What is the most helpful collateral do you, as a rep or retail buyer, prefer to have from a brand when considering it for representation or purchasing?

1) Sales sheet/deck
2) Press Kit
3) Product Sample
4) Something else (if this, then what?)

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Volume discount pricing, samples, selling sales points are key for me.
I sell to mulitple outlet chains, so item 1 is critical. New products MUST have samples to large customers. The salespoints I can glean from website and discussion with the principals, but it expedites if there is a client preplanned sales sheet.
Something else? -- Be prepared to know what wesknesses the product of compnay have and how to handle this objection at point of selling. Again, this is something I can do, but I always feel it shows realistic viewpoint from my client as to the barriers we mutually face in the marketplace.

John Neving

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