What's the best way to liquidate legacy inventory? Does Abound help with that?

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Robert -

There are many reps in the "Closeout" category on RepLogic - these would be reps who can assist you with inventory liquidation. Because the rep will likely not get ongoing business from you expect to pay a higher commission rate.

In answer to your question about the "best way to liquidate legacy inventory", the first step is to value/price your inventory correctly. Remember that no volume buyer is going to pay you your cost or anywhere close.

Typically product without a major brand name is worth 50% of wholesale. Items without an easily recognizable brand are worth about 25%-35% of China cost depending on the category of course.

Remember that the product you are trying to liquidate hasn't sold for you and now you want someone else to take on your problem. In order for someone to gamble with their money as such there needs to be a big upside potential for profit.

If you price your liquidation inventory too high reps will ignore you. Make sure the pricing for your inventory is attractive and you'll be able to find a rep to help you move it.

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Depending on how old the inventory is, and how much of it you have and in what kind of size breakdowns will also influence the price your inventory will get. I've been in the Off price business for many years and the first thing I tell a manufacturer is "Don't fall in love with your inventory" It's taking up space in the warehouse and it needs to be changed into dollars. The quickest way to go out of business is to hold on to old inventory. Please believe me when I tell you it doesn't get better with age. We're not dealing with fine wine here.
If you would like, I could look over your inventories and possibly move the goods for you. E-mail me if your interested in my help.
Judy Earnshaw

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