What is the best way to connect with a suitable rep?

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I am an inventor-artist fafter a Global 500 business career. I am eager to parlay my skills in 3D modeling and 3d printing into income from product design.
For a sample, please view my

Secure-N-Easy Keychain Storage Capsule

The snap-twist connector is useful for a line of products in consumer hardware and sporting goods, anywhere a tool need be accessed and stowed quickly and securely.

Other sample products may be viewed at my online shop at

I'm seeking a partner with the skill set to successfully take products from manufactured sample to retail distribution through major consumer retail chains in the US and globally. A reputation for integrity is a must.

Any guidance is very welcome. Thank you.

Erik Levy

Happy Hermit 3D

Hi Erik, Let's connect. Is best way through Shapeways "contact us" page?

Jamie McNaughton

McNaughton Incorporated

Thank you Jamie! I have emailed you. Please look for "Vortical" - I forgot to use the HappyHermit3D email address.

Erik Levy

Happy Hermit 3D

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