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Hello All,

I am the Founder of Solterra Brands, which will be launching a new line of On the Go, Zero Waste, Single Serve Coffees in edible soluble pouches in the upcoming months and as of now, there are no competitors in this space, however there are a few in the space selling Protein Powders.

These competitors are selling their products and packaging them in stand up recyclable re-sealable bags, and one thing that is consistently happening for all of them, is that upon receipt their customers are experiencing highly distorted, broken and leaking protein packs.

The interesting this is that many months ago before the protein products came to market, and when I decided to get into this space, I had already thought of creating a custom package that would prevent such a thing from happening with my products. Now that it is happening, I now know I have made the right decision.

Our packaging will secure our pods in place thus eliminating any ability for our products to move. By doing this, our products will look as they did when they came off the production line. They will be clean, evenly shaped without distortion, and positioned in a manner where they cannot break. And very important, our packaging is 100% compostable.


We are undoubtedly going to be spending around $0.15 per packge for our custom packaging, which translates to an additional cost of around $0.01 per serving.

Do you think this is a smart move?

All comments are greatly appreciated.

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To make a good judgement about your decision I would need to look at your package. However from what you said in your question there is a lot of customer dissatisfaction related to the industry standard package. If you are correct then anyone using that package is continually isolating at least a small percentage of their customers who don't come back for packaging inconvenience. We can guess that is 10%-15%. In other words, their cheap packaging is costing them much more than they are calculating.

Your post seemed to indicate that you will have somewhat of an exclusive product in the market. In this case the decision to spend a little more on your package is easy because you can build it into the price. As your volume increases I'm sure you'll be able to get the price down or make slight modifications to the package which make it more economical.

No matter what, the decision to increase customer satisfaction and confidence from moment one is a good one. The first instant a customer examines or touches your package the "consumer experience" has begun. Make interaction with your product thoughtless and painless and you'll build a solid client base behind your brand.

Wishing you success,

John T Clark

Thanks John, and I forgot to mention our packaging is 100% compostable and also re-sealable as well.

However in regards to the 10 to 15% of their customers receiving damaged goods, it is much higher. It is probably closer to 4/10 packages having damaged goods.

Next step is possibly patenting our packaging :)

The good news? Coffee is here to stay. Sincerest best wishes, I think it's a "thoughtful" idea as well as practical.

Guy E. Partin

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