What are some ways to connect with sales reps?

I am looking for sales reps for my new product. Any thoughts on how to connect?

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Networking and searches here within Abound. Regional gift shows. Calling current wholesale customers and asking for referrals to reps they already deal with. Calling potential wholesale customers and asking for referrals.


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Before trying to connect with reps you need to have a presentation that will be attractive to them.

Do you have any success with the product at major retail chains already? What does the retail packaging look like? Do you have a patent on this item? What keeps a retail chain from just copying you?

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John T Clark

Hello, John: Thank you for your reply. Yes, I have 4 patents, 2 Use and 2 Process patents. I had some very good early success, but without capital behind me, (2009), I did not go into WalMart, and went back to my day job. Interest continued, and now we have better backing if we make sales. We have sold about 100,000 units so far. that was with 1 sales rep just doing this on the side.

David Bezar



Connecting with a sales rep is about being ready for the market. My suggestions to get you down the road at this point are :

1) If you have patents that are in effect those should be super-evident on your website and your product packaging.

2) Post good photos of how the item is retail packaged - how it displays at retail. This seems crucial to any brick and mortar placement. Your package needs to explain the item super-fast to any consumer who glances.

3) Consult with a rep who has massive experience in the party goods business. Shouldn't cost you more than a few hundred dollars and they should be able to tell you if you have a shot at brick and mortar placement.

4) IF you have appropriate financial backing then I would reach out to reps that handle QVC or HSN - this seems like the best path for revenue in the relative short term. You'll need to get your manufacturing cost down, sell the item in a bundle pack with the lights but for TV shopping you may have a winner.

5) Immediately get your Instagram going again and stick with it! This is evidence that reps, buyers and other decision makers will look for instantly.

I'd keep going with your idea. I think you have a shot, especially if your patents are strong.

Good fortune,

John T Clark

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