What is the best way to build strong contacts in the larger chains?

Some of the biggest road blocks is locating the right ears and correct information on what is the best way for a store to WANT to see your product.

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Shelly - stores want to see products with a value proposition greater than what they already have. What makes your product better, stronger, healthier, more valuable to their customer etc? What is really comes down to is will a rep and/or a store buyer believe your product will outsell something they already have. The first step is getting an experienced rep to get behind your product. If you can't at least create this belief in a representative it will be a real challenge to get into major retail.

Thank you John! I love your insight. Our bar is crushing sales in large chains like Coscto, Natural Grocers, Whole Foods.. However they are in our local region. Every region has it challenges. Once our bar has been tasted our consumers feel it surpasses the "Perfect Bar." I am challenged with the man-hunt of who is the perfect person to taste our product in other regions.

Shelly MacLean

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Shelly - if your product is already "crushing it" and you have data to back that up then the next thing would be to find a rep selling health food products in similar channels and start to question them about what's needed for you to move out regionally and then nationwide. Be aware they will treat you like a "pioneering brand" and will likely want consulting fees in order to share their information with you. However, if you find the right rep an hour or two of consulting might save you weeks or months of frustration.

Sounds great! Would you have any recommendations on finding the right rep?

Shelly MacLean

G2G Refrigerator PROTEIN BAR

(assorted thoughts) I assume you are completely new to the market in which case you need someone who is young and desiring to pioneer a new line but experienced enough to know what is specifically necessary for the industry. Big established reps won't talk to you until you have market presence. You need someone middle-of-the-road, a hustler, who has experience pitching new food products in various channels. You said you had already been successful at Costco and Whole Foods regionally - why not be looking for reps that handle those accounts nationally and at least try and have a conversation with them? Make a list of questions and pay them for an hour or two of their time. Ask them what is necessary to break into Costco and Whole Foods nationally. If you get those answers then you can take the steps necessary to attract the correct rep. All the best.

align your business and brand with a strong Rep Agency that will result in distribution and cash flow for all. be mindful that rep's no longer work for commission only. Years of experience, know how, and successful execution comes with expenses that need to be covered. Good luck.

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