We're shifting our community to Facebook Groups! Retailers join here:, and marketplace brands join here: Thanks so much!

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Thank you!

Katrina Harte

Harte Designs

Thanks Robin! You are rocking it! Looking forward to the FB page and all that I'll learn from other brands. I like when brands are also retailers and can answer from both perspectives! Hope there will be some of those in the mix, too! What an exciting time to be part of the Abound community.

Laurie Hayden

Glass Town USA

So does that mean posts no longer count towards momentum?

Jenn Tice

Indigo Bath and Body

Dear Robin, I just joined online for the Karmalie.Me brand. Please approve the request at your earliest convenience.

Amit Haryani


Joined! thank you

Victoria Ratner

Bella Candle Factory

Welcome! We’re helping each other get products to market and sharing our stories.

Join us!