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Hi! I'm Joy the owner of Sweet Surrender a luxury brand bath and body business. I specialize in handcrafted, artisan soaps, whipped body butters, bath bombs and more.

All products are handcrafted in small batches with luxurious, natural oils and butters that gently cleanse, softens, and nourishes your body from head to toe. All products handcrafted at Sweet Surrender are gentle and great for all skin types!

Joy Edwards

Sweet Surrender

Hi Joy! I am so sorry I am just seeing this...I would love to speak with you about selling your product to my clientele. I can be reached at 713-870-5949 and email:
[email protected] I have your perfect customer base!
Best , Jan

Hi Joy! I sell rare and exotic oils that add all-natural unique fragrances to skincare and body products. Would love to connect and see if any of them might be a good fit for you! Shoot me an email at [email protected] if you're interested.

Ashlee Dozier

Anuket Luxury Oils

Hello!, My name is Matt and I am thrilled to introduce to you our company, Loddie Doddie. We are a new product design and development company bringing fresh and cohesive lines of Office Products, Home Decor and Educational supplies to market. Our Chalkboards and Markers are a few of Amazon's best sellers in their categories and we are excited to share this success with new partners. Thank you for this opportunity to connect with new opportunities!

Matthew Staples

Loddie Doddie

We actually use your markers at Replogic HQ!

I am in the process of sourcing acrylic paint markers here in China, which seem a great step up from the harsher paint markers I've used in the past. It's cool to see the developments in different inks and such in recent years. I worked with my manufacturer in Shenzhen to try and create a biodegradable marker body for a time without success.

John Knauss

Schooled by Paper

Hi! My name is Jentri Quinn, and I'm the founder of Jentri Quinn Makeup + Skin, a cruelty free beauty line based out of Austin, Texas! Our results-oriented brand was born out of a desire to help women who were experiencing harsh skin conditions and diseases. We believe in being transparent and offering women options so they can make mindful decisions when it comes to makeup and skin care. Thank you all for the opportunity to connect in such a cohesive, meaningful way!

Jentri Quinn Chancey

Jentri Quinn Makeup + Skin

Hi Jentri,
I don’t know how I missed this but I sent you a email just a short time ago...would love to speak to you! Please call my cell at 713-870-5949 or email me at [email protected] Best, Jan

Hi Jentri - I'm curious how helpful you've found Abound so far?

Ed Park

Dermafirm USA

Hi there! My name is Megan Robbins, and I'm the owner of Wishlets. At Wishlets we make handmade wish bracelets that are used as small gifts and favors. We have made over 20,000 wish bracelets and counting since opening in 2014. Wish bracelets are motivational, promote goal setting and cultivate friendship. When you tie on the wish bracelet you make a wish and when the bracelet falls away your wish will come true. The wish bracelet cards have motivational sayings on them such as "she believed she could so she did" and "best friends forever". Our main focus is on promoting women and girls! We are based in Denham Springs, LA. Thank you for the opportunity to connect!

Hi Megan... I'm an independent gift rep in Southern Indiana. Are you in the market for representation to wholesale customers? I also have a counterpart in Northern Indiana, so we can cover the whole state. Let's talk!

I start my brand back in 2016, I have build up my inventory and have my own website for my brand I have man, woman, and kids clothing from shirts to hats and Jackets. Right now I have so much more stuff going on as far as my brand. I'm starting a Cigar brand, a make-up line, and even working on a video game studio. I always looking for the next move.

Eric Cominski Jr

Battle King Inc

Hi, I'm Steve Stamatis, owner of the Grecian Soap Company. We offer handmade goats milk & olive oil soaps, lotion, body scrubs and other fine bath & body products using the finest natural ingredients. Our specialty is our soaps with a natural sea sponge built into the soap. We currently sell to over 400 stores and growing every week. I am always looking for great reps to grow even faster.

Steven Stamatis

The Grecian Soap Company

Hi Steve!
I sell rare and exotic oils that add all-natural unique fragrances to skincare and body products. Would love to connect and see if any of them might be a good fit for you at the Grecian Soap Company! Shoot me an email at [email protected] if you're interested.

Ashlee Dozier

Anuket Luxury Oils

Hi, my name is Fran. After a couple of family health disasters I quit my corporate job and became a caregiver for a newly disabled family member and two slobbery dogs. That's when I realized a product is missing from the market.

I needed to wash the dog dishes and the family dishes with two different sponges, but it was hard to keep track of which is which regardless of the color difference. With my background in graphic design, I came up with the idea of pack of two matching sponges but different shapes, human and dog or cat shapes. So not only myself, but other family members can immediately tell which sponge to use to wash their coffee cup and which belongs to Murphy the bulldog.

A beautifully packaged Yogi Sponge product made from natural vegetable fiber sponges was born from that idea. Brand new product, nothing like this sponge system is available on the market. Pet owners, pet sitters, vets and pet stores who've purchased it on my website ( have so far loved the idea.

Thank you for your time reading my story,

Fran Maghsoud

Fran Maghsoud

Yogi Sponge

What a great product and idea.I wish you all the luck. P.S. shipping rates have really gone up free shipping on that small of an item is going to hurt. I am struggling with that issue myself. I offer free freight.on my products with no minimum. Hopefully customers will order larger quantities to offset shipping costs. Sincerely fred k streicher @priolife

Fred k streicher

Priority life nutrition

@Fred k streicher, Thank you so much for your kind message. Yes, shipping is killing me and many other small businesses. That's why I can only sell two packs bundles to help with the shipping cost a little bit, but offering free shipping is a must these days. Thanks again and good luck with your business!

Fran Maghsoud

Yogi Sponge

Hi all, my name is John. Our company is relatively young, but we have a background of about a half century. Our Sloppy Joe Sauce got its start in my father-in-law's Dairy Queen in the early '50's. He quickly gained a reputation for it, and eventually people from miles around would come to his little store in Mandan, ND. We sold his Dairy Queen in the summer of 2000, and for a little over a dozen years, my wife (his daughter) continued to make large batches for friends and family's events ranging from baby showers to funerals and everything in between.

One day, while making a batch for a friend, we asked each other why we weren't bottling the sauce if people thought it was so good. In doing this part-time for the last four years, we have managed to grow distribution to over 200 stores in four states. At this point, we want to finally start taking this serious and turn it from a hobby into a business.

What seemed to come so easy to start with has presented us with several small hurdles and large questions, like:
*How do we find additional distributors?
*What are the next store chains we should go after?
*Why is our product in only a percentage of the stores our current distributors go into?
*How do we get into major retailers?

That's why this platform and community seemed like such a good fit for us. Anyway, looking forward to sharing the journey with each of you.

To your success!

John Lindquist

Jumbo’s Sloppy Joe Sauce

Hi. My name is Bill.
I am fanatic about the damage being caused by climate change. It is increasing exponentially.
If you can afford a wind turbine or a solar farm, go for it. Otherwise, you can cook food, pasteurize dirty water and charge your batteries with sunshine.
You can help us reduce disease and the damage caused by climate change by using Renewable Energy products.
Use Nature’s Gift of free sunshine to produce your gift of clean air and clean water.
Bill Butler - Founder of Solar Solutions Central

Bill Butler

Solar Solutions Central

My name is Adam. My business partner Elliot, and I own and operate a small business out of central Illinois called Katamco, LLC.

In 2016 we had a successful Kickstarter campaign for our invention, The Toilet Timer™. With the help of our Facebook video (that got over 21 million views) we raised over $20,000 in 30 days. 

More recently, during the Christmas season of 2018, we had nearly $90,000 in Toilet Timer™ sales without a dime spent on advertising. We have five versions with more in the making. Our product is in demand, but we are looking for strategic partners to help us grow.

More info here:

Thank you!

Adam Stephey

Katamco, LLC

Has this replogic helped you with that at all so far?

Isaac Phoenix

Tiny World Toys

Time will tell!

Adam Stephey

Katamco, LLC

Hi, my name is Igor and our company invented Chair Nest ( a wall mounted, patented, folding, thinnest baby chair on earth. It can be mounted into any public restroom or fitting room, because what do you do with your child when you need to use the facilities? Our chair prevents the child from crawling on the filthy floors and keeps them safely by the parents. For use anywhere, in restaurants, coffee shops, malls, clothing retailers, amusement parks, airports, hotels, grocery stores, gas stations, basically anywhere a parent goes with their child. Our product offers tremendous customer satisfaction and shows that the business truly cares about the client. You can reach me at [email protected] or call me at (612) 636-2233, we are located in Miami FL and the chair is made in Miami as well.

Thank you all!


Igor Zeljic

Chair Nest

My name is Steven T with Family Tags. We have been in business since 2000 and have set the standards for personalized gifts for the ones you love.

Steven Taylor

Family Tags

My name is Priyank Patel, we have been in business since 2004 and have been doing business as Vendor supplier, B2B Liquidator and Manufacturer. We have our own brand called "Naturez Ayurveda - Inspired by Nature". Our In House products are made from 100% Organic materials, and made by ancient formulation.

Priyank Patel

Naturez Ayurveda

Hi, my name is Jessica and I design and make a unique line of jewelry featuring alternative materials (leather, wood and stainless steel) and elegant, clean design. I love to find inspiration in the world of architecture and design as well as in the beauty found in our natural environment.

My line is mainly targeted for women, but I also make leather bracelets and cufflinks for men. Our price point is $25 - $70 retail.

My jewelry is sold in the Smithsonian Renwick Gallery Museum Store, the Chicago Architecture Center gift shop, and other locations. I am focused on growing my business across the U.S. and Canada.

My company is called GioGio Design. You can see my work at or contact me at [email protected] for my linesheets.

Thanks very much!

Jessica Giovachino

GioGio Design

HEY, I'm David Mulford and I invented the one-of-a-kind BrellaSavr. It is an umbrella Anti-Inversion device attached to a 30", double canopy-double frame fiberglass umbrella with an amazing led flashlight in the handle. It is awesome. StY dry, wind protected, and light your way through those dark hours.

David Mulford


Hi I am Kaden Stinger owner of a newly created manufacturers representative agency servicing the Northwest states, Montana, Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. Our current product line is geared towards interiors, decorative glazing, reclaimed wood, and rustic/designer sliding door hardware. We are also currently representing a global solar lighting product for a company that is based in Sweden.

Please take a look at our website.
Email [email protected] for a line card or more information about our products.

Kaden Stinger

Montana Architectural Specialties

Howdy Everyone, I'm Jon and my wife and I own Household 5 Soap Company ( We are a small Veteran owned and operated natural soap and bath product company.

We create a great assortment of vegan soaps, we maintain a strong balance between men and women oriented scents and designs. We also carry a soap for each branch of the military.

We crate soaps both with and without CBD oils and hope to make a soap for every occasion, like our shampoo bar for dogs and our "hunters" soap.

We have had solid traction here in Fort Wayne and we are ready to grow into other parts of the country.

Jonathan Bradshaw

Household 5 Soap Company

Hi Jonathan!
I sell rare and exotic oils that add all-natural unique fragrances to skincare and body products. Would love to connect and see if any of them might be a good fit for you at Household 5 Soap Company! Shoot me an email at [email protected] if you're interested.

Ashlee Dozier

Anuket Luxury Oils

College Bronze manufactures unique officially licensed Collegiate desktop statuary, giftware and relief wall hangings. We bring a very unique product to the market offering a range of price points from high end cast bronze sculptures to polyresin wall reliefs of your favorite logos. There is simply nothing like it on the market.

Craig Farquharson

College Bronze

Hi Everyone, my name is Rick Smith and I am the Director of Business Development for the Paramed brand of medical products. Paramed is the lead brand of the American company Silex Global LLC, an e-commerce business with several brands of high quality, low cost products being sold in markets such as household goods, baby care products and medical supplies. Since its inception in 2014, the Paramed products have grown to be one of the top sellers in their respective category on Amazon. Paramed sales are almost $30,000 a day on Amazon, and today more than 50,000 customers trust Paramed for their healthcare needs every day. Paramed has recently established an office in Baltimore, MD to sell directly to retail pharmacies and healthcare facilities on a wholesale basis. We are capable of distributing nationally from our warehouse in Baltimore, and are seeking sales partners to assist in our efforts to become suppliers to national and regional retail pharmacies and grocery chains. The website is below and my contact information is:

Rick Smith
VP Sales Medical Products
Active Body Nutritions
Sales Agent for Paramed
[email protected]

Rick Smith


Hi Everybody , my name is Jameisha Easterling & I am the business owner of the company LiquidKisses which is a lipgloss company. I am 16 years old & this has always been my dream to become an Entrepreneur. I want to try to expand my business all around the world & I really want my lipgloss to make it into stores with me still gaining some of the profit !

Hey. My name is Sameen but I go by Jersey. In October I created my brand ForTheReal & I can out with my first athletic slide. I came up with ForTheReal because I want the people who don’t get the credit for being real to be recognized.

Sameen Williams


Hello there! I'm really excited to join this community! I invented a fashion accessory, called Brazzle, that officially launched late last year. I'd been developing, working and reworking it over the past few years and finally ready to share it with the world. What's more exciting is that I have no competition! Can't wait to see what happens.

[email protected]

Hi everyone, my name is Merry Hart and I am the Business Development Manager for Instacoat Premium Products. Instacoat Premium Products launched in 2005 following years of perfecting the liquid rubber technology. With the determination to produce a superior liquid rubber product line we assembled a very knowledgeable professional team to perfect the existing technology. Based upon our research, development, and testing period our team succeeded by creating a full line of liquid rubber products with outstanding performance properties. With the continued development of new products and improvements of our current product line Instacoat Premium Products continues to grow and lead the competition.

Instacoat Premium Products continues to expand our product line. Our products provide solutions for waterproofing, roofing, containment, below grade waterproofing and now offers a full line of waterproofing below grade accessories such as drainage boards. Most recently we added a floor coatings system to our line of products. In conjunction with our liquid rubber, we design and manufacture spray equipment to complete the successful application process.

Please feel free to visit our website or contact me for more information.

Merry Hart
Business Development Manager
Instacoat Premium Products
[email protected]

Merry Hart

Instacoat Premium Products

Hi everyone,

My name is Adam Clark & the owner of Custom Sports & Leisure.

CSL is an Australian owned and managed CUSTOM Team wear manufacturer located in Clark Free Port Zone, Philippines. We have around 180 Employees and a production output of 1,500 items a day which can easily be increased.

We do sublimation of the highest quality, Cut & Sew with our own Knitting machines to do applique & Striped Collars, Cuffs, Waistbands & socks.

We also do embroidery with 60 heads available. Heat Transfer, Applique, Silkscreen in Plastisol plus High Density & Silicone.
Patterns, Templates and a very large range of products in most sports that you can think of.
ALL is done in house with NO sub-contractors used. We are a genuine one stop shop for custom garments & a Reliable supplier.

All of my staff speak fluent English as English is the 2nd language in the Philippines.

Please feel free to check our website or contact me directly by E-mail. [email protected]

Kind Regards,
Adam Clark

adam carnegie P. clark

Custom Sports and Leisure

Hello from AngleWare Inc, home of the Tilted Pet Bowls and NeverTilt Safety Coolers.
All our products use gravity to work,and use a sloped or angled bottom surface features to allow all bowl contents to slide to one side naturally with gravity, while the pet is feeding.
The Tilted Pet Bowls were designed for cats , puppies, and older limited mobility pets.
Decreases pet aggravation and pet pet mess.
Decreases bowl pushing and walking around the bowl .
Saves money over time from less wasted food and clean up .

Currently made in stainless steel
Coming soon in Plastic, Ceramic, Bamboo Fiber

Robert Stovall


My partners and I distribute Glare Professional Products. 30 plus years of manufacturing, warehousing, supply chain management, and inventory control between us. Professional Detailer for the past several years after falling in love with the Glare Product lineup. Looking to move into retail locations as well as developing applicators.

Laurence Gil

Waterless Sparkle

My partners and I distribute Glare Professional Products. 30 plus years of manufacturing, warehousing, supply chain management, and inventory control between us. Professional Detailer for the past several years after falling in love with the Glare Product lineup. Looking to move into retail locations as well as developing applicators.

Laurence Gil

Waterless Sparkle

Hello Everyone!

I am 57 year old mother of two and soon to be first time upgrandmother from Atlanta, GA.

I am very politically involved hence my first product offering.

As a human, I am more disheartened everyday by what's happening to our Spirits, our country and our world. Divisiveness has become the norm. Contemptuous is a way of life. Empathy is a fast fading word in our vocabulary with little or no meaning.

I wanted to make a statement. I want to add some positivity. Let's aim for something to strengthens us as a people. I'm thinking a movement back to who we are meant to be for future generations.

Make America Fair For All.

I welcome your feedback on my first product!

Peace and Light...

Eve Robinson

Eve's Eye Candy Events

Hello Replogic Community,

Please accept this as your formal introduction to MANON. We are a Luxury Brand Designer for Winter Coats committed to excellence at affordable prices. We are located in Canada, so our products are designed to look incredible and above all else be warm and animal friendly.
Here is a link to our Kickstarter Video which tells our story

We did not reach our funding goal on Kickstarter simply because we are a bit light on the social media presence. Actually a lot light.

We have spent a lot of money on recommended reps or rep brokers I should say, who have not performed, so we are looking for alternatives.

Let me know your thoughts. We have inventory. We are designing new Coats for Men and Woman. Parkas that were tested in minus 40 etc...

This is my first post but we are looking for some solid reps who can deliver.

The coats have been featured on one of the hosts on HGTV's Home To Win. We currently only sell in online and in 2 boutiques in Toronto.

This is the time to sell for next fall and winter. Your help is appreciated.

Team Manon

How big is your social media and on qhich social media pages?

Isaac Phoenix

Tiny World Toys

What's going on Replogic folks!

My name is Dave Ince and I am the Founder and CEO of the one and only Man Beard Co. We are a beard oil company that is based just outside of San Antonio, Texas. We are a small batch company that is growing at a rate we never anticipated.

With a passion for beard care, and educating the masses about beards we developed our company of non-conformists. We took ingredients that we were told couldn't be added into beard oils, and added them in anyway, because we liked how they helped promote not only a strong beard but the skin underneath. We blended scents based on what we liked, and left behind all of the classic scents that beard oils are supposed to go with and we did it at a lower price than some of those "Quality Beard Oil" Companies. We consider ourselves rebels with a cause.

We are ready to grow our little business into the empire that we know it can be. In 2018 we were featured in two different videos naming us as #2 in one and #3 in another for top beard oil company of 2018 and were featured in the Q2 printing of British GQ.

If you're ready to rep an up and coming company that is ready to take over the market then let me know!

Cheers all

David Ince

Man Beard Co.

Since its launch in 2017 with a collection of 5 Christmas pillows & 4 ring holders, “Chicos Home” & “Vibhsa” have always stood for creating new designs with great usability. Today, these brands are inspiring to become an American life and style luxury
Current Capabilities:
Designing & Manufacturing of home décor products
Capability to design & manufacture exclusively for retailers
Capability to manufacture Retailers’ designs within cost per design model
Capability to create seasonal designs & align manufacturing for 12-18 months cycle
Our work is also a celebration of handcraft and to preserve ancient hand working traditions. Current product lines offer nature inspired products such as bird ring holder or mystic bird area rug. Artisan remains the source of every metal products, which we launch
Each creation has an individuality of craftsmen, who have cast our products from raw aluminum or brass to a beautiful piece of art

Bhawna Sharma


My name is Isabel Arlandis and I work in the Export Department of Embalpack Levante S.L..
Embalpack Levante is a Spanish company specialized in manufacturing, transforming and distributing extremely good quality protection corners for many kinds of industries. We are leaders in the packaging industry and present in four continents. We have also been working for more than fifteen years innovating in order to improve our specialization, which allows us to adapt to the changes in the market demands. Furthermore, we are committed to respecting the environment using recycled raw materials, thus our cardboard corners are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Isabel Arlandis


Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself.
I am the owner and designer of Fotoluz : A distinctive combination of Art and Light.
Fotoluz is a lighting design concept created with all original photographs.
Fotoluz has been published in numerous magazines, shown in many galleries and sold in all major cities. It is now also a part of the Aurty Museum.
The lamps are doing very well in high end home decor store, home accent, and art gallery.
But the strength of my company is hospitality.
I have done custom lighting for restaurant and hotel in New York, Jazz club in Las vegas, and cruise line in Norway.
This is where I want to keep taking my company.
I love to work with creative people on project that are unique and limitless.
The way it works architects and designers come to me with a subject, I show them how I will interpret it and after few revisions ( or not ) we all create the perfect design.
I love architecture and interior design and feel my product is right at home is the environment.
If you feel that you are the right person to represent my product either retail store or hospitality I would love to talk to you.
Please take a look at my website and reach out with any questions.

I am the owner of Sharp Trend LLC located in San Diego, California.
It is true that we are a new company in the USA but behind our new company and brand more than 30 years of experience working in the packaging industry overseas.
We specialize in innovative packaging and we turn our inventions into consumer product ready to be placed on the retailer’s shelves. Our brand "Colormoji" represents the first consumer product that its packaging delivers a direct connection to the world of mobile apps. Our new concept in packaging adds an extra value to the product inside by being reusable as art and craft 3D coloring model.
“Colormoji” packaging is an art & craft gadget using is a specially designed container that is paintable. The twist, and what makes Colormoji different, is our coloring aid mobile app “Colormoji 3D”. Before users paint their characters, they download our app for help. The app offers them a 360-degree virtual view of their container. They can choose colors and design them in the app before they ever start to color the actual model. It really brings together their love of technology and creativity. Because it’s a hybrid approach of learning and entertainment, kids and parents will love Colormoji.
To add more fun and usability to Colormoji, we developed a plastic screw cap that incorporates a USB light. Closing the painted bottle with that plastic screw cap and connecting it to a USB outlet will turn Colormoji into a customized stunning NIGHT LIGHT.
It is not a secret that mobile has taken over everyone imagination. Consequently, consumers are shifting their attention to new marketing and buying channels. Our concept, “Colormoji,” addresses the shift in consumer preferences for brand engagement by directly linking a consumer product to the most watched screen today, that is mobile devices.
“Colormoji” can be sold without contents or with a variety of different snacks and candies like Gummies.
Our Concept is unique and was granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
We are flexible and creative; our collections can be limitless, and many new innovative concepts are coming up soon. Best of all, we can customize our product inside and outside to meet your marketing requirements.
Whether you are into confectionery and snack, art and craft, gifts, special occasions, or events business, contact us today to discuss how we can develop our concept to meet your marketing needs.

Marwan Chehadeh

Sharp Trend, LLC

I am the owner of I have been in the beauty business for over 40 yrs as a model/fashion photographer. I am a former 2104-2103 Model Agent of The Year providing models to Loreal,Aquage,Wella,Redken,Clairol,Matrix,Aveda,Paul Mitchell,Scruples,Nioxin. I also am a former Executive Editor for 3 nationally distributed hair and beauty magazines. I have shot the hairstyles created by the top hair designers in the world for over 28 yrs and my work has been seen in magazines in the USA and in Europe. I am a partner with a media company and photographer for BIKINI magazine which is distributed in N.America. I started Babygirlfashions so I can create opportunities for models to be published wearing Babygirl outfits. The publisher has guaranteed anyone I photograph to be published. We sell swimwear,lingerie,womans fitness wear,leggings and tops and offer Free shipping. We are always looking for boutiques,apparel stores and distributors for our products. We can make a special package to provide FREE apparel for your store. For [email protected] attn: Michael Kostopoulos



Hi Michael,
I love your product! Do you have representation in Missouri and Kansas? I am a multi line rep and would like to sell in my area.
Thank you
Laurie Bellistri

Men, Women, Pets: I'm the founder and CEO of Walton Wood Farm, a bath and beauty company targeting the gift market for men, women and in May, pets. We don't sell scents, we sell emotional connections. High-quality body care products that make useful gifts triggering emotional responses like our hand creams, Dear Mom - for the hands that raised me, and Week from Hell - soft hands can handle anything. We make over 80 consumable products perfect for gifting, environmentally responsible and have strong re-orders. We ship out of Buffalo, NY and St. Catherine's, Ontario. Looking for indy reps throughout the USA and distributors for domestic and foreign sales. [email protected]
Link to our catalog:

Leslie Bradford-Scott

Walton Wood Farm

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