What does this mean? Use 100 Momentum to unlock a free product profile

What does this mean? It says Use 100 Momentum to unlock a free product profile. I want to list more than one item. please help. thanks!

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Hi Norma- first of all, welcome to Abound. We’re sorry for any confusion. There are two paths for brands on Abound. The first is for brands looking to connect with manufacturers’ reps, and that’s where the Free and Pro plans are relevant. The second path is for brands that want to sell directly to independent retailers on our marketplace. The marketplace does not require a subscription and there are no product posting limits, but it is invite only. We have a significant backlog right now, but you can send your brand info to our brand recruiter: [email protected] We hope that helps and we wish you much success with Abound!

Hi Bill! you where a lot of help. appreciate it.

Norma McElroy

Norma's Bath & Body

My pleasure. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any issues with the app.

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