Who are the reps in most cases?

Buyers them selves? Or people who have connections with buyers? Or retired buyers ?

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Reps come from all manner of backgrounds. Typically the most successful worked directly for a manufacturer/vendor selling to retail in the past or formerly for a retailer in merchandising. Some people though are brought up as a rep from day 1 (often times a family business or even recruited out of school). There’s also the reps that by chance happen to have a good relationship with a specific retailer or buyer and just try to leverage that (ie Neigbor, relative, college buddy), but those types of reps are usually limited as buyers can change frequently and most brands need more help than just a relationship.

Thank you for your reply! So it is kind of a profession? With the main purpose in helping building bridges between manuf. and retailers, only if both interested in each other. And the trade shows are the main events where both can find each other?

Jay Amni


Correct, it’s definitely a profession and a fairly common one. It’s often hard to find reps or ones that can be helpful to a specific goal/need. Trade Shows are one way, but can be expensive and no guarantee you’ll meet any reps. You’ll probably have more success looking here on Replogic, the entire goal is connecting reps with Manufacturers. I’ve found some good companies to work with here.

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