Any tips for bulk uploading products? Is that possible?

Laura Michael

A Worthy Brand


What’s the best way to learn social media “Instagram”

Kristi johnson

Johnson House and More



Britt Sanders

Spruce + Bee


New to Abound

Eric Balough

Ricks Roasters




What CRM software do road reps use?


Does anyone have experience of selling to Urban Outfitters or similar retailer? We just got an order from them and we need advice navigating the terms.

Alder Family

Fuze Body


Best trade shows that focus on florists and garden centers?

Stacey Fish

Lit Up Candle Co.


Hello ! I am new here and I am wondering what the best way is to connect with reps to sell my product please?


Spirulina4Life, Inc


Why is it so hard to start an email list?

Kimberly Alexander

Virgo Voodoo Jewelry & Accessories


What has been your best resource for growing wholesale in a boutique fashion market?

Tiffany Whipps

Tiffany Anne Studios


Any tips to get started on this platform? We are new to this!


What is the best way to liquidate a large volume of quality cotton contemporary bedding and pillows?

Jane C Tharpe

Carstens, Inc.


How long have you been with Abound and has it been successful for you?

Anna Garrison

Crunchy Love Co.


Are the sales reps commission based only

Jennifer Kassir

Samson Pharmaceuticals Inc


Does the application process on Abound open up on a regular schedule(quarterly, etc etc) and if so, does an email get sent out announcing that applications are now open? I'm hoping to apply, but I'm not sure who to reach out to.

Mackenzie Putscher

Pepper Pot Polish


What's some best practices to get the most out of Abound?


How many brands have received inquires from this marketplace?

Iracy DeFalco

Sacred WE Healing Soaps


I don't have a manufacture for any of my products. R there any retailes that will manufacture product(s) if they're interested in them? Thanks

Ann Fuller

Unisex Designs


sell on amazon

Vanessa Sadler

Nosey, LLC


How do I sell my products at Abound


How well do consumers understand Clean Skincare? and how much does it matter to them?

Reeta Juneja

Reeta Juneja ®


Has anyone had a good experience with the upgraded version of Abound?

Matthew Starr

Rally Energy


How can a new product with a very small profit margin survive the cost of marketing?

Fran Maghsoud

Yogi Sponge


Are there any pet product makers on here?


What is your area of expertise and one tip you can offer in that area?

Bex Bucci

Happy Little Flame


Do you find sending out catalogs to potential wholesale accounts to be helpful? I have compiled a list of stores I think my product would appeal to. Wondering if others have had success with this strategy?

Bethany Priess

Outdoorable Kids


How far in advance do retailers generally make decisions about holiday products?


I want to hear your wholesale success stories!

Alicja Colon



How do you manage rising shipping costs all while keeping your products at reasonable prices? I use discounted shipping sites which helps but, I'm curious to know if anyone has any tips or tricks to share.


Companion Cuisine LLC


Question about finding reps that fit our brand

Leann Campas


Wanda Wile

Southern Country Tees


How do I get my products and brand visible on Abound?

Wanda Wile

Southern Country Tees


Do cosmetics and hair do well on this site?

LaKesha Bellamy

One Nina Rose


Can products be uploaded from Shopify?

Wilbert Dupre

Sweet & Sassy Key Tags


What is necessary to get "featured" as a women owned business with amazing products? We have not had any orders yet and I believe if people could find us, or hear about us, it would help!

Julie Bartos