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Has anyone had a good experience with the upgraded version of Abound?

Matthew Starr

Rally Energy


What certifications do retailers ask you for most often?

Jessica Martin

Rabbits Pantry LLC


What do you eat with your coffee or tea?

John & Femke

Finger Licking Dutch Caramel Stroopwafels


Have anyone heard of Southern White BBQ Sauce, if not are you willing to sample it?

Douglas B Williams

Dots Soul Food

Rashad McCants

Vegano energy


Foodservice / Hosptality / Restaurants / Hotels.

Nigel Wood

Ukuva iAfrica Foods CC


Outdoor Equipment Retail Reps


How much time and money should I spend on packaging for my product?

Andrew Cullen

Maris Oats


How did you find additional distributors to grow your brand's footprint?

John Lindquist

Jumbo’s Sloppy Joe Sauce


What is the best way to build strong contacts in the larger chains?

Shelly MacLean

G2G Refrigerator PROTEIN BAR