Where to I find the best resource to calculate shipping and duty when shipping from the U.S to Canada?

Our line is designed and made in the U.S and we have some small boutiques interested in our products and wanted to know how to go about shipping to Canada so that it's not cost prohibitive or... in the long run is it more cost effective to have a Canadian distributer?

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good question. I did a test expand into Canada once on Amazon and was surprised at how much more costs were associated. The extra shipping fees/taxes near wiped out any profit. :-(

Eric A. Zerwas


Both UPS as well as USPS have postage and shipping calculators on their Web Sites. You can also set up with a Customs Broker that works with various logistics and transportation people to make smooth transactions and handles the duties.

Freightos has a really good calculator that compares rates in real-time between different providers. I've used it for international rates, but have a look to see if there are N American quotes, too.


John Knauss

Schooled by Paper

Sorry, you may be looking for smaller shipments than LCL loads of 1CBM or more, in which case the other replies may be helpful.

John Knauss

Schooled by Paper

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