What do you guys think about my brand? What needs improvement?

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Good morning and Happy Wednesday. I just took some time to review your website and your social media pages.

Your website looks good - professional. Your Instagram link is missing from the front page of the site - probably a good thing to fix immediately since you're doing such a good job with your social media. I would suggest updating your Instagram daily since you are wanting to grow.

Also, congratulations on having an Amazon's Choice item in shoes - NOT an easy thing to accomplish.

Although free shoes for the needy has been done before I personally am much bigger fan of helping those next door and down the street before we help those overseas. Bravo on your idea - especially the writing of the initials on the sole of the shoe - excellent. Love that!

You are wading into an incredibly competitive category as you already know. I'm not a footwear rep but here's some ideas to help you:

1) There are reps here on Abound that specialize in street wear. I would reach out to one of the bigger ones and offer to pay them for a consult through QuickInsights. That one meeting will likely save you thousands in wasted time and money. Such a person could tell you exactly where you do or do not fit into the existing market. You'll learn more about trends, placement and what's coming next in one hour with a pro in the footwear business than 100 hours on your own.

2) Since you are doing so well on Amazon go immediately to every other web platform that seems appropriate for your product. Zappos for sure! The Amazon listing didn't seem to tell your story about the 1-to-1 for the homeless - why not?

3) HSN and/or QVC might be a play for your product. Urban Outfitters seems perfect too. Again, reps to be found here on Abound.

Sure looks like you are off to a good start!

Wishing you good fortune and success!

John T Clark

Thank you, John, for your recommendation. Sometimes there is a doubt on my behalf that, your words give me the motivation that I'm in the right direction moving forward. I will definitely fix the Amazon page with your recommendation.


Chuk Fung

Fear0 Footwear/Apparel

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