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If any reps focus on kids boutiques, I have a great jewelry line that would be exclusive to you.

Ilan Ronay

BecKids Jewelry


What is the best way to find reps for my products?

Erica Washington

River Birch Candles


What is the best way to introduce the softest, most absorbent Turkish cotton terry towel to the market in Canada and the USA?


How do I find reps for my fragrance line?

Mercedes Matsuo

Wild Heart US


What questions should I ask a rep before making a hiring decision?

Davison Landry

Chunk O' Change


How do reps feel about artisanal and limited-edition products?

Kenny Laskan

Gallery Drinkware


How should I think about QuickInsights consulting versus RepMail

Robert Hemingway

Louis Chino Creations


If the internet is eliminating middlemen, why will reps still matter for brands?

Craig Mays

Mays Innovations


Who are the reps in most cases?

Jay Amni



What is the best strategy to approach a large retailer like Ulta and Sephora?

Fred Sapienza

CURENZA Professional, LLC


How flexible are typical commission rates for consumer electronics reps when their customers require cost reductions?


Has anyone used sites that connect directly to buyers (RangeMe)? Why not go direct and bypass reps?

Alexa Murdoch

The Benjamin Group


What's the best way to reach out to a rep on this platform?

Drew Shelly

Davis Springs LLC


Are you able to help with Representatives in Mexico?

Peter Nichols



Do the reps here work for Abound? Like is this a big online rep group?

Charles Flemming

Chess Kingz Brands