What's the best way to reach out to a rep on this platform?

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Great question. Assuming you have RepMail credits, you can message a rep directly through their profile on our site. The top reps on the site receive a lot of inquiries, so make sure your message stands out and clearly defines your value proposition. We wrote an article that outlines the ideal message structure: https://help.replogic.com/working-with-reps/communicating-with-reps/best-practices-when-sending-outreach-messages-to-reps

Hey Drew. I recommend using the Replogic tools to search by product Category and then by Retailer Name. This will help target the right rep, then you have to simply take some time and review the rep and contact the one you are comfortable with. I strongly suggest a QuickConsult to kick things off, its the most efficient way to gather info you need! Good Luck.

I’m trying reach a rep for a huge opportunity. Already connected on the west coast looking for someone to market the east coast. CBD products


Contact me @priolifenutrition.com

Fred k streicher

Priority life nutrition

This site is so full of info!

Norma McElroy

Norma's Bath & Body

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