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The leadership of Sears faltered almost exactly 25 years ago. Their demise had long been completely understood at that time, too. The hotshots there "knew" better than EVERYONE else and pretended to be king-of-the-hill, when in actuality they were ostriches with their heads buried deep in the sand. The shell games of buying/selling/merging started then. The brass could never answer questions, because they did not know what they were doing, they were ALL truly clueless. Investors never asked the tough questions, but the few that read the writing, pulled out, liquidated. The largest shame of all is that they pretended they could fix things on their own, knowing full well that they could not and have disrupted the lives of countless employees and their families. Shame on Sears management and board. They brought all of this upon themselves the minute they moved into Hoffman Estates. It's been a downhill landslide ever since. The brass worked HARD to destroy so many household brands. RIP Sears. "The other side" was a ridiculous and colossal waste of ad spend. Never worked. Lampert and team should bestow big monetary gifts to the little workers and let all management pass on any rewards what-so-ever. Then, and only then would Sears come out with a good name. The plug should have been pulled 20 years ago.

Giovanni Yarabek

Retail Dove

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