What does it take to get your products into the stores?

A stitch in time saves nine.

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Good evening Amy. That's a pretty open ended question but the very first thing you need is a super clear value proposition. Why does a retailer need to carry your product over something they already have in stock? How does your product fit in the market and what does it offer that is unique? it takes a lot of things to get into retail and especially a good rep. You'll need marketing, sales, account and logistics support. You'll need to have financing for your purchase orders and manufacturing/delivery capability. But most of all, get that value proposition correct so that you'll be attractive to both reps and retail chains.

Hi John! I see you are very experienced in this business. Just learnt a couple new things from you. Thanks.

Amy Goldie

GEN Skincare Incorporated

In addition to John's great answer, I would add that it is helpful if you have experience and proven sales to consumers, a website (shows you are serious), and the ability to turn around orders is a reasonable length of time.

Also, critical to selling to retailers is having your pricing in line (wholesale pricing is NOT half of your retail price), appropriate sales materials for the wholesale market, a system for shipping/delivering your products, a set of terms you will accept, a good recording keeping system, and a fulfillment system.

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Good luck!

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