What are the Marketing strategy for new brands and products?

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As a new brand coming into the market the most important thing about your marketing strategy is your value proposition - that is, what do you offer to the market that is completely and utterly unique. Many people want to get their products placed at retail but fail to ever focus and determine if they really have something valuable for the consumer. Therefore the first thing I would recommend to you is to be certain you have something that no one else has.

A really unique value proposition has three components -

1) It makes the introduction for you to perspective retail chain buyers and creates a stellar first impression.

2) It tells the buyer how your product solves problems, improves a person’s life and what benefits they can expect.

3) How the product is superior to your competitors.

Once you have a value proposition then you can begin to talk to manufacturer's representatives about steps to placing your product in retail chains. But without the clear focus of a value proposition you should never start any sort of marketing campaign.

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John Clark

Thank you John for your advise...

Priyank Patel

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