What's the best way to get my product into convenience stores, gas stations and grocery stores?

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Find Sales Reps experienced in calling on the retail locations you would like to be in. There are reps in the Abound community with that experience.

First, you should have a product ready - that meets the requirements of the retailers you want to submit to - then start by going to your local stores (not big chains) and talk to the store managers about who the buyers are. Make sure you know your category (competitive or like products) and that you have your Brand Story and your pricing nailed down. Also consider only one channel at time - Health, Grocery or C-Store but not all at the same time... Good Luck!

He can do other channels. Health and Grocery chains are almost merged or grocery is cutting in major health space. C-store is starting to carry health and natural foods big time. There definitely needs to be a comprehensive analysis bc this category is saturated and knowledge is key to get the space. Talk soon.

Good morning Rashad,

The three business types you named are all reached individually. C-Stores normally sold through regional and national distributors while gas stations and grocery chains are reached through manufacturers reps.

However, I went through your website this morning and it doesn't seem your brand is ready to be searching for national representation. I did a Google search for "Vegano Energy" and virtually got no results. First you need to have some success stories under your belt and have some sort of placement before you start trying to go national.

Vegan energy shots are hard to find so I feel you are probably onto something but I can't find any evidence you are ready for the big time.

Vegan is far from being considered mainstream. The easier customers for you to obtain immediately would be small health and nutrition stores who are services mainly by distributors. Those reps can be found on Abound. But in order for those reps to pay attention to your inquires you'll need to be ready for market.

Your website and your product package need an upgrade. The website looks too home-grown to be for a product people (maybe kids and senior adults) will consume with possible serious, secondary side effects. Said another way, your website doesn't instill confidence in a product I'm going to put into my body.

Your packaging isn't exciting - it's boring and will likely get overlooked in a retail store. Go to Amazon and search for "energy shot" and notice how the leading products in the market all have a lot of color in their designs. Also, whomever did your package (and website) doesn't understand fonts, typeface or font balancing. Instantly when I or any other seasoned rep sees that the website and the package aren't correct we know immediately there is no point in continuing the conversation. You MUST be on par with the market in these areas to even start the conversation with a rep.

If I was going to rep you I'd want to see lots of medical data regarding the safety of the product (i.e. Mucuna can cause intestinal bloating and nausea, Bacopa Monnieri has a whole list of serious possible side-effect warnings including gastrointestinal tract blockage, ulcers, urinary tract obstruction, thyroid problems etc).

Then after seeing the medical data I'd need to see your product liability insurance. This likely needs to be between $5m and $10m in order to get any sort of national placement.

Again, you MIGHT have something here but you've got to get on par with your competitors in the market in order to get a rep to consider marketing your goods.

Wishing you good fortune,

John T Clark

Thank you for you response. Will make necessary adjustments

Your statement of “Vegan is not mainstream” is false. Everyone is carving out the space on shelves and asking for it. Vegan is emerging BIG in 2019 and huge. No one likes the V word so using plant based can be an advantage. Font and Color are key and a branding makeover with web design could be 3rd or 4th on the list. Some things you said aren’t necessarily true about the medical points as some of the ingredients are sold individually as supplements. He just needs to bullet point the benefits and get FDA/ABA backing.

Rashad - You might be a little miffed - but very honestly, John has just spent some valuable time researching your product and category - and given advice worth several thousand dollars - and probably would save you thousands more from what would be a Big Fail --- Every point is spot on.

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