What are the commissions rates paid to reps in the Gift and Jewelry lines? Also do reps request exclusive territories?

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In general, gift and boutique vendors contract independent reps to promote and sell their products in a specified geographic area. To attract and retain top quality reps, offer an attractive commission rate (15-20%, depending on category), and pay commission to the rep on ALL sales In territory, regardless of channel (road, show, direct, web, email).

15-20% is standard. Reps do request exclusive territories.

There is an extensive discussion on the exclusive territory issue on Replogic here that you might want to check out: https://replogic.com/posts/does-anyone-have-thoughts-on-product-exclusivity-clauses-pros-cons

15% is pretty much the standard in the Gift industry, some jewelry lines go as high as 20%. The thing to remember is that you are going to compete for a reps attention with other lines in their line package, so be in line with everyone else. Have a good catalog and sales materials and pay commissions on time. A non exclusive territory and late or low commissions are the kiss of death...

We do 30% and give to our reps the exclusivity for selling.

Fernando Guevara

Simply Nature Bio Goods

Reps not only request but insist on exclusive territories. Both the rep and the principal look foolish when there is another rep in the territory.

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