What certifications do retailers ask you for most often?

Organic and Woman Owned certifications are part of our 2020 plan. What about you?

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LaKesha Bellamy

One Nina Rose

Probably depends on your industry, and what you mean by certifications.

Large retailers want you to carry a certain amount of insurance, and they want your products registered with GTINs in case of a recall.

The certifications most likely matter more to the consumer and a lot of the onus is on your company to be who you claim to be. There tends to be no clear cut standard on what "organic" actually means. In this instance, it is really up to the consumer to determine what that means to them.

One certification that I plan on my company pursuing this year is a B-Corp certification, and a renewed Veteran-Owned certification. It is pricey, but it is an indicator of your company being mindful of its social impacts.


Eric Balough

Ricks Roasters

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