What is your favorite type of product to rep?

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Tempted to say "the line that makes me the most money!" LOL. But seriously, the biggest and most lucrative lines aren't always the easiest to deal with... but they often are. We look for vendors (big and small) whose offerings are the a good fit for the types of customers we are already seeing. As a multi-line, independent rep I have a lot going on with our hundreds of active customers each year, and I generally don't have the time to prospect business types that aren't already in our wheelhouse. We deal primarily with independent retailers on "Main Street" (boutiques, general gift, garden centers, florists), as well as hospital gift shops. It should go without saying that excellent communication, good sales support, outstanding customer/rep service and paying commissions on time will also go a long way in making a vendor one of our favorites.

Thank you, Marsha! Those are great points. I really appreciate your response! I work primarily with Main Street boutiques and I totally value the personal relationship component! Would love to connect with you more!!

Lou Wackes

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