Well is it possible for one to Get Some Feedback.

Have a look at my Product page and provide me with your feed back would be greatly appreciated.

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Good morning Bret,

I spend some time just now reviewing your product, your Amazon presence and your website. Thank you for your service to our country.

Immediately when I saw your product I thought of the Shark Tank episode with Rabbi Moshe Weiss - great how he included his kids in that pitch!

I spent many years of my life as a rep for ASOTV products. My firm sold to 200 different chain stores which represented about 14,000 doors in the US and Canada. Gadgets are my speciality.

It seems like you have a good product and maybe the best product of its type on the market. However as a rep I have to tell you how the situation looks from a mile high -

1) I typed "Turboscoops" into Google and got your Soundverter website. This is a branding issue. Which are you? Being that you only have a single product you need to settle on a name and everything related to marketing your product should match. Personally I would dump Turboscoops - nothing in the name relates to what the product does.

2) Your website, your demo videos, graphics, Amazon listing etc all look home-brew. As a rep, this tells me you don't have the resources to make yourself look professional. Check out any ASOTV product website - they are super clean and attractive. Your overall marketing presence has to come up to the standard level if you want a product placement expert to pay attention to you.

3) Amazon's choice for speaker redirection is a different item (TVSoundScoopz) as I'm sure you are aware. TVSoundScoopZ has had successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns for their item. They are outselling you 7 to 1 on Amazon. When I typed in "Soundverter" into Amazon I got their product instead of yours so they are even squatting on your business name as a keyword. They look like the market leader.

4) You said your item was patented. From my viewpoint you aren't defending it or it doesn't apply to this item. If you don't have patent protection or the resources to protect your patent anyone (manufacturer or retail chain) can knock off your product immediately.

Bottom line is this - as a rep I'm looking for lots and lots of commission, more commission than I'm getting from my present business. Without a professional marketing face and resources to protect your patent your chances of placement at major retail are slim to none. I can agree you have a great product but without resources behind it no rep can get it placed at retail.

IF you have a strong IP claim with your patent (which is a question for an IP attorney) then your best chances for success are as follows:

1) Get an attorney to attack your patent violators on Amazon and try to get those competitive listings taken down.

2) Hire professionals (not your brother-in-law) to elevate your brand presence up to market standards or better. You also need a kick-ass retail package that can explain what your product does to the consumer in < 3 seconds. Maybe even a PDQ display that explains the item further.

3) Make a professional demo video with 3D graphics showing what the product does and how easy it is to install.

4) Find a factory that can make the product for < $2 your cost so you can sell it at $9.95 retail.

Then at this point IF you have patent protection look for reps who can take you into major electronic retailers.

I hope this helps sir. Wishing you success!

John T Clark

Hello John,

I like to thank you for your Honest feed back. I have taken steps and hired a Marketing Firm here locally Marcy Design Group Inc, to accomplish the main items you have pointed out. As you mention this is all Grass roots operations with Boots on the Ground and I am stumbling my way through the Jungle with Mud Knee high. I have learn the hard way as I do with a lot of things in my life. But, at least I am marching forward.

As for the Sound Scoops guy Steve Boden, who tried to purchase my domain I owned www.soundscoops.com. Perhaps, this all stems from a misleading info on the net ( Go Figure) concerning getting your product on to the WALMART self. Approach a Manager at a Local store and present your idea. If they are interested and will put your product on the their Self and it sales, then perhaps you could go Nation Wide. But, the Manager conveniently lost my prototype and the next thing I knew I was getting a phone call to sell my domain.

Cnet recently claimed that the Sound scoops is no longer in production but, still available on Amazon.


However, due to a complaint the Author added a little piece and a link to my site Stating for "Still in Production" the Turboscoops®

I knew then as my mentor had mentioned many of knock offs would try to trump my product and beat me to the Market with an Inferior product and perhaps destroy the Product Idea. I am not the Only inventor who has had their problems. LOL The Product is Patented and Patent pending status. My Attorney has sent out cease and desist orders but, as David Pressman you patent these days is only as good as the money you have to defend it.

It has been a patience game, to say the least waiting for the Injection mold tool to be completed and have the product ready for mass production. Well it is ready and now it is time to get things in proper order for the Attack on the Inferior products.

P.S. Did you take note of the Pictures displayed on the Amazon site of the sound scoops installed. Hideous, looking to say the least. Feel free to compare the Soundverter installed by my Customers. This only happens when one takes his time and creates something designed to not only Function well. but aesthetically pleasing as well. Note I have had customers that mention they seen this product and found mine and ordered my product.


B.A.N. Enterprises

Just one last thing you mention that the TV Sound Scoops is selling 7 to 1 just how would one come about these facts?


B.A.N. Enterprises

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