Would love some honest feedback on my brand and website. I have launched on-line and it's been fairly quiet. Please can I have some feedback? Thanks @mawu_beauty

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Are you mawubeauty.bigcartel.com or mawubeauty.com (which may be the problem).

Lane Mitchell

Café Femenino Coffee

Hi Lane, I'm mawubeauty.com - I'm busy working on my SEO so I show up first. Other than that any other comments or tips?
Thanks so much!

Ilne Roemmelt

MAWU Beauty

Hello IIne,

Here are some things I notice right off...

Your top menu bleeds into the top banner so I cannot read it.
Get rid of the script that is changing the mouse. It is hard to know where I am clicking
You only have one product.. yet you have to click to somewhere else to see it. The more clicks, the more drop offs
Build a one page site that focuses on your product. Take the banner from your shop page and use that as your lead section on your home page
Create sections like you have on your site, but use the content you have on the other pages to populate those so they do not have to leave the page
Your shop page needs to be your collections page. I would get frustrated that I could not get what I wanted in the shop and have to click again

Sorry.. I am not trying to be harsh.. but I have done web design and development for over 20 years.. so I am trying to help

I may have some more ideas.. if you want me to look more

Wayne T

Smax Wax

Thanks so much for your feedback! Very useful! I will be launching two more products in January. Do you still recommend doing a one page website?

Ilne Roemmelt

MAWU Beauty

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