What are some creative ways to demonstrate a functional product in-store?

We have a "easy-change" picture frame and are struggling to convey the concept on the shelf in a category that is not accustomed to a interactive product.

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I checked out your website and your product. I would use a 12" digital picture frame and show a looping demo video with the product merchandised below. I've seen displays done before with a digital photo frame but in your case I think the glove fits perfectly!

Nice demo video. I noticed that one of the target accounts on your profile was QVC. May I suggest HSN? I think they would be more open to the product and they are easier to get to and deal with. There are a number of reps here on the platform that specialize in HSN. Based on my ten minutes of looking at your presentation I think you should be reaching out to some reps now.

Granted I've not done my due diligence on the market you are in or to see who your competitors are but just from examining how you've prepared yourself I would be running at the TV shopping guys immediately AND at the big shopping clubs especially CostCo and BJ's. Don't forget about the Canadian Shopping Channel either AND going immediately to the European channels.

You are also perfect for catalog marketers (think Harriet Carter and Fingerhut). There are also reps who specialize in these types of accounts.

You've done an excellent job of presenting yourself. I predict you have a winner here for A LOT more retail placement.

Good luck,

John T Clark

Thanks John! Fantastic response and funny you would say that... We're about 95% there with HSN now, just struggling to close the deal.

I'll discuss your ideas with the team!

Jay Ward


I would love to know what has worked and what has not.


The Original Dog Hook

Hi Jay - I agree with John and his recommendation on placing your QIK frames at Harriet Carter and other online/catalog retailers.

We've worked with HC (and their other catalog titles) for a number of years and would be interested in calling on them for you.

There are several other catalogers that fit as well. Please let me know if you'd like to talk further. You can check us out on LI or at revenewsales.com.



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