What is the best way to find reps for my products?

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Hi Erica,

I’ve found doing a narrow search on this site to be the best way to find reps. Usually if they’re a fit for your category or target market (ie gift shops, craft stores etc) they’ll be more inclined to respond. Before this site I would do a general google search with limited success but that’s always an option.

From my limited experience with cables, they can be a tough, competitive category. You seem to have very nice product so hopefully can find a good rep to help you.

I don’t work in this category otherwise I’d offer help myself.

Best of luck in your search!


One way is to call retail buyers and ask them who they could suggest for your to hire that do a great job for them in a similar product category. Also,contact the National Representative organization for their listing of sales persons that you can review who would be suitable to handle your product.

Thanks Jimmy!

Norma McElroy

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