based on what we liked, and left behind all of the classic scents that beard oils are supposed to go with and we did it at a lower price than some of those "Quality Beard Oil" Companies. We consider ourselves rebels with a cause.

We are ready to grow our little business into the empire that we know it can be. In 2018 we were featured in two different videos naming us as #2 in one and #3 in another for top beard oil company of 2018 and were featured in the Q2 printing of British GQ.

If you're ready to rep an up and coming company that is ready to take over the market then let me know!

Cheers all

David Ince

Man Beard Co.

Since its launch in 2017 with a collection of 5 Christmas pillows & 4 ring holders, “Chicos Home” & “Vibhsa” have always stood for creating new designs with great usability. Today, these brands are inspiring to become an American life and style luxury
Current Capabilities:
Designing & Manufacturing of home décor products
Capability to design & manufacture exclusively for retailers
Capability to manufacture Retailers’ designs within cost per design model
Capability to create seasonal designs & align manufacturing for 12-18 months cycle
Our work is also a celebration of handcraft and to preserve ancient hand working traditions. Current product lines offer nature inspired products such as bird ring holder or mystic bird area rug. Artisan remains the source of every metal products, which we launch
Each creation has an individuality of craftsmen, who have cast our products from raw aluminum or brass to a beautiful piece of art

My name is Isabel Arlandis and I work in the Export Department of Embalpack Levante S.L..
Embalpack Levante is a Spanish company specialized in manufacturing, transforming and distributing extremely good quality protection corners for many kinds of industries. We are leaders in the packaging industry and present in four continents. We have also been working for more than fifteen years innovating in order to improve our specialization, which allows us to adapt to the changes in the market demands. Furthermore, we are committed to respecting the environment using recycled raw materials, thus our cardboard corners are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Isabel Arlandis


Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself.
I am the owner and designer of Fotoluz : A distinctive combination of Art and Light.
Fotoluz is a lighting design concept created with all original photographs.
Fotoluz has been published in numerous magazines, shown in many galleries and sold in all major cities. It is now also a part of the Aurty Museum.
The lamps are doing very well in high end home decor store, home accent, and art gallery.
But the strength of my company is hospitality.
I have done custom lighting for restaurant and hotel in New York, Jazz club in Las vegas, and cruise line in Norway.
This is where I want to keep taking my company.
I love to work with creative people on project that are unique and limitless.
The way it works architects and designers come to me with a subject, I show them how I will interpret it and after few revisions ( or not ) we all create the perfect design.
I love architecture and interior design and feel my product is right at home is the environment.
If you feel that you are the right person to represent my product either retail store or hospitality I would love to talk to you.
Please take a look at my website and reach out with any questions.

I am the owner of Sharp Trend LLC located in San Diego, California.
It is true that we are a new company in the USA but behind our new company and brand more than 30 years of experience working in the packaging industry overseas.
We specialize in innovative packaging and we turn our inventions into consumer product ready to be placed on the retailer’s shelves. Our brand "Colormoji" represents the first consumer product that its packaging delivers a direct connection to the world of mobile apps. Our new concept in packaging adds an extra value to the product inside by being reusable as art and craft 3D coloring model.
“Colormoji” packaging is an art & craft gadget using is a specially designed container that is paintable. The twist, and what makes Colormoji different, is our coloring aid mobile app “Colormoji 3D”. Before users paint their characters, they download our app for help. The app offers them a 360-degree virtual view of their container. They can choose colors and design them in the app before they ever start to color the actual model. It really brings together their love of technology and creativity. Because it’s a hybrid approach of learning and entertainment, kids and parents will love Colormoji.
To add more fun and usability to Colormoji, we developed a plastic screw cap that incorporates a USB light. Closing the painted bottle with that plastic screw cap and connecting it to a USB outlet will turn Colormoji into a customized stunning NIGHT LIGHT.
It is not a secret that mobile has taken over everyone imagination. Consequently, consumers are shifting their attention to new marketing and buying channels. Our concept, “Colormoji,” addresses the shift in consumer preferences for brand engagement by directly linking a consumer product to the most watched screen today, that is mobile devices.
“Colormoji” can be sold without contents or with a variety of different snacks and candies like Gummies.
Our Concept is unique and was granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
We are flexible and creative; our collections can be limitless, and many new innovative concepts are coming up soon. Best of all, we can customize our product inside and outside to meet your marketing requirements.
Whether you are into confectionery and snack, art and craft, gifts, special occasions, or events business, contact us today to discuss how we can develop our concept to meet your marketing needs.

Marwan Chehadeh

Sharp Trend, LLC

At c.HAIR.i.TEE®, we found a gentler, more sustainable way to handle hair. Right here in the U.S.A, we make hair accessories from recycled, reclaimed, and renewable materials. We focus on how to make the best products for our customers with the lowest impact on the earth.
The idea for “hair” accessories made of recycled “tee” shirts all started with a frustrated athlete who was tired of the old hair ties and headbands that were a constant pain and never seemed to last long. Developing my own solution – hair accessories that don’t hurt and are more sustainable – I started a tradition that would soon blossom into a charity-centered business. Now a bustling organization, we at c.HAIR.i.TEE® offer an assortment of headbands, hair ties, scarves, and more. c.HAIR.i.TEE® donates its profits every quarter to a local charitable organization. We also donate hundreds of hair accessories to local organizations and at events throughout Texas and Montana and always willing to give more. We do this because we sincerely believe “True sustainability is only achieved when every step in the process is carried out with dignity and respect for both people and the planet. Together we can change the world, one headband or hair tie at a time.”

Julie Bartos


I'm Jacki, I'm a New York based Handbag Designer. I design affordable luxury handbags that are made out of real python, leather and nylon. I have designed handbags for Victoria's Secret, Kenneth Cole, Nine West, Tahari, NY&CO, Baggalini, Steve Madden, Jones New York, Macy's, Avon, and Lily Jade.

I'm also the owner and designer of the Tote Hanger®. It's a simple, metal hook engineered to hang and organize handbags in the closet. I'm launching 2 new sizes of hooks to hang smaller accessories like scarves, belts and jewelry. Our Tote Hanger® hooks are trademark protected, patented and designed by me.

Thank you for this opportunity to connect.


Jacklyn Easlick

Jacki Easlick LLC

Hi! My name is Rajeena and I am an Independent Business Owner in the Health and Wellness Industry! We have a product line that features NATURAL & ORGANIC skin care products, oils, teas, liquid vitamins and many other products that are saving & changing lives Globally (Over 140 countries) Total Life Changes provides high natural/Organic products that will cleanse, detoxify, aid in weight loss, & maintain your Overall Well-Being!

Rajeena Rogers

Total Life Changes

Hello Rep Logic, Excited to introduce you to FishSki Provisions. The worlds greatest easy prepare Mountain Southwest Foods. We currently offer Hatch Green Chile, Garlic, Cheddar Mac and Cheese; Hatch Red Chile, Garlic, Bell Pepper, Cheddar Mac and Cheese; Jalapeno, Hatch Green Chile, Garlic, Cheddar Yellow Corn Grits; and Hemp Extract Hatch Green Chile, Garlic, Cheddar Mac and Cheese with 35 mg CBD. All our meals are made with 2 cups or less boiling water and no straining. We are looking for new opportunities and outlets for our brand. Look forward to connecting!

Robert McCormack

FishSki Provisions

Hello Goddess!
Welcome to our journey. Crystal Hearts Cosmetics started with a dream. Be the goddess you want to be with Crystal Hearts Cosmetics. With our stunning cosmetics, your uniqueness will shine. Crystal Hearts Cosmetics will take your beauty to the next level Day or Night. Allow us to join you on your cosmetic adventures.

Our Cosmetics:
At Crystal Hearts we want you to have only the best. Established in September of 2016, Crystal Hearts is proudly made in the USA we also follow EU highest standards and ingredients. Based in sunny Southern California. Our team has a combined thirty plus years in the beauty industry giving us the ability to formulate the best cosmetics for the professional MUA and Makeup enthusiast. We always make everything with love. Let’s create your next Goddess look!

Crystal Hearts believes in giving back to our community. We partner with various non-profit organizations throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Look out for announcements during the year and follow us supporting our community. We at Crystal Hearts are open to hearing what make your heart beat.

Always Made with Love,

Crystal Hearts Cosmetics

Helen Peng

Crystal Hearts Cosmetics

Hi All! I'm Tara, founder of Tyes By Tara, an award-winning brand that designs jewelry, accessories, intimates, and gifts to celebrate femininity.

Our mission is to create collections that highlight femininity, evoke joy and inspire confidence. We believe in offering women a versatile and unique range of fashionable accessories so that they can explore, experience and discover their own style. All our products are handcrafted in Denver, Colorado.

Thank you for the opportunity to tell you more about Tyes By Tara, and I look forward to connecting with you!

Tara Stravinsky


tastefully simple i own my business and work to sell to store and
home party in new jersery i can sell any where in the state

maryann perone

tastefully simple

Sticky notes over your laptop cameras? That's how it started. The top sales guy at my old office came into a meeting one day with a bright, ratty ol'sticky note over his webcam, and I was a bit shocked. I'll I could think was, "What?! Him?! How Paranoid!" If I was thinking that, I could only imagine our top clients were thinking the same thing. It didn't end there. Within 6-months nearly everyone in the company started covering their webcams.

It took many months and $$$ working and testing with different manufacturers, designs, adhesives, and vinyl but I finally had the perfect solution, MyCamShield.

Our product is used today to cover webcams on a slew of devices - desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, game consoles, smart home devices, and anything else with a tiny camera.

We are just shy of our 2nd year of business, mainly on Amazon, but growing at a steady rate; last month ended over 100% of the previous February. Getting closer to selling our 10,000th unit!

We'd love the ability to work with a rep who can help place us in national computer stores, gas stations, CVS/Walgreens, and even help us supplying government agencies and military; since we receive many orders from DC and overseas military.

Happy to be a newer member of Replogic. Excited to see what connections can be made.

Below is a link to our product on Amazon. Thanks!

Eric A. Zerwas


Hello RepLogic!

I am the owner and founder of Nature Loves You Skincare. We offer effective, ethical, USDA Organic skincare for the entire family.

Our story began when I became exasperated with the ineffective skincare options for myself and my young son. We had many skin care needs— acne, razor bumps, eczema I sought relief from every conceivable mainstream channel to no avail. Nothing provided any long-term skin benefit, and often made our conditions worse. I looked beyond conventional treatments towards healthy, beneficial, toxin-free alternatives.

After four years of research and development, Nature Loves You Skincare was born. With a passion for natural ingredients and my son as inspiration, Nature Loves You Skincare developed distinctively pure USDA Organic Certified products that optimized vitamin-rich botanicals for exceptional skin health. Thus far, we have two products sold on our website & Amazon. We are in direct talks to produce a 3rd product: an Organic eczema balm.

Moisturizing Rejuvenation Serum

4-in-1 Shave Oil

We are a growing company, and have made many strides in our 18 months of retail sale. We would love the ability to work with a rep who can help place us in stores like Whole Foods, Target, Sephora, Ulta, organic/natural grocers, and with our military & government (since all members must be clean-shaven).

We are happy to be a new member of Replogic and are excited to see what connections can be made. Speak with you soon!

Hi Replogic!

I'm the founder of MÄNNKITCHEN, which exists to get more men cooking. We're in the humble beginnings stage, with one product currently on the market and dozens more on the "in the works" list. Since 1960, the number of men who cook at home in the US has grown by almost 50%. Men are in the kitchen now, and they still like quality tools. MÄNNKITCHEN will be the brand that men reach for in the home kitchen.

Männ is the masculine possessive form of "my" or "mine" in a dialect of old Norse. MÄNNKITCHEN = My kitchen, for the growing number of men who cook.

Our first product has exceeded all sales expectations, and continues to accelerate, averaging 4.9 of 5 stars from thousands of purchasers. So far we have a very strong male audience, with the brand also holding great appeal among women who tend to like the idea of their men gaining kitchen skills. It's a demographic win-win.

If you'd like to learn more, please introduce yourself!

Thanks for taking the time!


Cleve Oines


I am the owner of Destiny Pewter. We manufacture fine pewter jewelry and the HOT seller Genuine 24kt Gold flake bottles. Each bottle comes with a pewter figurine that has been gold plated. Each bottle is Name Dropped with the state (Genuine Gold Alaska, Genuine Gold Colorado) The bottles are a guaranteed Sale if they do not sell in your store, we will buy them back. We have been making the Gold bottles for the Souvenir industry for about 20 years and have grown our customer base mostly in Colorado and Arizona. We are looking to expand to other regions. Some of our accounts are Airport, Tourist areas, The Grand Canyon just to name a few.
See the bottles on our web site

The bottles run $3.75 ea. and come with a free display with the purchase of 60 Bottles.
Contact me at
Destiny Pewter

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in becoming a Rep for a line that sells very well. Actually GUARANTEED to Sell!!. We pay a generous 20% commission. Most stores reorder every month.
Join us today.
Destiny Pewter
[email protected]

Christina Sutherland

Destiny pewter

I am the Founder of Coronation Apparel Company. We are a graffiti art inspired clothing and accessory brand that puts our artists forward. We are popular in the graffiti, skateboard, and music scenes. We work with celebrities, influencers and media to get our brand out into the work. All products are of highest quality, since 2016 we have had zero returns/chargebacks. We were named Best New Brand at 2016 MAGIC show and won for best booth design. We have increased sales each year. We are currently in 107 stores worldwide, mostly mom & pop types but we consistently sell in those stores. We are looking to expand and get into bigger box stores and more skate/action sports stores. Also, open to more websites and drop ship situations. Check out our website at

Contact me at:
Sean Wilson
[email protected]

We pay a generous commission.

Sean Wilson

Coronation Apparel Company

Hi, my name is Paul and I'm the owner of No Worries Showers. We offer/sell High-End 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Outdoor Showers, which can also be used indoors.

Our products are extremely popular with Resorts and Condominiums and Building Companies, and we are looking for a representative who can showcase and promote our products further. Our products have been featured in Modernism Week for the Palm Beach property.

Looking forward to dealing with you.
E: [email protected]

Kind Regards,

Paul Loza

No Worries Showers

We are a woman-owned business with my wife Alex Mills and I aiming to help save busy women time and hassle during mealtime. Gramercy Kitchen Co. brings beauty as well as smart function to kitchen tools and related products so you can relax and enjoy what matters most around meals: the people in your life.

Jerry Mills

Gramercy Kitchen Co.

Hello Replogic Community,

As a new resident to the community it is indeed a pleasure to introduce ourselves as the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of the unique souvenir product brand - FootWhere®. We bill our brand in the market as an authentic location souvenir that acknowledges where you've actually set foot in the U.S. or the world. Our product line consist of an assorted offering of souvenir items such as key chains, magnets, and postcards that are crafted to contain the genuine soil of the featured location in each embodiment permanently.

The idea for FootWhere® was conceived by yours truly in response to a friend's request of what would be my desire for a souvenir from his impending trip to Bombay, India to perform missionary work. After diligent consideration of this request and realizing that no souvenir memento was unique enough to fulfill my desire from such a far away place, I replied "DIRT". What!, was the response expressed by my friend who in turn asked, " And just what do you intend to do with that?" To which I conveyed, "At present, I do not know" but further brainstorming on my part revealed that soil (earth) captured in an attractive and appealing manner would serve as a pleasing and authentic souvenir memento indicative of a person having set foot upon a particular destination. Thus, the FootWhere® concept was realized and as a consequence I formed a company, FootWhereUSA Group, Inc., to manufacture, market and distribute this new souvenir product throughout the world and we have been making a living selling dirt since.

We welcome the community to browse our catalog to acquaint itself with our brand and review the many U.S. locations represented in our inventory.

Please feel free to contact me should there be an interest in representing our brand. We are seeking to expand our customer base throughout the USA and would welcome the participation of agents in the gift and souvenir trade.

Eddie Turner

FootWhere-USA Group, Inc.

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for taking your time to look at our company. My name is Cynthia Woo and I am the President and COO of Deni Designs by Bali Jewelry DBA Deni Jewelry. We are a jewelry manufacturer based out of Bali, Indonesia with offices in Richmond, Virginia. We started our company in 2007 and have grown worldwide. We have been in the US for about 10 years.

We design and handcraft each piece of jewelry individually resulting in the most exquisite arts of work. The island of Bali is an oasis full of rich culture that dates back many centuries. Our unique heritage can be seen in our designs allowing folks to always have a piece of the tropics with them. All of our jewelry is of the highest quality with a life time guarantee. Every piece is made of either sterling silver 925 and/or solid 18K gold.

Our jewelry is currently in more than 15 retail stores on the East and West Coast of the USA, Amazon and QVC. We are looking to expand and would like to forge new relationships with a few reps who can help place us in new Regions throughout the USA. We would love to find our way into retail stores such as those under Signet Jewelers, Ross-Simons Jewelers and Finks Jewelers just to name a few.

Please feel free to reach out to us if there is any interest in representing Deni Jewelry.

We are happy to be part of Replogic and look forward to working with everyone.

Thank You,

Cynthia Woo
[email protected]

Cynthia Woo

Deni Designs by Bali Jewelry LLC DBA : Deni Jewelry

Hello, My name is Pat Carito, I am the owner of Purnorth Naturals, where we source and supply domestic and international markets with ultra-premium quality, certified organic products, Maple Syrup and maple related products at fair market prices. As your certified organic maple source, we’ll assist you in growing and building your retail sales by providing value added highly-targeted marketing assistance and support materials. We offer year-round Certified Organic Maple Syrup capacity that other supplier in Canada and the U.S. would find challenging to fulfill your orders. Whether you have high or small volume demand, we can accommodate your needs. We will deliver your products throughout the year when and where you need them. For more info visit our website at or simply contact me. Thanks for the opportunity to connect with the Replogic community.

Pat Carito

Purnorth Naturals

Hello , my name is wisler delva , and I am proud to introduce our new product called hydralife .
Stemmed from the untapped potential that we spotted in ionize alkaline water, realizing that there was a gap in awareness and access for alkaline water. We chose to come together and service the people of South Florida with our quality product.
Our Mission
Not to only provide the highest quality ionized alkaline water but to help people transform through water.

our water is infuse with electrolytes and has a ph level of 9.0+ which leaves the water pure and very smooth tasting. which helps hydrate the body faster. when you are properly hydrated you move, think and do things better faster and smarter.
it is really important to stay hydrated and no other water company delivers faster hydration than hydralife waters.
our water is run through a process called Reverse Osmosis.
a process by which a solvent passes through a porous membrane in the duration opposite to that for natural osmosis when subjected to a hydrostatic pressure greater than the osmotic pressure.

Wisler delva


Hi all! House Cup Coffee Roasters is a small-batch coffee business in Havertown, Pennsylvania. We specialize in creating custom blends for restaurants and coffee shops as well as standard blends freshly roasted and packaged each week. We're looking for a rep to help expand our business into more smaller shops (not necessarily large box stores given the freshness we focus on selling). We have some experience already with a few stores in the region that have continued to be successful for us. We're only 2 years old but growing fast and looking for some experienced reps to help continue to get the word out and our coffees placed on more boutique shelves. If you're interested, let me know. I've love to meet and talk!

Brian Niles

House Cup Coffee Roasters

Hi. I am looking for a sales rep to help me to take Sweaty Tee to the next level by getting my product into retail stores. A Sweaty Tee is a sweat-wicking shirt with a built-in or detachable mini-towel to quickly get rid of annoying sweat during workouts and to keep you feeling dry throughout your workout. They are made for women, men and kids. You can see them here and on Feel free to reach out to me here or at 516 960 8296 anytime.


Sweaty Tee

Hi Replogic community. I would like to introduce myself and my boutique glass decorating company, Gallery Drinkware.

As a person who cares deeply about the environment, I often think about all the plastic in the ocean, struggling with the fact that single-use plastic bottles are the main culprit. As a society, we are addicted to single-use plastic in many forms, bottled water being the first that comes to mind. Many companies and organizations have attempted to come up with solutions for this plastic water bottle crisis, leading to the creation of thousands of options. And there is a huge market for reusable water bottles! They come in BPA-free hardened plastic, stainless steel, and sleek glass, all with clever designs. But these bottles are primarily intended for portable use. These bottles are rarely used in the home.

This brings us to our crucial point regarding single-use plastic water bottles. There is a bigger issue that no one is talking about when we discuss this issue: the very bad habit of stocking one’s home refrigerator with these single-use plastic water bottles. Yes, the plastic bottles that people use in the home ALSO end up in our world’s oceans and this HABIT OF CONVENIENCE is a huge contributor to our problem.

Gallery Drinkware is approaching this rapidly growing problem with an artistic solution. There is no need for any plastic water bottles in our homes when you have a beautifully-decorated glass water bottle that is refillable, reusable, and a show-stopper when you have guest over!

And so, with all of the above in mind, we are proud to announce our Signature Bottle Collection featuring the prominent names in ocean art as well as the most iconic artist of all time: Wyland, Guy Harvey, Drew Brophy, and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. We are honored to have officially licensed the work of each of these amazing artists.

It’s time to get single-use plastic water bottles out of our homes once and for all. Gallery Drinkware has created the most beautiful glass water bottles in the world...a bottle that retailers say is a FEEL GOOD product that is so unique, customers purchase one for themselves and as gifts!

Kenny Laskan

Gallery Drinkware

Hello Replogic community. I would like to introduce myself and my product Resort Charger.

We design and manufacture unique inventions that we patent and bring to the markets. Our vision is inspired daily by the amazing amounts of opportunities the world provides for better solutions. Our company has been incorporated since 1999 and we are still growing at a rapid rate with the amount of demand there is.

The Resort Charger is a fun and interactive product that provides many uses to the end users. This multi-use portable charging stand with bucket is great for outdoor settings, bars, restaurants, beach areas, and for entertaining at your dwelling.

We are able to modify and customize the product if requested. The LED lights create a nice ambiance and the product is water resistant for outdoor use.

Please feel free to reach out if interested in representing this great product. We look forward to finding great connections through the Replogic community.

Brian Pavsek

Procom Engineering Inc.

Hi Replogic community! I would like to introduce myself and my company, Kache Beauty.

We are a beauty brand based in New York but serving beauties worldwide. Kache Beauty known best for its hair extensions and mink eyelash products. We provide the highest quality hair products with the latest trends and most advanced methods on the market. Our customers enjoy customized hair options and fast shipping.

We strive to give every customer an easy and fabulous online shopping experience. As a singer-songwriter, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to find great quality and convenience. After buying not-so-great clip ins from a local beauty supply store for a photoshoot, I founded Kache Beauty to address that issue.

Our hair and lashes are in demand by celebrities, influencers, celebrity stylist/makeup artists and everyday beauties.

The demand for beauty is high and our goal is to introduce the brand to stores with an initial focus on Kache Lashes.

Please feel free to reach out if interested in representing our product. We hope to forge great connections through this network and I cannot wait to hear from you!

[email protected]


Kache Beauty

Hello! My name is Caleb and I am excited to introduce to your our company, Sierra Outfitters Co. We are a product design and development brand based in Southern California, design and source product for the outdoors. We just started and have a small line of hand dip enamel mugs, and working on more various products. If you are an outdoor retail rep and have something in particular you are looking for we can help connect the dots. Thank you for checking us out and we will have an opportunity to service you.



Caleb Perng

Sierra Outfitters Co.

Hey there! We are Priscila Barbedo & Fernando Guevara, co founder of Simply Nature Bio Goods ( A sustainable fashion lifestyle brand offering the finest quality, ethically sourced EcoArt creations. Unique, glamorous, and Eco-friendly.

More than jewelry our pieces are Art. They represent uniqueness and passion. They have inside of them all the power from mother Earth. Made with organic material and crafted by hand by a conscious mind. Our Universal energy concentrated in a piece of art.

Bio jewels: carefully selected leaves, seeds, fruits and branches from the Brazilian Amazon are handcrafted and dipped in 18K gold; creating admirable and fashionable EcoArt pieces. Thank you for this opportunity. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Fernando Guevara

Simply Nature Bio Goods

Hi! I’m Cathleen, Co-Founder of MiniFix Makeup, a unique makeup concept company. We offer today’s busy girl on the go a mini makeup kit for easy, quick fixes or emergency makeovers wherever and whenever! Our kits include 5 mini makeup products that she can slip in her back pocket, desk drawer, gym bag, car etc to go from gym to office, office to drinks...wherever she needs it to stay fresh and look her best all day and day into night. Our premium makeup is cruelty free and each mini product contains an average of 4 grams of makeup! Check us out. We are By Women For Women...because we know size does matter!😉

Cathleen Petrillo

MiniFix Makeup

Hello, my name is Nick and my company is MABEARD, it's a small but motivated company specializing in Beard Care products. Everyone knows about the importance and greatness of growing a beard. That is why we bring you great products for low prices for maintaining that awesome looking beard. We believe passionately in great bargains and excellent service, which is why we commit ourselves to giving you the best of both. We strive to be industrious and innovative, offering our customers something they want, putting their desires at the top of our priority list.

Hi! My name is Karen and I'm excited to introduce my benefit corporation and a subsidiary of that corporation - DewBurst.

DewBurst is a small coin-sized cloth wipe that expands to 9" x 12" when water is added. It's biodegradable, safe, and versatile.

It's safe for people, animals, and the environment. You never have to guess what is in this product. These cloths are unscented, free from chemicals, dyes, perfumes, preservatives, or harsh additives.

You can take these cloths anywhere. These cloths are disposable and re-usable. The packaging is easy and portable. Put these cloths in your gym bag, diaper bag, backpack, or purse. Use these cloths in the car, airplane, public transportation, camping, or anywhere a cloth is needed.

Good afternoon, My name is Annemarie. I have a beautiful line of hand crafted, cork and leather handbags. Created for me in Portugal by a leather craftsman with 20 years of experience in Paris. I was lucky enough to meet him while visiting my own family in Portugal, where he has moved back to. I have my core line, however, because the line is not mass produced, a bag can be made to the specifics of any client. The line is couture quality, clean lined and though not what one notices initially, they are eco friendly. I'm the "head cook and bottle washer" and am looking to connect with Reps in the resort, travel, high end stores and boutiques, where my lines have done well. Thank you!

Annemarie Childs

a.Clara Boston

AzmaBiotech has been established in 2017 and is a natural health products manufacturer to produce a wide range of natural health products in a Certified Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) facility in Squamish, BC., with highest quality and purity natural to live a healthier lifestyle. All of the company’s products are based on a strong foundation of research and development. Azmabiotech Ltd. currently has more than 20 licensed products (NPN) with some special unique Synbiotics which is a combination of best quality tested local prebiotics with 10 BU probiotics. Target clients are adults and all 73% of Canadians that regularly take Natural Health Products and the global market. We are looking for collaboration and be a partner with Distributors and brokers to reduce costs and faster time-to-market for our products. please check our website at
Please feel free to contact me on phone:6043630144 or by email at [email protected]

Mojtaba Azma

AzmaBiotech Ltd

Hi my name is Mike Presley and I have just received trademark paten for the phrase "RISK IT ALL". I am creating a t-shirt brand to help At Risk Youth organizations(10% of proceeds) is the story behind this. I have been in the promotional products business(embroidery and screen printing) for 25 years. Trying to brand this t-shirt is a whole new level for me as my business is taking an existing company logo and applying to garments or promotional products. I believe I have the next "JUST DO IT" or "Life is Good" concept. "Risk It All" could go many different ways in many different design categories such as RIA Military, RIA Law Enforcement, RIA in all different sports, RIA First Responder's, RIA Cancer patients, Utility Service Linesman's who go out everyday and risk their lives for us....hope you get the picture. I am looking for someone that could help me with this. Let me know of any questions.

Mike Presley

Risk It All LLC

My name is Elisabeth. I am owner of Five Little Potcakes. We offer books and gifts featuring adorable illustrations of the native dogs of the Caribbean called "Potcakes". Our products are currently available at island shelters and bookstores. We are seeking a representative that can help get us into resorts and airports. 10% of our profits go to dog rescue shelters in the Caribbean.

Elisabeth Rybak

Five Little Potcakes

AzmaBiotech has been established in 2017 and is a natural health products manufacturer to produce a wide range of natural health products in a Certified Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) facility in Squamish, BC., with highest quality and purity natural to live a healthier lifestyle. All of the company’s products are based on a strong foundation of research and development. Azmabiotech Ltd. currently has more than 20 licensed products (NPN) with some special unique Synbiotics which is a combination of best quality tested local prebiotics with 10 BU probiotics. Target clients are adults and all 73% of Canadians that regularly take Natural Health Products and the global market. We are looking for collaboration and be a partner with Distributors and Brokers to reduce costs and faster time-to-market for our products. in the meantime please check our website at
Please feel free to contact me on phone:6043630144 or by email at [email protected]

Mojtaba Azma

AzmaBiotech Ltd

AzmaBiotech has been established in 2017 and is a natural health products manufacturer to produce a wide range of natural health products in a Certified Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) facility in Squamish, BC., with highest quality and purity natural to live a healthier lifestyle. All of the company’s products are based on a strong foundation of research and development. Azmabiotech Ltd. currently has more than 20 licensed products (NPN) with some special unique Synbiotics which is a combination of best quality tested local prebiotics with 10 BU probiotics. Target clients are adults and all 73% of Canadians that regularly take Natural Health Products and the global market. We are looking for collaboration and be a partner with Distributors and Brokers to reduce costs and faster time-to-market for our products. in the meantime please check our website at
Please feel free to contact me on phone:6043630144 or by email at [email protected]

Mojtaba Azma

AzmaBiotech Ltd

Hello My name is Beverly Beal I launched my brand Guilty Intimates last year as an extension of my fashion blog. Guilty Intimates is a Lingerie line for the Guilt free woman. She is sexy but never on purpose. She is comfortable in her skin. She knows what she is Guilty of and admits it. Which allows her to live her life Guilt free.

Beverly Beal

Guilty Intimates

At Earthnotes Skincare, we know that no two people’s skin are alike. Which is why, we’ve created a skincare brand dedicated to YOU. Caring for your skin is an important part of your overall health. But, we know everyone faces different challenges. Our goal is to offer products that address a wide variety of skin concerns. We also realize that hydration is a key to healthy skin, which is why our aim is to ensure all our products have moisturizing benefits, that keep the skin balanced and at its best. While our mission is important to us, so are the ingredients that we use in our products. Earthnotes Skincare uses the best ingredients found in nature. Taking care of your skin is important, but so is being able to enjoy a little me-time. Let Earthnotes Skincare get your skin looking and feeling beautifully healthy without all the guesswork. Its nature plain and simple.

Jamie lee Gordon

Earthnotes Skincare Inc

Hello, My name is Adesola and it is with great pleasure I introduce you all to Chocolate & Cinnamon. We are a luxury skincare company with skincare kits of 4 to help reignite and maintain youthful skin. Our luxurious collection of perfectly balanced beauty products is inspired by ingredients used by a variety of cultures. We hope to help customers take an effortless approach to beauty at home and abroad. We have a skincare range and will later launch beauty devices geared towards the at-home market and mobile spa entrepreneurs.

I look forward to developing new connections and collaboration opportunities.

Adesola Akindele

Chocolate & Cinnamon

Hi! My name is Carmen and I'm the owner of Sparks For Kids. We create fun static cling decals for kids designed to be placed on their mirrors. Their faces are reflected through our designs (lion, bear, astronaut, etc). Our mission is to Spark! their imaginations and make them smile first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Our goal is help create happier and more positive people. We plan on expanding our products with more designs as well as positive and uplifting message products for older kids, teens, moms, athletes and entrepreneurs. I'm excited to share our products with you! Thank you!

Carmen Abraham

Sparks For Kids

Buenos días!

I'm Jennifer, the US Business Manager for Glasfirma International. We are the world's leading manufacturer of toy glass marbles and a leading manufacturer of PVC toys - play balls and bouncers. Brands include Payaso, Mega Marbles, and Vacor. Our products can be easily imported into the United States from Guadalajara and meet all US toy safety standards.

I look forward to connecting and establishing new partnerships!

Jennifer Walker

Glasfirma International

Hello! My name is Courtney Reckord and I am a jewelry designer and owner of Courtney Reckord Jewelry. We make jewelry for adventurous people and the places they love. My logo is made using a patent pending process that creates accurate representations of the landscape using USGS data. I am looking for a rep that can connect me with places that are the right fit for my work! Thank you!

Courtney Reckord

Courtney Reckord Jewelry

Telcom SpA is an international leader in the transformation of thermoplastic material. Founded in Italy in 1973, in Ostuni (BR), Telcom SpA today counts about 500 employees in the group as well as production sites in Italy, Romania and Albania.
Telcom SpA exports its products to 36 countries on all five continents. An integrated technological cycle accompanies the product through every production phase, from designing to planning; from the creation of the prototype to the construction of the mould; from the preparation of the resins to the production of the finished piece.
Telcom SpA counts numerous product lines that encompass different sectors. The Vasar catalogue consists of a vast range of garden pots made with rotational and injection technologies and in earthenware. In addition to outdoor furniture and garden accessories, the Telcom family also offers Aquarius, a line of containers for storing water; Buddy, a line of pet beds and articles; Modum, a line divans, armchairs, and outdoor furniture.

I just signed up. Hello all. I'm just perusing around so far, however, I'm here with an absolute reason. I have a seasonal point of purchase type product that I've not found in stores for quite a few years. That is, not in Party stores where I've always found it before, so I put the product together myself because I was tired of my old product and wanted something new which I could not find in my area of Dallas, Tx. So, I've got the product finished, which took a couple of years because of the nature of the product and I can do or order the packaging and stands myself. That's the easy part. I'm just wondering how to get the seasonal product in the stores now because this is where I'm at in the journey. I'm currently out $0. dollars but trust me, I've got blood, sweat and tears and talent invested. Any advice would be most welcome. Thank you all.



Hello! My name is Mercedes Matsuo. I have worked in the fashion/cosmetic industry for over 20 years. I have launched products at L'Oreal, worked as the head of Client Relations at Louis Vuitton and orchestrated shows for Balmain Paris for Paris Fashion Week. I am fluent in 5 languages (like many Europeans are).

Our company represents and distributes cosmetics and fragrances. With our fragrance line, Paris Elysees, we are doing very well in Europe, Brazil and the Middle East. We are now expanding into the USA and would like to partner up with the best reps to helps us achieve our goals.

Thank you so much for reading and I wish the best to everyone!

Mercedes Matsuo

Mercedes Matsuo

Wild Heart US

Hi - My name is Janine, and I am very excited to introduce you to our very innovative cell phone and tablet organizing solution. We have sold over 70,000 units in the last 18 months on - we are growing very fast, and have gained top searches on Amazon, with people searching for our brand everyday on Amazon. We hope to see our product in corporate gifting catalogues, retail stores such as Target or Bed Bath and Beyond, and we would be thrilled if any small cell phone store owners or large chains will carry our product in their retail store locations. We have special pricing for nonprofit organizations such as schools or hospitals.

Janine do

Hercules Tuff inc

Hi there! I'm Brandon Love, founder of Crumble Candle Co. & the Crumble Family (Facebook's largest online safe space community). We are a charity driven, quirky and fun candle company originally started in my teen bedroom!

Good Afternoon - My name is Dave with BattleWear Apparel. We founded BattleWear Apparel because of people's competitive spirit, their values, and the constant battle to strive to get better at what we do every day. Performing at a higher level, producing quality work, taking pride in what we do... constantly winning those battles however small or large, with the "will" to win, to achieve victory.
We feel we've created what some analysts have identified as potentially one of the most powerful, sought after upcoming brands and message, with a bold statement and masterful image designed with a purpose... your purpose. The apparel carries that message and we feel it will hold a distinct place in your life because each product supports your purpose. Your personal battle.
We are proud to introduce a collection of apparel and accessory essentials designed for our customers to wear, motivate, inspire and share their story. What's your battle? Looking forward to connecting with those looking for great opportunities.

David Pierce

BattleWear Apparel

Hello, My name is Robert with the Breathing mobile Washer company. We have manufacturing operations in Nampa, Idaho, Shanghai China and Bangalore India. Our portable manual clothes washer is great for camping, small loads, pet clothes/bedding, people that don't want to use the laundromats (dorms, apartments even on-the-road Rv's). Since our washer pushes and pulls water through the clothes it cleans them fast but is not hard on the clothes, so it is great for hand wash delicates and special fabrics. We have positioned ourselves with manufacturing capacity, but just need the contacts to open the doors to big box retailers, Sporting goods stores, Petco/Petsmart etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Robert Ball

Breathing Mobile Washer LLC

Introducing my new line of lip balm “B’s Waxx”...I have always been addicted to chapstick, But I could never find the right chapstick for my lips. All the chapsticks I used made my lips more chapped, so I finally decided to create my own line of lip balm. My product is made with all natural organic ingredients including coconut oil, honey, shea butter and bees wax and each have a hint of flavors.

Bruselin Davis

B’s Waxx

Salut everyone, I'm the founder of Boostwr, a new line of sleepwear with support for girls and women with fuller bust lines and trim frames that's meant to take them from sleeping to lounging with confidence. It fits everyone from 30C-38H and size 14 on the bottom. We launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2017 and raised $30K, 15 prototypes later we delivered our first run in 2017 and manufactured a bigger run in late 2018. Our pattern has been engineered to address all the problems busty women are lacking in their current sleepwear, such has high cut armholes to prevent side spillage, front adjusting straps and a flattering silhouette with NO underwire. We just perfected two new designs, one for the busty bride and one for the younger girl and now we're ready to sell wholesale.Made in the U.S.A

Hello! My name is Tarun Kumar and I am the founder of Modest Goods. We are a business focused on quality leather goods and have seen great success on Amazon with our popular leather journal. We have great plans to add more product lines as the business grows with a focus on travel products.

Our leather journals have a vintage/rustic look and are handcrafted down to the recycled cotton paper. We are excited for new opportunities to expand our reach and look forward to connecting.

Tarun Kumar

Modest Goods

3D Plumbing Products, LLC was formed in early 2017 by 2 friends. One a plumber, the other a businessman. Together, they took an idea and created the fastest and easiest way to repair broken rails on a toilet flange. A perfect repair for rusted, corroded or broken rails on cast iron, PVC or ABS closet flanges.

Britt Taylor

3D Plumbing Products

Hi! I'm Brandon and I run a company that makes Felted Wool Soap! Based in New Zealand, since beginning in early 2016 - we have quickly become NZ's #1 supplier of our uniquely popular felted wool soap and are looking forward to sharing our slice of NZ with the globe!

Our felted wool soaps are handmade using quality materials that kiwi's are known for. If you've never heard of it, give it a search. :)

We look forward to working with some awesome people and businesses and are excited about future opportunities!

Brandon Vickers

Bruntwood Lane

Hi. I am a wife & mother wanting to leave something for our children to be proud to represent. I never want them to struggle in life, just work hard creating a collection that others can enjoy. I have worked for so many people from alarm sales, secretary to tour guide. Others made a comfortable life off of my talent, now it'stime for me to do it for myself. I hioe you enjoy my designs now & into the future.

Lakesha Leach-Cooper

Fleek Collection

Hello!! I´m Pablo and I represent MURTRALEON we are a Mexican - Spanish company that produces Polypropylene Yarns, Webbing (Nylon, Polyester and PP), One way slings, Polyester slings and Tie Downs. We are ISO certified and we are looking for new partners at North America.

Pablo Salcedo


My name is Callie and I am the sales manager for Morris Magnets in Washington State.
We have been producing USA made souvenir products for 30 years.
We tapped into the promotional products industry and this has been our focus or many years... 90% of our business is sold through distributors in this industry.
Our goal is to find more reps to represent our products in the Gift & Souvenir industry. We are out there, but have a very small presence.
Our style of products, quality, services, and support will prove to be one of the best experiences you have had with a manufacturer.

Please reach out with questions! I would love to send you a free sample kit of our top sellers for review.

Callie Strinden
Morris Magnets

Callie Strinden

Morris Magnets

Hello, I am Lisa in Colorado. I have 3 great boys and recently a great fiance!
"Painted Potted People" is my Joy.
Everyone that see them loves them and has to have one!! They are so cheerfull and usefull and are great for gifts for any occassion. They can hold plants, pens, candy, pamphlets etc. I hope you to discover "Painted Potted People" for yourself!!!!!

Lisa Langford

Painted Potted People

Would you like to know exactly how the year ahead will shake out?

Hi everyone! I'm Tam Veilleux publisher and creator of The Energy Almanac, an astrological look at the year ahead. If you'd like to connect the dots ahead of time, make decisions based on times that are conducive to that specific life area, or want to plan your vacation at the right time, the Energy Almanac is perfect for you or your clients.

This collaborative effort takes astrology, numerology, gemstones, essential oils, yoga and coaching to uplevel the planets at play. Learn how Jupiter is affecting the year and use the resources in this 144 page perfect bound book to create a life plan.

I'm looking to get this already loved annual book into stores across the world. I'm a team of one looking to take on the planet.

Tam Veilleux

Quantum Company Store

Hello! My name Dae Ahn and I've launched a skincare brand called Puriface over a year ago. We are an innovative skincare company whose vision is to empower every individual around the world to feel beautiful beyond cultural beauty standards. Our mission is to explore and innovate skincare solutions through the formulation of the world’s natural ingredients from different cultures.

Puriface develops effective skincare formulations using natural ingredients for cleansing, nourishing and revitalization. Our customers buy from us because of our products (effective and natural) our brand (transparent and innovative) and our people (honest and consumer-centric).

Dae Ahn

Puriface USA

Hello there. My name is Oleksandr. We're a new company but we already won our segment on Amazon North America, Japan and Australia selling our pure flax bath towels and sheets and flax sock, the items that definitely contribute to better environment ethics and human health. We are happy to share our care for our planet and humankind with our partners spreading our vision and items nationwide. Thank you for your partnership!

Oleksandr Razinkov

Nordix Limited

Hi there!
My name is Sheryl, and I represent Zeus, a premium men's grooming brand based out of Southern California (

We offer a full line of beard grooming products such as beard oils, shampoos and conditioners along with a variety of exquisite brushes and combs. We also offer men’s hair care products and have some of the best-selling pomades around!

The Zeus man is a strong, independent individual who enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle. You'll find him zipping down waves, blazing mountain trails, and taking a road trip to spend a night under the stars. He also enjoys sports, current events, artisan craftsmanship, finely crafted cars, and vintage motorcycles, and not to mention good food, music and fashion. Women want him, and men want to be like him. Take a look at our Instagram or Facebook accounts to get acquainted: or

Zeus beard products are specifically formulated to help you achieve your best beard. Our goal is to create beard care products that make it easy to maintain your beard with minimal effort while providing maximum comfort and manageability. Zeus hair products are a perfect addition to our beard care products. We offer shampoos, conditioners and pomades, along with brushes and combs. All of our products are mineral oil-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, and are proudly made in the USA.

Sheryl Whitecotton

Newport Apothecary, Inc.

Seeking Outside Sales Representative
Opportunity to join the world's leading headwear manufacturer with over 45 years of heritage. Demonstrate your passionate skills for sales with unlimited earning potential from the world’s foremost recognized headwear company.

FLEXFIT LLC., the US sales & distribution agency of YUPOONG INC., is one of the world’s largest vendors of custom and private label headwear. We manufacture hats for reputable brands in sports, streetwear, action sports, golf, and outdoor markets, while also covering a wide selection of wholesale blank caps.

Nearly two decades ago, we engineered the original Flexfit® hat. Today, we offer products that reflect that same creative spirit and unbending commitment to quality: 110® Adjustables, 210 Fitted®, Flexfit Delta® The Classics Yupoong®, and of course, the original Flexfit®.

Please feel free to contact with inquiries.

Charlie Ku

FlexFit LLC

Hello!, My name is Krit and I am excited to introduce you to Soothi. At Soothi, I collaborate with artists, writers, and poets to design and manufacture hand made leather journals. We have over 75 SKU and adding new ones every few months. Our products have received a lot of positive feedback from Stationery Trends Magazine, The Yoga Journal, and Touch of Modern.

We sell on our website (, on Amazon, and to a number of gift shops and boutiques across the US. I would love to connect with reps and other brands that want to collaborate and new opportunities.

Hi! My name is Taylor Howard. I own an business based out of Indianapolis IN. Where we Screenprint or Heat press other businesses apparel, garments, uniforms etc. We are also online at Im looking to either market the printing part of my business or the ready to be made designs I have of my own for various shirts, hoodies, etc.

Taylor Howard


Hi! My name is Taylor Howard. I own an business based out of Indianapolis IN. Where we Screenprint or Heat press other businesses apparel, garments, uniforms etc. We are also online at Im looking to either market the printing part of my business or the ready to be made designs I have of my own for various shirts, hoodies, etc.

Taylor Howard



Robert S. Schnars

Elysian Fields Equestrian Center

Hi, my name is Josh and my company, Higher Objects, is pioneering men’s utility bracelets. Our first product, The Sawyer Uiltity Bracelet, is shaping up to be one of the hottest men’s gifts of 2019. We just sold out in 2 days on Touch Of Modern. We would love to work with you!

Josh Title

Higher Objects

Hi my name is Kirk Duncan, I am married to my high school sweetheart, and father of 5 amazing kids. After a party one day, my children received balloons from the host. As we left, the balloons floated everywhere, in the car, and even out the window. When we got home, all the balloons ended up on the ceiling. I can't tell you how many times I have had to go up and down to get those balloons, out of fans, and down from the ceiling. I said to myself there has to be something made for a child to enjoy, and that can be secured to their wrist comfortably. Thinking too, if it is taken off their wrist, the balloon will not float away. There was NOTHING! Until now, The Balloon Band solves all these issues and more. Thanks for your time, please donate what you can, so we can get these on children's wrists, and no more sadness over losing there cherished balloon. Check out to see more pictures and info. Thank you for your time take care.

Kirk Duncan

The Balloon Band

Hello, My name is Anet Abnous, I am the creative designer of LA based Wearable Art Company, Anet's Collection. We create breathtaking luxury goods such as scarves, tops, kimonos and accessories imprinted with my art (Paintings and drawings to be exact) that are mostly abstract imagery symbolizing women's liberation and right. Anet's Collection culminates my dream to merge fine art, fashion and storytelling through stylish luxury goods. We are 3 year old company and looking for stores and reps who are interested to sell high quality products to women of 30plus who also have appreciation for art and like one of a kind pieces.
I would appreciate if you could check my website and give me a feedback on what you think.
Looking forward to connect and network with people and businesses of the same interest.

Anet Abnous

Anet's Collection

I have been making hot sauce for 20 years. About 10 years ago, I commercially bottled a few lines. My best seller, Schadenfreude, is different than anything you've ever had. I'd love to get it into more stores.

Andy Thompson

JAR hot sauce

Evatex is a registered brand of Multitex Inc., currently available on USA and Canadian Market Places. As a company, we are focused on designing and marketing quality travel and apparel accessories that meet and exceed customers' expectations. Since 2014 the Evatex brand has become one of the popular brands of Travel Packing Cubes and Travel Packing Organizers sold on Amazon platforms. The company's next goal is to get the Evatex brand into as many retail shops as possible worldwide, but especially in North America. Brand website:

Goddy Jean

Multitex Inc

Hi! My name is Lidija and I am the owner of LIDIJA, women’s wear brand, designed and made in Canada. I started my company in 2014 with a dream that took over 20 years to make into reality. I have my own production space and boutique in Whitby, where we currently sell as well as online.

My first collection was skirts and tops that expended into evening dresses and cocktail dresses. The label LIDIJA is classic with a twist, not using buttons, fusing and only invisible zippers keeps the collection classic with a twist. Everything is below the knees for comfort and style. Retail price $195-$1000.

In 2017 I added a new label LIDIJA Weekend Collection after finding myself wearing my old samples from few dressses. This label is made only from polyester knit fabrics, keeps the collection easy to care for and great for travel. Everything is below the knees for comfort and style, I have printed fitted dresses, tops, Reversible skirts, reversible jackets and reversible dresses. Retail price for this label is $125-$320 one of the frequent comment women make is how they love the length of the skirts and dresses.

My customers for both labels are working women that have their own business, as well as retired women looking for classic pieces.

Currently I am looking for a rep that can take the brand into retail stores. Explore my website and feel free to send me an email, I look forward hearing from you.

Thank you,
[email protected]

Lidija Ancevska-Boskovska

Lidija International Inc.

We are the Holmes family, and we are excited to share our patent pending invention with you!
We are avid boaters, and every time we would leave for a trip Lisa would have to go throughout the boat and lay down all the pictures so they wouldn't fall over in transit. Sometimes we would forget and sometimes after we arrived we would get hit by a wave and things would go flying anyway!
How many times have you arrived at the dock or campground and had to go through and place pictures back where they belong? What a hassle!
And aren't there great places for pictures that you don't use because you are afraid of them falling over? Never more!
Sure you can try a "homemade" solution like rigging a picture easel with tape and putty or silicone, but who wants that on a beautiful boat? The SeaClutch costs less than a tube of silicone!
Lisa had the great idea that we should solve this problem, and we have! Our patent pending design will allow boat and RV owners to place their pictures where they would like them to go and they will be safely and securely held in place.
The SeaClutch is available in a beautiful clear finish with additional variations coming in the future. The SeaClutch can be customized with the name of your boat, RV or family! Please see pictures on our blog and on our home page.

Hi there, my name is Jennifer Pedersen and my company is SugarBaby Products. My kitchen product is called a SugarBaby (Brown Sugar) Saver which simply put is a food humidor. The unique feature about my saver is the moistening device never comes into contact with your brown sugar or other food product/item. I have just recently been selling on Amazon and would love the opportunity to get my saver into retail stores. I believe in my product because it works better at keeping (keeps it fresher longer) or saving (makes rock-hard sugar soft and use-able within 24-48 hours) brown sugar, is reasonably priced and it is simple to use! Thank you for this opportunity.

Best regards

Jennifer Pedersen

SugarBaby Products

I recently launched Skinny Pet Treats and currently in a few stores but need sales people to help boost sales while I work on branding, labeling and day to day operations.

Karen Dan

Skinny Pet Treats

Hello! my name is Karen and my company is Skinny Pet Treats, homemade organic dog and cat treats.

Karen Dan

Skinny Pet Treats

My name is Karen and recently launched Skinny Pet Treats, homemade organic dog and cat treats.

Karen Dan

Skinny Pet Treats


I’m John, and I’m the Founder of a fashion bag brand called Schooled by Paper.

I’ve been a professional actor, artist, director, writer, and educator, but in 2017 I decided to try something new in encouraging expression and creativity in ways I hadn’t seen before.

That same year, I’d seen kraft paper used for the first time in the fashion bag industry. But no one was doing what seemed obvious to me: inviting people to mark on its surface.

So I developed a first product and started an online community to encourage people everywhere to do exactly that– the result being the Classic DrawBag backpack. In 2019, this expanded to an updated backpack design and a paper lunchbox called LunchKraft.

I work with a number of incredibly talented and generous artists around the world who have become brand collaborators and designers. Schooled by Paper products are also intended to be a unique type of canvas for artists to work with and then resell as added value to their work. So building such a global network in mutually supportive and beneficial.

Now that the brand has established a story beyond being just a product, linking to retailers and distributors is the hurdle.

Please drop me a line if you'd like to share in any way!


John Knauss

Schooled by Paper

Hi All!

I’m John, and I’m the creator of the brand Schooled by Paper.

I’ve been a professional actor, artist, director, writer, and educator, but in 2017 and partly inspired by Seth Godin's Linchpin, I decided to launch a brand and first product while living in Guangzhou, China.

That same year, I’d seen paper used for the first time in the fashion bag industry while at the Canton Fair. But no one was doing what seemed (seemingly) obvious to me as an artist: inviting people to mark on its surface! So with a commitment to learn and invest, I formed an LLC, prototyped, manufactured, set up an e-commerce website, and launched late in the year.

We make fashion bags from kraft paper that are durable, washable and water-resistant. Additionally, kraft paper is eco-friendly as it is bio-based, bio-degradable, recyclable, and efficient in manufacture. We also use recycled PET and other such plastics in our hardware and linings. The bags are pretty cool on their own, but their paper surface is also receptive to traditional art media such as acrylic paints, permanent markers, and paint pens, and that's where the brand becomes distinct from the product.

Many incredibly talented and generous artists around the world began using the first design produced ("The Classic DrawBag®") in 2018, and many of these quickly became brand collaborators. In the Spring of 2019, we released an updated version of the backpacks as well as a customizable paper lunchbox called LunchKraft™. Others around the world have also gotten creative with The DrawBag on Instagram.

For those who aren't yet confident to draw on the bags, we offer screen printed designs to color, just like a coloring book. For professional artists, our bags may be bought at wholesale, customized, and then resold with value added.

Our growing network and community of such creative owners is organically developing out of a mutual support and passion for one another and what our products can be. Ultimately Schooled by Paper is intended to expand into events, education, and charitable work, using both products and brand community to achieve this.

Before then, we need to grow :)

Drop me a line if you would like to partner or collaborate in any way, or if I can help aid you in anything I may know about from my journey thus far.


John Knauss

Schooled by Paper

My name is Stacey Goldstein, I am the founder of Lola Getts, a premium activewear brand made exclusively for the woman who wears size 14 or larger.

stacey goldstein

Lola Getts Active

Steel Straw is a California-based social impact company hyper-focused on eliminating plastic pollution.

My co-founder Max and I started Steel Straw on Earth Day 2018, after we were frustrated with the constant barrage of single use plastics in our daily lives. As our deep concern for the plastic pollution crisis grew, so did our conviction to do something about it.

Together there was an opportunity to get a reusable straws into the hands of people who want to "be the change". We see this focus as a powerful first step in directly mitigating the issue, and bringing more awareness to people's consumption habits.

Plastics pollution is an environmental justice issue. We know that pollution in water supplies -- from Standing Rock, to the BP Oil Spill, to New Orleans’ “Cancer Alley” -- directly impacts low-income communities and communities of color the hardest. We must work to create opportunities for everyone, while recognizing that there is no such thing as garbage -- just resources out of place.

Julia Posin

Steel Straw

Seachelle Designs, LLC, was founded in 2012, after years of art shows. Our glass beads are visually stunning, and made by all American glass artisans in our Salisbury, MD Studio. We currently are being sold From Hawaii, across the US and throughout the Caribbean. We are a rapidly expanding company, that focuses on Coastal themed jewelry. We offer products for Souvenir shops, up to High End jewelry stores.

Michele Krempa


Hello Replogic Community,

Please accept this as your formal introduction to MANON. We are a Luxury Brand Designer for Winter Coats committed to excellence at affordable prices. We are located in Canada, so our products are designed to look incredible and above all else be warm and animal friendly.
Here is a link to our Kickstarter Video which tells our story

We did not reach our funding goal on Kickstarter simply because we are a bit light on the social media presence. Actually a lot light.

We have spent a lot of money on recommended reps or rep brokers I should say, who have not performed, so we are looking for alternatives.

Let me know your thoughts. We have inventory. We are designing new Coats for Men and Woman. Parkas that were tested in minus 40 etc...

This is my first post but we are looking for some solid reps who can deliver.

The coats have been featured on one of the hosts on HGTV's Home To Win. We currently only sell in online and in 2 boutiques in Toronto.

This is the time to sell for next fall and winter. Your help is appreciated.

Team Manon

How big is your social media and on qhich social media pages?

Isaac Phoenix

Tiny World Toys

My name is Adam. My business partner Elliot, and I own and operate a small business out of central Illinois called Katamco, LLC.

In 2016 we had a successful Kickstarter campaign for our invention, The Toilet Timer™. With the help of our Facebook video (that got over 21 million views) we raised over $20,000 in 30 days. 

More recently, during the Christmas season of 2018, we had nearly $90,000 in Toilet Timer™ sales without a dime spent on advertising. We have five versions with more in the making. Our product is in demand, but we are looking for strategic partners to help us grow.

More info here:

Thank you!

Adam Stephey

Katamco, LLC

Has this replogic helped you with that at all so far?

Isaac Phoenix

Tiny World Toys

Time will tell!

Adam Stephey

Katamco, LLC

Hi, We're FishSki Provisions and we make great tasting, easy prepare, Mountain Southwest foods. We currently manufacture the following just add water meals:

-Hatch Green Chile, Cheddar, Garlic Mac and Cheese
-Hatch Red Chile, Bell Pepper, Cheddar, Garlic Mac and Cheese
-Jalapeno, Hatch Green Chile, Cheddar, Yellow Corn Grits; and
-Hemp Extract, Hatch Green Chile, Cheddar, Garlic Mac and Cheese with 35 mg CBD

All our meals are packed in recyclable, portable, weather resistant, stand-up bags (see All require just boiling water and no straining to make. All are vegetarian and they are made with NON-GMO milk, peppers, pasta and rBST free milk. We are looking for regional grocery, regional convenience, outdoor store, and CBD reps to get FishSki in the hands of more customers- let us know if interested! Thanks,

Robert McCormack

FishSki Provisions

Hello, my name is Doreen Totino. I started my brand, "Dreams Assembling" last year, 2018, also I have my own website My products are DIY miniature dollhouse kits, they are not the house shells that are already built, then furnished by throwing in pieces of pre-made furniture, but they are more like the puzzles, they need to be glued up from the small puzzle pieces in order to build the furniture, such as, dressers, beds, chairs, bathtub, bookshelves, etc. Those kits are highly handcrafted and are really good tools for training or healing purposes. I have a very reliable inventory resource and look for getting into the retailers, like Michaels, Jo-Ann.

Doreen Totino

Easy & Honest, LLC

Hi all, I am the owner of Furry Fido pet slings. I am the mother of 4 kids, 4 dogs and 1 cat. As I am carrying my babies by using the baby sling, I came with the idea of carrying my doggies with slings as well. That is the beginning of my brand Furry Fido. The best seller product Furry Fido Pet Sling is reversible, adjustable, lightweight and made of breathable fabric and machine washable. It comes with collar hook for added security, as well as pocket for storing your items, such as phones, keys, treats, etc. I have 1 patent and 2 pending patents, and I really want to level up now, to work with the experts and reach out more pet parents like me throughout the world.

Haiyan Qu

Vinedise LLC

Hello my name is Angel I'm the owner of Lavish Hair Studio and I need help starting a lip gloss line . I don't know where to start I need help

Angel Hughes

Lavish Hair Studio LLC

Hi everyone! I'm Teleigha, the owner of L. Styles, LLC. I begin my jewelry business in 2012. Jewelry has always been a love of mine since I was young. We were told women should always wear jewelry no matter wear we go. Creating things keeps me grounded and my passion. So I decided to create what I love, jewelry. Over the years, I made custom jewelry for customers for special occasions, then I begin creating jewelry for my online store. It wasnt until 2017 Inbegin learning about the gemstones and how their properties can help you in this physical world. I thought to myself, wouldn't it be grand if everyone wore a gemstone with style to help them through their daily lives ? This is when I developed my own brand. L. Signature collection. Lavish styles jewelry for men and women!

Teleigha Peavy

L. Styles, LLC

Hi! I’m the owner of “Faèbulous Brazilian hair” where I am now opening my shop/salon. I sell hair, flat irons, wigs, sunglasses, and edge control. All of my products are AMAZING! (IG: faebulousbrazilian_ FB: faebulous brazilian hair, LL website: ..feel free to look at the amazing products that I sell and the great reviews that I have. I am looking to expand my products into retail stores and need help.

Faye F

Faèbulous brazilian hair, LLC

Black Clover is a premium lifestyle hat & apparel company that was established in 2008 with a vision rooted in living life to the fullest. We simply call it "Live Lucky". Every premium hat, piece of apparel and lifestyle accessory is designed to inspire and invite it's owner to enjoy life, to embrace every day, to Live Lucky!

sam de Hoyos

Black Clover Enterprises

I build e-commerce sites and produce rich media marketing. I’ve been doing eCommerce and marketing since the late 90’s. I’m also a programmer and Microsoft consultant. But my joy has always been creating new start-ups. Some fail, and some succeed. Yes im a high risk taker and would usually partner quickly with people that have a great idea and great energy. I enjoy coming up with new ideas and starting multiple ventures.
My two main brands are GTGHard Male Enhancement and HempOilMojo CBD oils. I could use help in getting into retail locations or any advice is welcomed. [email protected] .. FYI i just joined this site, seems like a great place to network.

AJ Alacan

Seregon Industries

Hey there! Im Levi the co founder of a clothing brand designed and brought up by people of the GTA. We believe that clothing has become too much of a "buy this and we will do this" kind of market. We just want to make cool designs that anyone can feel sick wearing.

Levi Joseph-young

Ghøst Apparel

Hello Replogic Community!

ZerModus was founded in 2017 with the mission to empower people. Our products are high-quality, American made, 12-week dateless daily planners called the Everyday Visionary and the Everyday Human planner.

They help our customers design their state of mind for high achievement and personal growth on a daily basis. We are now taking these products into stores for a wide range of local, regional, national, and international retailers.

Actively looking for passionate sales reps across the country who have a strong track record selling affordable luxury home & gift products. Please email [email protected] if you're interested to learn more!

Hi, my name is Tin and I am the owner of iDare Coffee brand. We make strong highly caffeinated coffee which is marketed through our website and distributed to local groceries and food stores. Our coffee is made from premium Vietnamese coffee Robusta beans and roasted in New York. The product is for passionate coffee drinkers who are not satisfied with normal coffee which does not help to stay awake and focused.

Tin Dinh

Megana Limited Liability Company

We are very excited to share our high performing Moosh Moosh line available in several large retailers nationwide. We are currently looking to build upon that retail presence. We have made and continue to make extensive marketing efforts that has helped these plushies fly off the shelves! This is not your typical plush, these are super soft special material and one of a kind characters. Collect them all!

Hey everyone. My name is Rodney Platt and I'm the Founder and CEO of Trek Woodwear We make wood watches and sunglasses. Our motto is Timeless, Natural, Style.

Timeless - are modern but classic and can be worn decades from now.

Natural - our products are made from wood or nature inspired materials which gives each customer a connection with nature even while indoors. We also focus on sustainability by donating to tree planting organizations.

Stylish - our products are designed to have a minimalist, attractive style that others will comment about.

I founded the company with a sincere desire to combine two of my passions of watches and nature. Our products can reach a diverse range of people and wholesale markets from boutique stores to large chain retailers. We currently have four watch models and six sunglass models and will be expanding newer models later this year.

I look forward to connecting with others on this website.

Contact Information
[email protected]
864-993-1206 (If not available please leave a voice message)

Rodney Platt

Trek Woodwear

We got our start in Marin County, California, with our first product - Beach Be Gone body powder. I would often go to local beaches with my little children. What's at the beach? SAND! Where does sand go with little children? EVERYWHERE! I formulated a magical body powder to wick away sand, sweat, salt water and general grit from your skin. After the success of Beach Be Gone, I developed other lines of all-natural skin care products to protect and care for anyone who loves to play outdoors.

Olita is committed to producing innovative and healthy skin care for the outdoors. We deliver on a promise of creating nourishing, restorative, protective skin care products every day. Our products are safe for your skin and safe for our environment...simple. We make skin happy!

Laurie O'Hara

Olita Inc.

Hi all. My Name is Sam Tarabay, We have a full line of Car Care Products for Gasoline & Diesel Engines, such as (Catalytic converter cleaner, Fuel Treatment, Oil Engine Flush, Carbon Cleaner, DPF cleaner, Diesel system cleaner, paint wax, A/C smell cleaner, Radiator cleaner & protection, oil additive, power steering cleaner & protection, Nano technology engine protection, transmission cleaner & protection.... Lot more) we are the only company in the market with certified products, we carry solutions no other company does, we proof defectiveness of products by demonstrating it on vehicle & test tubes, chemicals designed & produced in Germany & U.S.A, we are looking for manufacturer representatives, Distributors & Retailers. products can be sold at Auto parts shops, gas stations, repair shops & dealers. our products environment friendly and helps to decrease emissions. please feel free to contact me with any concerns & questions.

Sam Tarabay

MotorPower Care

I’m Clarence the owner and founder of Red Roo Gear. I’ve produced a iPhone case that allows you to attach your charging cord to it, so you will never be without your cord. We have a patent on the design. We’ve been selling on Amazon and on our website at

Thank You

Red Roo Gear

Redroo Gear llc

Who likes beer? Who has a birthday?

Hi there!
I'm Lily-May Young and together with my business partner, we recently brought a fun brand, and a set of innovative products to market, called "The Original Beerthday Candle™"

The core products allows anyone to place a birthday candle on a beer, or any drinking vessel, for that matter. There are several iterations and different products, as well as ways to personalize the product for different celebratory occasions or individuals.

We've started our own outreach to retailers and gift stores and have had some good experience and sales, and are now looking to scale with a dedicated and focused sales rep.

We look forward to your feedback, and fun people to work with!

Thank you,
Lily & Tom

Who likes beer? Who has a birthday?

Hi there!
I'm Lily-May Young and together with my business partner, we recently brought a fun brand, and a set of innovative products to market, called "The Original Beerthday Candle™"

The core products allows anyone to place a birthday candle on a beer, or any drinking vessel, for that matter. There are several iterations and different products, as well as ways to personalize the product for different celebratory occasions or individuals.

We've started our own outreach to retailers and gift stores and have had some good experience and sales, and are now looking to scale with a dedicated and focused sales rep.

We look forward to your feedback, and fun people to work with!

Thank you,
Lily & Tom

Hello - my name is Mary Ann & introduce to everyone my Mission: At Daisy-Bella, to create and celebrate fun-spirited fashion that inspires confidence in women of all shapes and sizes with positive, uplifting messages and images
Vision: I believe that often, we become what we see. I am committed to transforming the world of fashion with positive messages... inspiring women from the outside in.
Our Values:
• Inspiring – Our line is dedicated to inspiring both the people who wear our clothing, and the people that see our messages
• Empowering – Our line shares a message of empowerment with women and girls
• Encouraging – Whatever their shape, size, or age, our line encourages women and girls to be their best selves
• Uplifting – Our line shares uplifting messages and designs
• Paying it Forward – Our line reaches out to others and a portion of our proceeds is always dedicated to organizations that improve the world
Daisy-Bella was built on the idea that there’s nothing better than a group of positive, inspired women. Our fashion encourages and empowers women and girls to be their best selves, and we want all women and girls to feel confident and positive.
Now, more than ever, today’s clothing market lacks positivity. Women and girls hear and see words and graphics that reinforce subtle (and not-so-subtle) negative images – of themselves and of others. With more than two decades in the clothing industry, Daisy-Bella wants to send a different message: We believe that women and girls are perfect – just the way they are. Daisy-Bella is about encouraging women to look in the mirror and love the person they see... and then sharing that message with others.
Daisy-Bella is not just about positive messages. We’re also committed to paying that feeling forward in action. When you make a Daisy-Bella purchase, part of our proceeds will be donated to DB Women in Need program, we support local charities that helps women and children rebuild their lives. These organizations provide safe housing, critical services and programming for women and children for more than three decades.
Daisy-Bella is a company that has been inspired by an incredibly, strong and positive mom who reminded me & my sisters every day how very special were. This resiliency inspired me – even facing my deepest challenges. Now I want to share this message of positivity to inspire and lift up others... through Daisy-Bella.

Mary Ann Tooker


Hello ... my name is Laurie. I started Olita a few years ago and I’m geared up to recruit sales reps to rep my brand of eco-friendly skincare for the outdoors. Reach out if interested. Gracias- Laurie

Laurie O'Hara

Olita Inc.

Hello Everyone My Name Is Adavious Taylor. I Started ALWAYS LOADED Clothing Brand in 2019. I Am Trying To Get My Brand In All Stores Nation-Wide Also I’m Trying Reach Out To All The Smoker All Over The World..

Adavious D Taylor


Hi, my name is Honorine Nevin and I am the creator of Mob Beauty. These cosmetics are my own thought and creation of makeup that I love. I took my entire collection of makeup and turned it into my own brand of ingredients I love to use and made my own cosmetic line. I sell online now and hope to get into big retailers one day.

Honorine Nevin

Mob Beauty

Save Energy- Save Money- Save the Environment!
Every Light - Everywhere will eventually be replaced with an LED Light that are proven to give many benefits, When doing so consider this,
"Less Waste ! There are over 100,000 million street, parking, high bay, and other high powered luminaires in the United States. Let’s keep all that metal out of our landfills, only to be replaced by more metal!
It’s good business, and good stewardship."
You do not have to replace your existing fixtures if they are in good shape. replacing the internal Light Engine with a HiLumz LED Retrofit Kit is all you need to do with the ability to match or exceed existing light output and correct the distribution of light.
We can sell you a new LED Fixture if you absolutely need it , We are here to introduce the option to replace the internal light with a Long Life LED, especially if you have a unique or ornate fixture that is very expensive. We can help you design your own LED Retrofit of your facility or expand your product line to capitalize on the revolution that is taking place.
Call: Gary Zito: 609-567-4770

My name is Josh Wingate and I am the Co-founder and CMO of VivA Life. We specialize in helping patients with chronic illnesses by providing products that organize all of their medications and health information. We started this company because a loved one struggled to take her medications correctly due to the lack of organization. Thinking there had to be a better way, the Med Manager was born. I am proud to say that we have now helped of 11,000 patients in organizing their complicated regimens and we hope to revolutionize the medical industry.

Josh wingate

Viva Life Inc.

I'm Hall Banks, a recent college graduate with a degree in Entrepreneurship. I recently started 6:24 Handcrafted, which is a series of handcrafted home fragrance products such as candles and reed diffusers. My goal is to get into a few more retailers so that our product line can expand and be more than just that. My next company is a soccer marketing company called Wali Football. Wali Football started as a social media page, but has since then grown to more than that. We recently released a product on Amazon and are hoping to continue the business on there.

Hall Banks

6:24 Handcrafted

We are a manufacture and distributer of cast iron, steel, and aluminum home and garden items and tools. 25 years of experience, have previlige to import from China and have capability of sourcing and purchasing products from China for others. If you have an idea to design and create an iron, steel, copper or aluminum product in bulk, we have the contact and importing power to do it for you.

Robert Young

rusty and weathered

Hello! My name is Eddie Johnson and I am the owner and designer of Verdure Watches ( which is a luxury watch line for both men and women. I officially started selling in 2015 but the idea was birthed in 2012.
I like to say we have luxury watches at a fraction of the luxury price tag. With some excellent designs and the same reliable materials as all of the already established, high end brands, we allow the consumer to have the luxury look but without having to break the bank for it.
Hoping to connect with some great people and expand the brand to the masses!

Eddie Johnson

Verdure Watches

Greetings Replogic Community,

It's a great pleasure to join and introduce BlueBox Electronics Inc. to the Replogic community. BlueBox is a relatively young company in the community, but we are ready and eager to thrive for success.

A little background information on BlueBox. Headquartered in the United States, our strategic partnership with LianGangOptoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. (LOT) provides us with direct access to two dynamic factories, a growing and dedicated team of industry experts, and a steady stream of very capable component suppliers.

Our core products are charge/sync cables such as Apple MFI certified Lightning cable and USB-IF certified USB cables. Our product portfolio expands into HDMI cable, DP cable, USB adapters, USB hubs, and even telecom fiber optic and LAN cables.

We welcome the community to browse our company websites and presentation for more details, please visit us with links below:


Please feel free to reach out to us if there is any interest in representing BlueBox Eletronics Inc.

We are happy to be part of the Replogic community and look forward to working with everyone.

Thanks All,

George Yu
[email protected]

George Yu

BlueBox Electronics Inc.

Hi All, My name is Andrew Grunstein and I work for Maxwell Forest Pty Ltd which is an Australian technology company that has developed a range of innovative Bluetooth tracker products and holds several Patents around these. Initially we developed the World's thinnest Bluetooth tracker card at just 0.76mm thin. Following this we have developed and launched the World's first wireless charging Bluetooth tracker card and a premium Leather Keyfinder. We have further developments in the pipeline which will also be groundbreaking in this space which we are keen to bring to market this year.

Hey y'all! My name is Dylan Banagis, and I founded The Wanderheart Project with a professor of mine out of college in 2016. We are an outdoor apparel company encouraging the world to unplug from technology and help us get children with congenital heart defects unplugged from the hospital. We also guide trips completely unplugged from technology. Experiential learning!! Every clothing sale donates $1.00 and every trip donates 10% to CHD. We have been doubling in growth every year, and we are prepared and ready to scale into full on retail. We are looking to get our products into hospital gift shops, outdoor shops, and souvenir shops across the country. Our expertise and passion is in guiding and managing people, not retail sales even though we have learned a lot about it these past two years. We would love to connect with some reps to get this movement fully known across the country!

Dylan Banagis

The Wanderheart Project

We make musical greeting cards that loop music with no off switch, open or closed. Why send a greeting card that doesn't stop? Because it's funny and entertaining. It is safe to sign and lasts over 3 hours once you press play. Launch in Kickstarter in 2016 and raised $92,073 in 30 days and seen on ABC News, BuzzFeed, and many more. It's very funny,

Travis P

Joker Greeting

Tried and true recipes scratched onto worn cards by family, along with a lot of concocting throughout my 25-year marriage, the beginning of which I’d often hear: “Honey, I love you very much, but this dinner sucks,” marked the beginning of my gourmet saga. Fast forward many determined years, feeding hoards of teenagers drug home nightly by my kids, throwing last-minute dinner parties with fantastic food, wine & presentation… and I’m the go-to for easy, healthy, excellent dinner and entertaining advice.

A stay-at-home mom (and moonlighting marketing expert), I pour my wine and cook for 2 hours every night I’m home… and I love love love it. But I’ve met too many busy and working parents and peeps over the years who are simply too exhausted to cook from scratch at the end of the day. So they pay boatloads to have questionably sourced chicken shipped to their front door, hit the grocery deli to throw something together, or spend money for takeout yet again.

Welcome to Spitfire Gourmet.

Each one of my Spitfire Gourmet packets represents a ‘go-to’ flavor that my mom, grandmother, great-grandmother, and even my great-great-grandmother relied on for many recipes. Now you can make healthy gourmet dinner literally like the old pros – just a lot EASIER - with my color-coded packets and 1-paragraph recipes.

We know that busy and working parents want dinner to be yummy & easy, and to come from their own kitchen. They want dinner to be healthy, with local fresh whole foods they pick up quickly at the local market. And, most importantly, they want to skip the learning curve, and be an enviable gourmet cook right now.

Spitfire, we got this!

Holly George

Spitfire Gourmet

Hi! My name is Lana, and I'm the founder of MetaPora, a cruelty-free vegan + clean skincare brand.

MetaPora products are made in Australia and free from any kind of nasty chemicals, very clean, no artificial fragrances or preservatives, 100% natural and organic where possible. Through our products, we want to inspire people to be happy in their own skin!
Thank you all for the opportunity to get connected!


My name is Charle Harris. I'm a serial entrepreneur that simply enjoys solving niche problems and being a part of the solution to those problems. From the most basic problems, to complex problems. I'm eager to begin forming relationships with individuals that can help proliferate my products to traditional brick and mortar retail channels. I am starting with one product on this platform to see how it goes, but I have much more at my disposal. I am also constantly molding new products for launch. I spend most of my time in Shenzhen, China or in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and the Research Triangle Park area of Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina. More to come, look forward to being a part of this community and making Agents a lot of money. I do my best to protect my products and brands by Trademarks and Patents. I hope to make friends of Agents on this platform, and make them and their clients a lot of money over a long period of time with constant and continuous product cycles.

Charles Harris

From 45 years Telcom Spa is distinguished by the development of innovative products made of thermoplastics, which contribute in various ways to improve the quality of life of those who use them, combining Italian design,
strength and functionality.
A decisive factor in the success of the company on a global scale is
the ability to constantly renew and improve its products, thanks to the
use of cutting-edge technology, continuous training of its
employees within the Company and attentive listening to the market.
Telcom, in order to guarantee the best products and services to its
customers, effectively implements a business strategy of vertical
process integration, making the most of the skills and know-how
gained over the years.
Each Telcom product is therefore the result of high reliability and
professionalism. Telcom designers conceive and
design the product in the smallest details, of which authentic wood
craftsmen create the model for the mold in the workshop.
Each line and every detail are treated with meticulous attention,
to achieve a final result of impeccable quality.
All products are made of recyclable materials and with
formulations of non-toxic raw materials.

Hello, my name is Eric Hankinson. In 1978 my father started the Chromatic Watch Company, which sells watches for musicians. Now that he's long retired, I run the business. I've been a professional music teacher for 21 years and I live in Cleveland, Ohio. Most of our sales in the past came from music magazines, local stores and the Sharper Image store. Now, I'm hoping to sell to music stores again throughout the country.

Eric Hankinson

Chromatic Watch Company

Hello Everyone. My name is Wayne and i started a vegan lip care line. We offer leaping bunny certified lip care products that are all natural, contain no chemicals or synthetics and are Non-GMO. We offer wholesale and private label lip balms, as well as over 50 (in-stock) lip scrub flavors,). We can also create custom lip scrub flavors depending on quantity. We don't have all our flavors online, as of yet, but will be adding as we go along. Later this year, we will be developing vegan all-natural lip gloss

Wayne T

Smax Wax

The TRIBO Coffee MISSION is for you to have a unique, high-quality and satisfying coffee experience anytime, anywhere. As a brand TRIBO Coffee is engaging, lively and a little mysterious. The TRIBO tagline is "A Great Find." TRIBO applauds exploration and discovery, as well as enjoying life on one's own terms. Through the TRIBO brand, we frequently speak to business travelers, office workers, adventurists and those who simply enjoy to brew their coffee at home.

TRIBO Coffee

Ascent Product Solutions, LLC

Hello- I am the president of PDN Brands, a New York based distributor of beauty and personal care products. Our latest offering is My. Haircare, a new brand from the UK, and their line of hair coloring shampoos and conditioner infuse My. colour. We’re their exclusive US distributor and will be launching the products in June, in conjunction with a presentation on the on-air show Beauty Report on HSN, June 12th.

The products were developed by two passionate hairdressers, Denis Kovalyov and Rob Forgione, as a unique way to refresh and maintain hair color between salon visits, and also as a wash-in color for light blonde or bleached hair. infuse My. colour is Vegan, cruelty-free, and PETA certified, and comes in a five color range of shampoos and one conditioner. The line was introduced in 2017 and has been well received in the UK, Europe, and Asia. We’re hoping for a lot of interest in the US, and are very excited about our June launch.

Seth Howe

PDN Brands

Hello. I am Kevin Rogers owner of Catfish Bubblegum and Bradley's Bite Enhancer. These products did over $100k in sales on our website last year and to small local bait shops, now it is time to get them to the real market.

Hi! I am looking for Fishing and outdoor reps to help get our product Bradley's Bite Enhancer and Catfish Bubblegum onto store shelves. On our website, and a bit of amazon, these products did $100k last year in sales so I know with the right rep we can do so much more.

As the seasons change, our lips can go from chapped to cracked pretty quickly. And in our attempts to remedy them, it’s common to find balms that actually dry out our lips more. But no dry lips here: we’ve rounded up the best natural lip balms that will leave your lips supple, soft, and ready to take on whatever weather comes your way. Get ready for all natural and organic ingredients that moisturize, soothe, and heal.

Introducing my new line of lip balm and honey lip gloss from “B’s Waxx”...I have always been addicted to chapstick, But I could never find the right chapstick for my lips. All the chapsticks I used made my lips more chapped, so I finally decided to create my own line of lip balm. My product is made with all natural organic ingredients including coconut oil, honey, shea butter and bees wax.

Bruselin Davis

B’s Waxx

My name is Larry. I operate a mobile detailing business in Savannah Georgia and discovered this product line a few years ago. we would like to get the products into retail shop and store. Glare® a Family of Car, Boat, Motorcycle, RV, Trailers, and much more coating /correction system for the professional or "Do-It-Yourself" enthusiast.


Laurence Gil

Waterless Sparkle

Hello Abound,

Here's a snap shot of our brand, Calyan Wax Co:

Calyan Wax Co. was created for a greater social purpose. Designed with simplicity in mind. Products crafted using natural soy, fine fragrances, and cotton wicks. Our candles give the everyday person a simple way to become a social advocate against human trafficking.

There are so many injustices in our world. Problems that seem so large and complex we think they will never be solved. Restoration and order seem too lofty—too far off.

That’s where the power of a simple, everyday purchase comes in. It brings a massive, unsolvable social problem all the way down to an easy and understandable transaction.

That is the basis of Calyan.

A simple way to make a difference in our local communities. A blend of sustainable, profitable business with tangible social work. A quality, unique, affordable, and natural product that leads to lives being restored.

You will find Calyan to be a profitable venture, but more importantly, you will find yourself and your customers on the forefront of a grand social mission to end human trafficking in America.

Thankful for resources like this that help us meet like-minded partners.

-Jacob, Founder

I am Joe Livorsi. I started a sales agency nearly two years ago and represent several high profile lines in the Running/Athletic Specialty industry as well as the surf and out door industry. I am looking to bring on a few independent representatives in Mississippi and Georgia - and possibly south Florida.

Products: Running/Athletic shoes, apparel and accessories, as well as footwear line of boat shoes, water shoes, and sandals.

I am also always looking to pick up new lines with over 20 years of sales experience.

Hi All. My name is Miri and I am the owner of Arianna Skincare, I launched Arianna to share the benefits of the amazing minerals, which healed my skin during my chemotherapy treatments for my Hodgkin’s lymphoma, with the rest of the world.
My line is 100% natural; free of parabens and harsh chemicals and made with the healing ingredients of the Dead Sea. Most of my products are vegan, and all are Leaping Bunny certified as cruelty-free.
Thank you for this opportunity to tell my brand story and to connect with all of you.

Miri Torres

Arianna Skincare

Hi. My business career includes product development, marketing and corporate management for both private and public companies. I developed several of my own international companies and am an established contemporary artist. My art has been sold in fine art galleries and exhibited throughout the United States in public art exhibits, including an exhibit on large digital boards in iconic Times Square in New York city.

My ongoing exploration of innovative new substrate media led to the development of a high-quality collection of silk scarves that feature my art. In turn, this concept of featuring fine art on fashion accessories led to the establishment of Les Mayers Design Studio to market my expanding lines of consumer products in the fashion, gift and home deco markets. Currently there are about 250 items in the ever expanding line.

You can learn more about me and LES MAYERS DESIGN STUDIO visiting:



As makers of high-quality single serve pour over coffee, we ensure that our customers have great cups wherever life leads them. We roast all of our coffees in small batches to elicit optimal flavor profiles that include natural chocolate, nut and fruit tones, to name a few.

We have been enjoying steady growth and numerous repeat customers selling on online platforms like Amazon. We are interested in exploring additional sales channels.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Joe & Shelly | Co-Founders

E: [email protected]
SM: @tribocoffee

TRIBO Coffee

Ascent Product Solutions, LLC

Hello my name is Catina Fletcher I’m the founder of Diamonds Haircare Products I’m proud to say my products were discover by doing trials while I were going through my alopecia/adverse to medications phase, which provided a solution to my haircare problems. Today the products are being sold via Ecommerce, Fb, IG and Pop-Up Shops.

All products are handcrafted & bottle daily, Diamonds Haircare Products is 100% Natural and great for all hair types.

Catina R. Fletcher

Diamonds Haircare Products

Keepers International is a branded wholesale distributor of socks located in Southern California. We provide branded and private brand men's, ladies and kids socks to retail stores and consumers around the world.
Our newest collection "SMILE! SOX" is intended make each day careless and fun. SMILE! SOX are offered in three (3) sizes; S (fits kids 4-6), M (fits kids 6-8), and L (fits size 9-11 for teens and young adults). There are current six (6) SMILE! SOX expressions: Goofy, Grumpy, Jolly, Winky, Smiley, and Happy!. Updated expressions are forthcoming. For Halloween we're offering "SCARY SOX!" and "FROSTY SOX!" for Christmas.
SMILE! SOX are economically priced and packed for single pair unit selling. These are perfect for Gift/Novelty Shops, Specialty Stores, Supermarket/Drug, Discounters, Party Stores, etc.

SMILE! SOX - fun, colorful expressions that make everyone SMILE!

Paul Hockley

Keepers International / SMILE! SOX

Hi - This is Ed Park from Dermafirm USA. We are the exclusive US reseller of Korea-based Dermafirm Inc, which is an award winning K-beauty skincare / cosmeceuticals company. We are just getting off the ground to sell in the US and would be interested in better understanding how to use Abound to accelerate our sales efforts.

Ed Park

Dermafirm USA

I have been hired to promote a new line of exceptional Environmental Cleaning Products.

We incorporate microbes and enzymes in most of our products with the major exception being our bathroom cleaner which we use natural salts.

We manufacture all products in Saskatoon, Sk. Canada. I will post more information soon on the platform. I am interested in opinions on the marketing the team before me created.

Thank You!

Kevin Thompson

Ecologik Brand

Hola! We manufacture toys in Mexico - marbles and play balls. HOW FUN IS THIS!? Our Mega Marbles and Payaso brands are world-known and well-loved. We are looking to sell into more mass and grocery retail stores. Want to partner with us? Let's talk! [email protected]

Jennifer Walker

Glasfirma International

The Mirror XD17 Tee is kicked out from under the bulging ball applying a physics/fulcrum dynamic/upward forward force to the ball improving launch angle trajectory 0.6 degrees, increases ball speed 5mph, -300rpm back spin, -500rpm side spin and increases carry 12+ yards. The tee's design has two distinctly different ball seat surfaces. The foundation of the annular linear edge ball seat consist of mirrored 45 degree angles, hence Mirror Tee. Along with the linear edge seat there's a slightly lower wider concave surface. These combined surfaces interact with the ball improving compression dynamics. The linear edge seat enables uniform in line stabling points of contact, therefore the tee will lean 17 degrees forward. Utilizing the forward lean technique maximizes the forgiveness factor and minimizes ball movement on the club face at impact improving co efficient of restitution / the transfer of energy. The XD17 tees hollow bore design is structural engineerings best for maximum rigidity and essential flex supporting repeated use. USGA / R and A conforming. Please review and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us! Kind regards, Inventor Mark Chantal

Mark Chantal

Mirror Tee Works LLC.

Hello, my name is Chuk Fung. I started my brand Fear0 (, a footwear company located in New Jersey in 2017. The idea to start a footwear company is one I have over 20 years of footwear experience in sales on footwear. Second, I want to make and design a product that everyday people can use. For example, my unisex canvas shoes only available in two monotone colors, black or white. It is easier for people to fix their wardrobe to go match with the shoes. My classic style winter plush beanie hat use as a piece of essential wear for the cold winter days. The hat was tested in Antarctica, which is warm enough for daily use.

We launch our "Buy a pair we donate a pair" program in April 2019
Our mission is shoes for the homeless in our local community New Brunswick, NJ. We personally deliver donation shoes one by one on our local street. Thank you for your time. Have a good day.


Chuk Fung

Fear0 Footwear/Apparel

Hi Everyone, We launched Mr Pep Talk a couple years ago as fun gift for fellow office workers. Would like to get it sold in office supply stores, toy stores and novelty shops. and on Amazon.

Hi all! I’m John, and I’m the founder of the brand Schooled by Paper.

We make kraft paper fashion bags and accessories that are washable, durable, water-resistant, and specifically designed for DIY customization of their paper surface with a variety of traditional art media. We also work with collaborating artists from around the world, as building community is at the heart of things. You can see a number of products customized by a range of artists at

At this early stage, I'm really working on the retail/distribution angle, while also developing new designs that are attractive to specific outlets and segments.

If anyone sees any crossover with their work, or has some suggestions on distribution for such a brand/product, please give me a shout out!


John Knauss

Schooled by Paper

Hi all! I’m John, and I’m the founder of the brand Schooled by Paper.

We make kraft paper fashion bags and accessories that are washable, durable, water-resistant, and specifically designed for DIY customization of their paper surface with a variety of traditional art media. We also work with collaborating artists from around the world, as building community is at the heart of things. You can see a number of products customized by a range of artists at

At this early stage, I'm really working on the retail/distribution angle, while also developing new designs that are attractive to specific outlets and segments.

If anyone sees any crossover with their work, or has some suggestions on distribution for such a brand/product, please give me a shout out!


John Knauss

Schooled by Paper

Hello, My name is Bret Newman and I invented the Soundverter™ TurboScoops®. I served with the Ohio Army National Guard Aviation group for 14 years and was glad to have served this Great Nation. This unique TV speaker accessory has been selling secretly on the net and found only by those Searching to resolve their Annoy Sound produced by the Modern day, Thin TV with speakers placed in the wrong place for listening. In the Bottom of the Frame Pointed at the floor. As many will Agree Great picture BUT, the sound is Deplorable. This built in flaw creates and major issues with the Sound Wave for our ears as it is Aimlessly bounced over and around all of the objects in a room before reaching our Ears. Result, Muffled Dialogue, Echo's and last but not least distorted due to the fact we all Naturally turn it up to the level that is not good for any speaker. Problem Solved, this uniquely and Intelligently designed TV Speaker enhancer is the Solution that Millions for to Solve their issue. Very Affordable, easy to install, no additional, wires or remotes needed. .
Simply Better Sound for less money. Have a peak and you will see that the Testimonials speaker for themselves.
The Military was a Journey. This has been a Journey through the Jungle for me.


B.A.N. Enterprises

Hi, My name is Leslie Le Coq and I recently launched my new company
SUN DAYS GOODS with my two daughters and a mission to reduce single use plastic. My first products are 100% organic, sustainable and reusable beeswax wraps used as an alternative to toxic cling wrap, baggies and foil. I have many new ideas and products in the works, all with the same goal of saving our oceans. With the new wave of awareness to plastic pollution as many States are now banning straws and plastic bags in grocery and retail stores, I feel my sustainable products have a big opportunity with this new movement. I would love to visit with anyone who may be interested in increasing my brand awareness and sales or just anyone who wants to visit and share ideas. :) SUN DAYS GOODS is based in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and I am trying to make a difference one step at a time to preserve our amazing oceans and marine life. Thanks so much and I hope to meet new friends along this journey. Here is my website if interested.
Best Wishes and cheers!


Leslie Le Coq


Hi Leslie,
I love your product and would like to sell wholesale for you in Missouri and Kansas. Do you have representation there?

I started a specialized skin care company called RenewYOU. It is made with the EU guidelines of non harmful ingredients, which is excellent for sensitive as well as dry skin and superb for the effects of cancer treatment. We are sold in the UK at the moment and are looking for Reps or retail outlets in for US now.
The products have amazing and safe ingredients and have rave reviews from customers.
Would love to chat with any and all interested.
Susan Wolf

Susan Wolf

RenewYOU skincare

Hi, My name is Carl E. Schlacher and in 2018 we started Schlacher & Söhne. We are importers of Styrian Pumpkin Seeds and Pumpkin Seed Oil from Austria. Schlacher & Söhne is our family business and passion,
and the inspiration came out of our life long relationship with healthy food.
We set out to build a company that was an extension of our family. Schlacher & Söhne mission is in familiarizing consumers with the unique taste experience of Styrian pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil and to further raise customers’ awareness for the diversity of these wonderful products. Pumpkin seed oil – up to now mainly used in salads – is to be defined as a precious culinary gem, capable of spicing up dishes in multiple ways. Looking for distribution/rep/retail partners or who I can contact to help me expand the footprint of my products. Look forward to hearing from you.

Carl E. Schlacher

Schlacher & Söhne

Hello! My name is Brent Garner. We started Great Lakes Coffee Roasters in 2016 and specialize in private label coffee bags (12 and 16 ounce). We have extensive experience fulfilling large volume orders for some of the largest retail chains in North America. While we have primarily fulfilled through brokers for the first two-plus years of our business, we are now focusing our efforts on going direct. We have produced just shy of one million bags in a calendar year and are capable of producing nearly 50,000 per week.

Brent Garner

Great Lakes Coffee Roasters

I want everyone to know about our fantastic new invention - DazzleWrap - Gift Wrap Reimagined. DazzleWrap is the first truly unique innovation in gift wrapping since the gift bag over 30 years ago.

We are launching our product into the marketplace and are looking for sales reps that focus on the gift industry. Please help us connect and grow our brand. We need your guidance and sage advice.

We would love to hear from you
[email protected]

David Bezar


I spent many years as a sales rep in both the Gift and Optical fields.
This experience gives us a deeper understanding of the Rep experience, and allows us to work closely with reps to develop unique products for their clients.
Our company now manufactures eyewear, for ourselves and other companies. We are very adaptive for both Private label and full manufacturing.
We have 3 house brands which we distribute.
If your clients could benefit from new product lines, Sunglasses, Readers Etc. give me a call, I am sure it could be mutually beneficial.

Robert coppock

American Eyewear

Flash Flood was created in Los Angeles, fueled by the skateboard and punk rock upbringing of our creator. Our aesthetic is consistently being refined and progressed by looking outward to Japan, Hong Kong, Brazil, Denmark and other influential cultures.

The clothing’s designs are a distillation of skateboard and punk rock culture blended with accents of modern Scandinavian design, Japanese artistry and American workmanship.

DJ Nailing

Flash Flood

Retired businessman in Japan turned artist-inventor in San Francisco. A fondness for candlelight led me to 3D modeling and printing with which I produced a novel oil lamp design in 2016. I have become a serial consumer product designer, eager to find the right marketing partner with whom to license my products.

Erik Levy

Happy Hermit 3D

Fuze Body offers a very unique line of handmade pure essential oil bath & beauty related products (multiple patents pending) that cannot be found anywhere else, handmade here in house in Miami. We are a new brand, but rapidly growing and want to step up our wholesale efforts.

Our complete list of products can be found here on our website:

Our top selling products are:
Body Butter (customizable:
Roll-Ons (customizable):
Shower Smoothies:

Our most popular moods currently are:
Calming Mojito:
Muscle Recovery:

Here's our Instagram as well:

Hello everyone, my name is Chi and I'm the founder of Jode-Ian.
Consumers in the beauty industry are looking for exceptional products that deliver outstanding results while reflecting their healthy, eco-friendly values.
That was one of the reasons I created Jode-Ian Skincare in 2017. Our products are made with food based, botanical and other healthy ingredients for external use. All of our products are individually handcrafted in small batches. This allows for freshness, superior quality, clean & better ingredients, and ultimately more impressive results. Our customers notice this immediately making our products highly renewable. My main focus is creating clean beauty products geared toward enriching skin for a healthy, beautiful and radiant glow. Majority of our products are made with pure natural and organic ingredients that work well for all skin types. Some of our products are also Vegan friendly with no animal products used. We don't test on animals and don't use harmful chemicals.

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We sell a complete line of solar cookers made by others. One of these consists of a vacuum bottle backed by two hemispherical reflectors.
It cooks food and warms water in half an hour. We offer a simple kit that allows this cooker to pasteurize water Together, they cost only about $120.00 For details, see

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Hi y’all. I’m Suzanne Burns and I’d like to introduce y’all to Healing Springs Gifts. We are the job training program for Foundation House Ministries, a residential training program for pregnant and parenting women in critical situations. Through their time with the program, all products are developed and hand-crafted by our clients. As they learn, they are paid to gain real-world, hands-on job skills, enabling them to build a new future for themselves and their children. One free of the abuse, addiction, and apathy of their pasts.

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Healing Springs Gifts

Hi y’all. I’m with Healing Springs Gifts, and we are a job training program for pregnant and parenting mothers in desperate situations. We specialize in small-batch, handmade soaps, lotions, body butter, wax melts and more, using all- natural ingredients and essential oils. Our employees are gaining real-world job skills, empowering them to build new futures for themselves and their children. Most girls deal with a complicated history of addiction, abuse, trauma, poverty, and criminal history, which can make employment challenging.

Suzanne Burns

Healing Springs Gifts