What is the best way to get a product (specifically a game) into Kohl's?

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Good morning Alex.

I spent a few minutes this morning going through your website and looking at your products.

Kohl's is an off-price retailer who always wants to show a price value against the existing market. In other words, they only sell at a discount. Are you looking to close out a product? Curious why you would want to be in Kohl's? Just to make sure, I reached out to my Kohl's rep just now by text to be sure and he said "We don't do full price merch."

I would think your best avenue at this point is the comic store/book channel. Your Amazon reviews are good - seems like low hanging fruit. Also, I saw you were on Target.com but not Wal-Mart.com or several of the other big properties. Also low hanging fruit. Plenty of reps here on Abound to help you with these avenues.

Good fortune!

John T Clark

Hi John! Thank you so much for your reply and looking into Lethal Chicken Games. So we're new to this and probably don't have the strategies in place that we should...like wanting Kohl's. I'll focus on the games, cause that's our core business. Plushies are fluff.
- What The Film?! was a Target exclusive until just recently. That's why it isn't anywhere else yet. Our margins aren't there to have that at Kohl's it sounds like.
- What The Film?! should be listing on Walmart.com soon. We have distribution through PSI, but they distribute and don't do much to actively push retailers to pick up products. The Target deal came through my own efforts, not theirs. They are not opposed to us working with others...particularly those that will help "sell" it into various retail outlets.
- I've been going back and forth with Alliance about the hobby shops. It has been months of a weekly connection that generally says, "thanks for the reminder, let me talk with Mike and I'll get back to you." Super nice people, but nothing is happening and it's been months.
- I spoke with a guy at Step2 that has used Kohl's as their replacement for Toys R Us and he was the one that recommended I look at Kohl's. Hence my inquiry about Kohl's.

- Camping with Sasquatch DOES have the margins for Kohl's and I think it's a appropriate for their audience. It's a $19.99 game that could sell for $14.99 at Kohl's.
- CWS is on Walmart.com but is temporarily "out of stock" due to a price adjustment. It should be back up in the next week or two.
- PSI should be able to get CWS on Target.com. I bugged them about that earlier today.

This is my first foray into retail. So I still have a lot of things to learn. Your insight has already been invaluable!

Alex Mackey

Lethal Chicken Games

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