When do you typically reach back out to a buyer after they place their initial order?

Is it expected that you follow up within a certain time frame after the initial order was received or do buyers prefer to follow up if/when they feel the need? What's the common practice?

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Hi Desiree,

Good question, follow up can be tricky; It’s often a ‘feel’ thing. If the buyer is one that communicates well and seems interested in continued follow up, I tend to check in within a week of them receiving the order.

There’s no set standard, but regardless I usually follow up within 30 days of an order. Buyers are usually busy though and may not reply readily, but it never hurts to be proactive. I just try to avoid being pushy or a nuisance with too much follow up.

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much for your input, Drew. It does seem you have to navigate it on a case by case basis. Of course we don't want to come across as pushy, but also don't want them to feel neglected. 30 days seems to be a pretty safe bet either way for follow up. :)


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I do like Drew's answer that follow-up is often a "feel' thing.

One technique I've used is to call the buyer 7-10 after they should have received the shipment. This check-in should focus on whether or not they received the order in good condition, do they like it, is the product selling well, etc. Then I ask when they would like me to check back with them.

Not a fool-proof method, but one that works well for me!


We appreciate your reply, Sandy! We tend to agree it's a "feel" thing as well, as I'm sure each retailer may require their own type of communication and preferred method of follow-up. :)


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Good day!
Both Sandy and Drew respones are valid IMHO. I tend to do the check on making sure the order is received and there are no problems or concerns from the buyer. This is a customer service level response. Time frame of about 10 days.
A follow up in a month after the first call to ask about sell through is recommended. Again, no need to make a sales response. This gives my buyer the feeling that I am concerned as much about their side of the transaction as mine( which primarily is selling to them). Build the relationship by being active in the entire sales process.
I have found that the follow up order comes more often than not before I get into the sales mode again. The trust and reciprocal professional bonding has to be built from both sides.
John Neving

Thank you for your detailed reply, John! We appreciate it and agree with creating a relationship beyond just selling. We find that it works best for us!


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