What is the most effective way of getting in front of Buyers; in major Department stores?

I would like to get my Authentic Fox Fur Slides in Boutiques, and Department Stores across the country. I currently carry 7 different colors, and am capable of carrying more. How do I solicit contact with sales reps?

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Before thinking about selling your product into retail stores you need a coach to determine if you really have a value proposition for the market or not. I spent 5 minutes on Google searching "Faux Fur Slides" and was able to find several products that looked EXACTLY like yours retailing for $30-$35 while your website says the retail is $59.

I went to your website for a moment to see if you had a story to tell. What I found was two incredibly horrible pictures right at the top. As a rep who has placed thousands of items into retails chains in the past - those pictures completely turned me off. If I was a help who could help you the moment I saw those pictures I would run away.

You indicated you wanted to sell into stores like Neiman Marcus or Macy's. If that's the case then you need to make everything related to your product or brand look luxury - high end. This means photos taken on your living room carpet that are blurry aren't appropriate.

Right now your website looks like it was done by a teenager. You have 12 likes on your Facebook page and when I looked at your Instagram linked from your website I didn't see any photos of your product.

Before thinking of reaching out to reps find a coach who can help you with standard business and marketing practices. You aren't ready for retail placement.

Wishing you success,

John T Clark

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